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Ok so i grew up a huge comic junkie and an even bigger Jean Grey/Dark Phoenix/The Phoenix Saga fan. So naturally I wanted to create a .Mor to look the part. I tried to create a .Mop but I'm still too new on how to do it correctly. Once I learn (is someone willing to teach or tell me how to) I will upload it to make it a preset...

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**Update 10/7/2018**

I'm going to try my hand at making some spells specifically for Jean Grey/Dark Phoenix so
... HELP!!!
If anyone knows how to do this, let me know because I can't find any Vid tutorials on it (I'm more of a visual learner). 

So Why Did I Do This:
 I was a huge comic junkie and a big fan of Jean Grey/Marvel Girl /Dark Phoenix /The Phoenix Saga fan.
So I just had to create a Warden that looked the part

README file in mod contains Installation instructions

Necessary Mod Files to make this work properly:

Look Hair by Risibisi (Located in the Files Tab)
New Skins DAO by ViLiSSa
FrecklesPlus by Rekicker
SheDevil Eyes by cmessaz7
Dracomies True Textures

Problem: Getting a faint facial tattoo
**NOTE: If you are getting a faint facial tattoo, make sure you downloaded the FrecklesPlus mod now linked above** 

Thanks to you modders:
A very special 'Thank You' to Risibi, cmessaz7, Rekicker, and Dracomies for their mods which allowed this look.
Also, NexusMod members theskymoves, olnorton, Magpiedragon, Thandal for answering my questions with patience and giving me guidance on making this work.

Note on preset: Please understand that I initially I made these as .MOR files to place in the savegame but a few people wanted presets. So I damn near spent  an entire day trying to re-create the original .MOR  file I initially made in the CC so there could be presets (MOP) for those who wanted that instead. The presets are as close as I could get to my original creation but Option 1 still looks the most accurate to me IMO. In any event, choose an option. Enjoy!