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Tabris family morphs for the City Elf Origin. Modular, w/ choices of white, black, brown and Asian morphs.
Adaia now included!

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And with that, all the family origins are completed!

These were actually surprisingly hard for me to make. Whereas the other Origins that have your family involved include at least one parent and one sibling, the City Elf Origin has your father and your cousins. I wanted everyone to look related, similar but not too similar, just enough that if you saw them together you could definitely see the resemblance. Basically, I tried to make Shianni and Soris share some traits with Cyrion, their parents were our his siblings after all, and then worked on them from there.

They mostly share similar eye and nose shapes. And as always, I'm so proud of how they turned out. XD

For the origin morphs,I tried to make them all make sense for the occasion.

Shianni  has her hair done up and as well as wearing some flattering makeup since she's getting ready to be one of the bridesmaids.

Soris is done up enough, not really being a fan of the wedding but going through with it anyway.

And while the Cyrion doesn't necessarily look old, I wanted all morphs of him to look tired. His wife is dead, he had to pay a large dowry for his only child's wedding, said child who knows all the skills that helped in getting said wife killed and is a bit of a troublemaker, he just wants everything to go smoothly.

Unrest in the Alienage (& Climax)
While you end up seeing all of your family members when you return to the Alienage after the Landsmeet, I could only think of changes to make to Shianni. XD

Seeing as she doesn't need to be all dolled up and fancy on her day-to-day, I did some min-tweaks to her look. All of her morph have broken noses (from what happened during the wedding kidnapping) and either very minimal or no makeup whatsoever. The Brown and White Shianni morphs were given haircuts, while Black Shianni has her hair loose and Brown Shianni just has her hair tied back out of the way.

Since I had the edit the UTCs anyway so that she showed up using the new morphs, I decided to give her some new outfits as well. Even though Shianni is Shianni regardless of her morphs, I thought it would be fun to give each morph a unique outfit for Unrest in the Alienage & the climax solely based on the vibes I got from each one. I think each outfit suits her well. :D

Nothing's stopping you from mixing and matching, though! Since the morphs are named the same, can pretty much choose whichever outfit you want and they'll work with any of the morphs!

Leliana's Song
While we only hear about Adaia in Origns, we get to see her in Leliana's Song!

Our father tells us she was a troublemaker, we know she was the one who taught us our skills (as either a warrior or a rogue), and we know Duncan wanted to recruit her way back when, and Valendrian stopped her. Thus, because badass ladies deserve badass scars, I gave her a scar along her chin and lips. I also thought our mom deserved a nice new hairdo, and I got rid of her makeup because it was kinda a lot (white lipstick and eye shadow) and, like Shianni, she didn't feel like a big makeup person. Everything else I tried to make vanilla+, mostly tweaking her eyes, noes and chin.

Make sure you have the requirements downloaded!

Download the file(s) you want, unzip the folder(s), and plop the folder(s) into your override folder (Username\Documents\Bioware\Dragon Age\packages\core\override)

Do note
, Shianni's outfits are all elfy because I use CommanderStrawberry's Elves of Ferelden Reloaded - Elf Clothing Overhaul. The UTC edits will work w/ any other other replacers or retextures you have installed, they'll just end up looking different than mine.

Just delete the folder(s) from the override. :)

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A big thank you to:
Tepkunset for their amazing hairstyles, skin texture, skin tones & eye colors
Exarielle for her beautiful makeup shades
SammyJC for her skin textures
commanderstrawberry for her amazing hairstyles, glasses and earrings
Shanamah for her hairstyles
Barnzi88 for her freckles & hair shades
ViLiSSa66 for her skin textures
 Pineappletree for her hair colors
KaniHime for her eyelash textures and freckles
tmp7704 for Elf Update & Tucked Hair
Mrs-Risibisi for her hairstyle ports