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There is a logic from CDPR, from which pistols are suffering. A fix for that.

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CDPR wanted that each next type of a weapon had effective range 5 points higher than the previous type. That's how the pistols got into trouble. They are next to shotguns, and effective range of a shotgun is 10. While effective range of a revolver is 25. That's almost twice. Quite unfair.
This mod simply makes it one level higher for them. The pistol effective range becomes 20. This is the range of an SMG.
And I haven't forgot about the shotguns too. Honestly it looks bad.  I made their range 15. Nobody hurt this way. Sneaky CDPRs made shotgun spread realistic but their range is still cut like in games for dumb.

v2: It turned out that there are two types of shotguns in the game, the second type is double shotguns. The double shotguns already have 20 effective range. That's a higher range than the unmodded pistols had, and twice higher than unmoded shotguns had, huh. I have also found that the game treats Zhuo as an usual single barreled shotgun(ex 10 range), which is nothing alike. That's why I have changed Zhuo to a double shotgun too. Like Palica is already a double shotgun. And it's description said that's an unexpensive version of a smart weapon, with double range it seems.

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