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Tweaks some weather values and adds new weather transitions to give more variety and a "random" feel

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This mod aims to provide a more randomised feel when it comes to Cyberpunk 2077's weather system. In it's vanilla state, you'll rarely see rain or heavy clouds but invasive weather types such as sandstorms (however cool) are common to the point they can occur once or twice a day (whether in Night City or in the Badlands).

This is because the game's weather system is based on a number of weather-to-weather transitions - the vanilla game has 18 of these transitions (split into only two "paths") which limit the possible weather type combinations, make ambient weather types (i.e cloudy) too rare and overall makes the entire weather system predictable.

With this mod, the number of weather-to-weather transitions is increased to 35. Vanilla weather transitions are kept intact (to avoid potential bugs) and the added transitions are specifically selected with variance in mind.

Some quick points:
  • Sandstorms are consequently much more common in the Badlands occurring once a day or every couple of days (this appears to be intended vanilla behaviour)
  • The Badlands wont experience any weather type except Sandstorm and Sunny (this also appears to be intended vanilla behaviour)
  • In seven in-game days you'll experience every weather type at least once.
  • Theatrical weather types such as Toxic Rain and Sandstorm are rarer, with Toxic Rain occurring roughly twice a week and Sandstorms once a week
  • Rain and Sunny weather types are more balanced with Rain being the rarer of the two but still occurring three times a week
  • Fog, pollution and all three cloudy weather types are much more common and fairly cyclical with each other (so weather can transition from pollution to heavy clouds, to cloudy, back to heavy clouds, then to light clouds then back to pollution etc)
  • Minimum and maximum weather durations have been tweaked. Sunny is the longest with a min/max of 4 and 9.5, Rain is next longest with a min/max of 4 and 9. Pollution, fog and the various cloud weathers have max durations of 5, 4 and 3.5 hours respectively. Toxic Rain and Sandstorms come in with a min of 2.5 for Toxic Rain and min/max of 2 and 4 hours for Sandstorm (note, some weathers don't have a min or max duration by default in the vanilla game so these have been left as-is).
  • Optional files provided that replace the Sunny and Light Cloud weather types with Cloudy and Heavy Clouds respectively (giving the game a moodier vibe).

Note: mods editing the cp2077_master_env_nge_v002.env file will not be compatible. I have provided versions which incorporates Dravic1's Eye Adaptation Auto Exposure Fix changes (please download and endorse their mod first!).

Here's a borderline pointless timelapse of 6.5 in-game days to showcase the weather transitions, lighting and general randomness (excuse the game's annoying periodic Relic glitch and humorous bug where cars seem to get flung 40ft into the sky).

The above timelapse is derived from the below possible weather paths. As far as I know, the probability of each weather type determined by the game engine is still a mystery to non-CDPR staff so this has led to seemingly nonsensical flows like Heavy Clouds to Light Clouds but not the other way around; this was simply done to retain a balance and ensure every weather type occurred at least once per in-game week but none were too common or more common than Sunny/Light Clouds.

Knochey for his Enhanced Weather Transitions mod (and the good laugh we had trying to figure out wtf is going on with the weather transition system)
rmk1234 for his Weather Probability Rebalance mod

Both mods were great to dissect and understand.