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=) Drive bikes on another level.

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Hello world! V now handles the bikes in a Beautiful, more natural way! I'm under the impression myself! =) The mod is the edits to CDPR's driving models for all 3 bike types.

.: : The mod is made over vanilla bikes, edits handling, friction, gearboxes, engines. It IS required to have the bikes unchanged by other driving mods before installing this mod or I have no idea what will you get. : :.

  • No junk edits.
  • The mod was made because I have got a lot experience from vehicle modding recently and with luck and tests of course.
  • Properly adjusted Apollo gearbox following vanilla patterns with added power to the engine.
  • Edited bikeaircontroll will allow you to do flips, if you push a front wheel to wall(a bench is a perfect variant) or hit something hard.

Lol. You can pull ACTUAL, respectable wheelies from launch now instead of them little baby excuses CDPR calls "wheelies". This is what I've been wanting.

In addition to that, V actually leans into turns properly now instead of giving a slight nudge left or right and letting the front wheel do most of the work. This fixes one of the two main issues I have with bikes in this game: They refuse to turn even at low speeds because V refuses to actually LEAN into turns properly. Feels SO much better now.

This mod also addresses the other major issue I have with bikes in this game: The excessive and cartoonish fishtailing when turning while off the throttle/braking. While fishtailing CAN still happen, it's a lot more reasonable with this mod, and much less sensitive, so it's a little easier to control should your back end start to get loose. This means you can still skid-turn around corners, which is one of the most fun things to do on a bike in this game, but you're no longer punished as much for braking late while weaving through traffic.

All-in-all, solid changes, and will definitely make me want to get on bikes more often now for more than just a change from cars, just for the sick wheelies alone, lol.

With gratitude to tomberrynion and ParanoBeatmaker, ThatBlackGhost and Void Palace.

You need teh gaem first to install the mod.

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