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Disables any damage from falling and gets rid of the nasty on-screen filter that warns you about dying from fall damage. This is a standalone mod. Compatible with almost any other mod, including Grappling Hook mod by PerfNormBeast! Not compatible with Extremely Reduced Fall Damage mod.

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I wanted to play using Grappling Hook mod by PerfNormBeast but I was annoyed by the constant deadly fall filter turning on and off as I swing like Spiderman around Night City. I wanted to relax and swing around without being distracted by gray filter all over my screen triggering every time I start to free fall before the next grapple.

Annoying... Redundant... and now, FIXED!

This is a standalone redscript mod, you don't need grappling hook or any other form of traversal, but they're compatible and it's a convenient use-case of my mod.

Took me some time to find a suitable script to disable this crap. Incidentally, I also disabled the deadly fall trigger entirely.

If you want to only extremely reduce Fall Damage without disabling it, you need to download my other mod.
Not compatible with my other Fall Damage mods.
Use only one at the time!

Features that this mod provides:

  • Your game will no longer alter your display/add on-screen filter whenever you are mid-air and falling down from big height - shades of grey whenever the game engine predicts you're about to die from falling are completely removed
  • Your falls will no longer deal you any damage in and of itself, no matter what height you have fallen from
  • There is no severe landing movement lock anymore, because now the game always thinks you have fallen from a safe height


Make sure to check out the mods by PerfNormBeast, Grappling Hook is FUN!



This mod requires RedScript to be installed.

Unpack the .rar file and paste the folders in your game folder according to the folder structure inside.



- Dravic

Big shout out and a thank you to DJ_Kovrik for teaching me how to stop redscript from crashing.