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Edit to the final battle cutscene in Denerim. Replaces a generic soldier with Alistair so you can see him enter the gate with the Warden. For other players who also feel both Wardens should be entering the gates of Denerim together.

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A simple mod.
For those who also feel the last two Wardens of Ferelden should be together as they enter the gates of Denerim for the final battle.

I always wanted to see Alistair enter the gate during the final battle at Denerim beside my Warden.
I mean, Riordan is there. Why not Alistair?
And I thought, hmm... can I add him into the scene? So, I tried.

It's been so long since I played through the entire game that I completely forgot about my attempt at this.
Then I went to play the final battle and was surprised to see Alistair beside my Warden.
I went through the whole Denerim opening scene twice to double-check that it really happened!
When I peeked into my override folder, I saw my edited files. So, apparently, my final attempted edit works fine.
And hopefully, for everyone else.

If you have an instance where Alistair doesn't show up in the scene and Anora has given the battle speech, let me know.

And, obviously, if you choose Loghain at the Landsmeet, this mod is pointless.

I edited one of the generic soldiers, replacing him with Alistair, and then moved him into the vanilla close-up shot of the Warden.

This change affects only one file:


I don't know of any other mod that would touch that cutscene because it mostly shows the initial battle.

If the whole thing weren't a bink movie, I'd add Alistair and the Warden to some of the shots, too, but all we have is the gate.

To install it, simply unzip the download and drop the folder into your override

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