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This mod is built with the roleplay idea that even without clothes a more advanced cyberbody is more durable than a body without or worse cyberware. The mod also adds all the missing levels of quality.

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Hello world. In the original game you can install a skin few times and that's all. For a whole game. I haven't liked.
This is a complete rework / reupload / separation / update of my 2 in 1 mods. The second part: Actually Bulletproof Vests
If you don't like my armor values you can put you own with Notepad: r6/tweaks/_New_Era_configuration.yaml. I have found a way, so your changes will be shown in UI.

The summary:
Each implant increases armor according it's quality and size(small, medium, large). 
The large implants are NeoFiber, Titanium Bones, Synaptic Signal Optimizer, Subdermal Armor.
The medium: Syn-Lungs, Bionic Lungs, Microrotors, Feedback Circuit, Dense Marrow, Maneuvering System, Paws, Tendons, Ankles. 
All the others are small.

::.The mod is made over vanilla cyberware, except Kiroshi Optics Expanded I don't have and don't need another cyberware mod. Wannabe Edgerunner have no trouble with my mod.::

Added features::
  • Bioplastic Blood Vessels - Grant immunity to Bleeding.
  • Mechatronic Core - Increases the breach time of Breach Protocol.
  • Synaptic Signal Optimizer - Increases the Health less. Increases carrying capacity. Increases Mitigation Chance and Mitigation Strength. 
  • NeoFiber -  Provides a bonus to your Body Attribute checks. Increases carrying capacity. Increases Health.
  • Tyrosine Injector - Increases cyberdeck RAM recovery rate.
  • Detoxifier - Increases Stamina regen.
  • Inductor - When affected by Shock and EMP, movement speed increases instead of taking damage.
  • Supra-Dermal Weave - Increases Mitigation Chance and Mitigation Strength.
  • Titanium Bones -  Increase Health. Increases Mitigation Chance and Mitigation Strength.
  • MicroRotors - Increase movement speed.
  • Lynx Paws - Increase sprint speed. Reduces fall damage.
  • Reinforced Tendons - Reduce fall damage.
  • Syn-Lungs - the amount of stamina regen has been doubled so that a legendary implant can compete with a can of water.
  • Shock-n-Awe - the chance of releasing an electroshock is tripled.
  • Ram Upgrade - the amount of memory regen has been doubled.
  • Dense Marrow - stamina cost increase now is equal to damage increase.
  • Nina won't sell you my stuff until street cred 29.
  • Maneuvering System - Dramatically increases altitude of your jumps(depends on the quality). Reduces fall damage.

Renamed implants::
  • Syn-Lungs to Syn-Tissue Lungs 
  • Synaptic Signal Optimizer to Endoskeleton System.
  • Bionic Lungs to Bionic Fiber Lungs
  • Metabolic Editor - Bio-Reconstructor
  • Bionic Joints - Bionic Joint-Locks

New descriptions::
  • Bioplastic Blood Vessels - A tubular system of emergency shutdown valves and synthetic self regenerating components of the circulatory system. Facilitates the body's distribution of blood and blood-borne substances.
  • Mechatronic Core - A system of repeat-after-user processors. Maintains echo in wireless intrusion, keeping enemy electronics busy under load. Provides information about the weak points of both mass-produced and some lesser-known machines.
  • Tyrosine Injector - Useful during stress, cold, fatigue, prolonged work and sleep deprivation. Enhances intracellular transduction.
  • Endoskeleton System - Cybernetic and power fusion between your implants. Enhances the body's natural resistance and performance.
  • Detoxifier - Filters and removes toxins and impurities from the blood, which can make you feel tired or weak.
  • Bio-Reconstructor - Deconstructs most of the known military used chemicals and makes healing drugs out of them.
  • Inductor - A web of cell-level superconductors and integrated smart power routers.
  • Supra-Dermal Weave - Additional visible metallization of some small areas on your skin. The neck area and near is the most popular choice in Night City. The material is extremely hard to pierce. For beauty purposes and not only. Maybe one day it might save you.
  • Maneuvering System - A military program that enhances nervous system culminated in the addition of small ion boosters on the back of human body.
  • Bionic Joints - Automatic pumps with smart vibration detection, increase the friction in joints for their stabilization.
  • NeoFiber - A vat-grown organic muscles. They function identically to a natural muscle. Grafted muscles will enhance both appearance and strength. When properly grafted, vat grown muscle is completely indistinguishable from natural muscle. It is a common component of biosculpting.
  • Subdermal Armor - Nanites will thread microscopic artificial fibers through tissues. The result is bare skin that has resistance to damage similar to light body armor. Skin weave is transparent to the naked eye for the most part, but can still be detected with careful observation.
  • Cataresist - Hybrid cyberware that protects the body from the inside and out. Contains bio-engineered (fully organic) anti-bodies, designed to be more efficient than natural anti-bodies. They will cut healing time in half (for damage related to disease), and boost resistance to trauma.

Added qualities(32 in total)::
  • Tyrosine Injector - Rare(Int:8), Epic(Int:10), Legendary(Int:14).
  • Self-Ice - Legendary(Int:10)
  • Limbic System Enhancement - Uncommon(Int:8 Crit Chance:4), Epic(Int:14 Crit Chance:8)
  • Visual Cortex Suppot - Rare(Int:10 Crit Damage:18)
  • Ram Upgrade - Epic(Int:14 memory regen:0.4), Legendary(Int:16 memory regen:0.5)
  • Heal-On-Kill - Rare(Reflex:12 heal:6)
  • Memory Boost - Legendary(Int:18 ram:5)
  • Detoxifier - Epic(Body:13), Legendary(Body:16)
  • Metabolic Editor - Legendary(Cool:18 heal: +4)
  • Inductor - Legendary(Cool:16 speed: +30%)
  • Cataresist - Rare(Cool:10 resistance 21%)
  • Shock-n-Awe - Rare(Cool:10 chance 18%)
  • Supra-Dermal Weave - Epic(Body:10), Legendary(Body:14)
  • Titanium Bones - Epic(Body:16), Legendary(Body:19)
  • Microvibration Generator - Legendary(Reflex:16 20%)
  • Bionic Joints - Legendary(Body:15)
  • Dense Marrow - Legendary(Body:16)
  • Reflex Tuner - Epic(Reflex:15)
  • Nano Relays - Legendary(Reflex:18)
  • Maneuvering System - Epic(Reflex:14), Legendary(Reflex:18)
  • Lynx Paws - Legendary
  • Reinforced Tendons - Epic, Legendary
  • Fortified Ankles - Legendary

Shops:: Viktor sells the new rare cyberware. Nina sells the legendary. New epic cyberawre is in Santo Domingo - Rancho Coronado.

Relocated implants::
  • Bioconductor from Circulatory System to Nervous System.
  • Microgenerator from Circulatory System to Immune System.
  • Feedback Circuit from Circulatory System to Skeleton.
  • Bionic Lungs from Skeleton to Circulatory System.
  • Tyrosine Injector from Circulatory System to Immune System.
  • Heal-On-Kill from Frontal Cortex to Circulatory System.

Stats adjustments::
Synaptic Signal Optimizer - the Health % increase is divided equally with NeoFiber and Titanium Bones.
NeoFiber - removed Mitigation Chance and Mitigation Strength.
Tyrosine Injector - added Int:6 requirement. Removed the breach time increase of Breach Protocol.
Limbic System Enhancement Rare - Int from 9 to 10, Crit Chance from 4 to 6% (uncommon is now at int 8).
Limbic System Enhancement Legendary - Int from 15 to 18, Crit Chance from 7 to 10% (epic is now at int 14).
Visual Cortex Support Epic - Int from 12 to 13, Crit Damage from 20 to 24%.
Heal-On-Kill Uncommon - heal from 3 to 4%.
Heal-On-Kill Epic - Reflexes from 14 to 15, heal from 6 to 8%.
Cataresist Common - resistance from 8% to 7% (the pattern is 7% per quality level)
Cataresist Uncommon - resistance from 13% to 14%
Cataresist Epic - resistance from 23% to 28%
Supra-Dermal Weave - the immunity to Bleeding is removed. the Body requirement is changed from 12 to 6.
Synaptic Signal Optimizer - added and readjusted Body requirements common:6, uncommon:9, legendary(20->18)
Titanium Bones - added Body requirements for common:7 and uncommon:10
Microvibration Generator - readjusted Reflexes requirements Rare(12->8), Epic(16->12)
Bionic Joints - Rare(12%->15%)
Dense Marrow - added Body requirement for rare:10.
Reflex Tuner - Legendary(80%->90%)
Nano Relays - readjusted Reflexes requirements Rare(14->10), Epic(18->15)
Nano Relays - time bonus increased Uncommon(0.5->1.5), rare(1->2), Epic(2->2.5)
Maneuvering System - readjusted Reflexes requirement 14->10
Fortified Ankles - Epic(15%->30%)
Adjusted prices - Titanium Bones, Detoxifier, Microvibration Generator, NeoFiber.

Special thanks to Psiberx for making this possible. If you have an idea or a better text write to me.

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