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Both Amell and Surana lived at the Circle. Now, that statement is actually true!
Includes UTC edits & character presets.

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Each Origin has little nods in the game as a whole, little references to the Wardens that never were. The Mage origin doesn't have that, not really, most likely because it is the only shared Origin.

Now, that's no longer the case! Now, you can have Surana (choice of Alim or Neria) or Amell (choice of Daylen or Solona) existing out and about in the Circle!

The idea is to keep one of the edits for your playthrough (keeping a Surana if you’re playing Amell or an Amell if you’re playing Surana), so you can see them while you’re playing the Magi origin and then again during Broken Circle. Of course, you do you! You can keep all of them installed or just keep the broken Circle edits or just the Circle edits or whatever! I just really love giving options. XD

Funnily enough, I had already been trying to make Surana for the Circle based on her concept art way back, and seeing all the female Surana mods were popping up in May...oh god May was last yea. THis was languishing for almost a year kicked my butt in gear to finish. And because I'm an overachiever, I decided to try my hand at making the Amells and a male Surana. The Amells I tried to make have a passing resemblance to default Hawke, since cousins, and I couldn't really think of anything different for Alim, so I just tried to make him look similar to Neria.

And while I did finish this last year...I tried to get my files in order to upload...and then I got swept up in other things and... right after I got my files ready to upload, I hanged my mind about what utcs I wanted to change. And then I needed to edit the morphs because I found some problems, but now I'm actually done and happy with them.

Daylen and Solona are located in the apprentice quarters, while Alim and Neria are located in the mage quarters (Neria in the sleeping quarters and Alim in the lab). I just feel like Amell would be the younger, slightly less experienced of the two and thus they'd be an apprentice whereas Surana would just be more likely to have already completed their Harrowing and already moved into the mages quarters. That just might be my feelings from my own playthroughs shining through. XD

Since these are all UTC edits and not wholesale new npcs (maybe someday!), if you have mods that edit the corresponding UTCs for the characters, they won't show up unless my mod is lower than that mod alphabetically.

The UTCs edited are as followed:
Neiria Surana
Magi Origin: bhm000cr_f_h_mage_2.utc
Broken Circle: cir200cr_dead_mage_2.utc

Alim Surana
Magi Origin: bhm200cr_lab_mage_1.utc
Broken Circle: cir200cr_thankful_mage_2.utc

Daylen Amell
Magi Origin: bhm100cr_jowan_room_chat_2.utc
Broken Circle: .cir200cr_woundedutc

Solona Amell
Magi Origin: bhm100cr_player_room_chat_1.utc
Broken Circle: cir210cr_blood_mage_02.utc

And, since I'm so proud of the morphs, I've made them character presets! :D

Download the file, unzip the folder, and plop the folder(s) into your override folder (Username\Documents\Bioware\Dragon Age\packages\core\override)

Feel free to delete whatever folders you wish to.

*For the utc edits to take effect, make sure you have the files downloaded before starting the Magi Origin (to see them in the origin) and/or before coming back to the Circle for the Broken Circle quest (to see them in the circle)

*For the character presets, you need to download the "duplicate morph targets erf" from Ashhawks's DAO Toolset Headmorphs Unlocked. If you're planning on downloading the MRH files, you'll need to download "Option 2 Manual Mode" as well.

Just delete the folder(s). :)

Mods Pictured
Subtler Default Skin Replacers
Alternative Default Eyes (version B - uncompressed)
Black Eyes (Dark Sclera for Chargen) (Elf Eyes Replacer)
True Colours REDUX
Female Circle Robe Replacers (Bethany Robe Replacer)
Male Circle Robe Replacers ( Robes of the void )
Mage Equipment Update (Mage Robe Tint Override)
CawCrowche's Reshade Preset For DAO
Cleaner screenshots from conversations

A big thank you to the following modders, this morph couldn't be made without your amazing works! :)
Tepkunset for their beautiful skintones and her fantastic rendition of Surana's concept hair
arthmismods for their amazing skin textures
Kani Hime for her eyelash textures
LastoftheCousland for her beautiful eyelash textures
Pineappletree for her stunning tints
LesbianBear for her skin textures
Boonside for their amazing scars