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The Outer Rim is a Star Wars total conversion mod for Blade & Sorcery. This mod introduces a variety of lightsabers and blasters from the Star Wars universe.

Permissions and credits

The Outer Rim is a Star Wars total conversion mod for Blade & Sorcery. This mod introduces a variety of lightsabers and blasters from the Star Wars universe. Additional content is on the way, just give me some time to float in a bacta tank.

  • Lightsabers, blasters, helmets and more!
  • Custom maps
  • Interchangeable lightsaber kyber crystals + lightsaber blade length adjustment
  • Functional blasters with fire modes, scopes, stun, interchangeable gas.
  • Many, many AI waves

Installation Guide:
Mod is installed the same way as any other Blade & Sorcery mod by using Vortex or manually extracting to the StreamingAssets folder.
Video Guide by The Baron - Blade and Sorcery | How to Install Mods Post U6

This mod does not require any other mods.
For installation issues and troubleshooting please read the FAQ further below.

Future Expansions / Roadmap:
  • Return to Tatooine - RELEASED
  • Lost Artifacts - RELEASED
  • Clone Reinforcements - RELEASED
  • Gifts from Mandalore
  • The Power Within

Released Maps:
  • Ebon Hawk
  • Tatooine: Mos Eisley (Return to Tatooine)
  • Naboo: Theed (Lost Artifacts)
  • Felucia: Marshland (Clone Reinforcements)
  • Kamino: Cloning Facility (Clone Reinforcements)

Planned Maps:
  • Death Star: Interior
  • Utapau Sinkhole
  • Kashyyyk: Beachhead
  • Tantive IV
  • Tatooine: Sandcrawler
  • Mustafar: Refinery
  • Mygeeto: War-Torn City

"How can I change mod settings?"
All the mod settings are located in 'Level_Settings.json' inside The Outer Rim's folder. You can edit this file with any text editing software such as Notepad.

"How do I turn on the lightsaber? / How do I use X item?"

That's a fun little experiment on self discovery. It's really not complicated at all and is exactly where you think the button would be. Just note that this same button is used for essentially all alternative functions on all items such as gun firemodes, scope zoom, manual reload, blaster rifle stun. Depending on the item, holding the button may also have additional functions such as when using a double-bladed lightsaber it'll allow you to use a single blade or it'll open up a foldable lightsaber.

"How do I throw a lightsaber?"
To throw and recall the lightsaber you must throw it reasonably hard and then hold Grip to recall the lightsaber. The lightsaber will return to your hand faster or slower depending on how hard you press the grip button. This feature can be disabled in Level_Settings.json under 'saberThrowable' among other saber throw related settings.

"Game feels laggy / How can I improve performance?"
As the game is still early access it isn't very optimised right now so there isn't too much that can be done about that. Especially since U8.3 is known for it's performance issues which U8.4 should resolve when it's finally out. I've always kept performance in mind when making this mod and have tried to optimise as much as I can to keep things running as smooth as possible.

If you've recently upgraded from U7 to U8 you will need to remove your Saves folder located at %USERPROFILE%\Documents\My Games\BladeAndSorcery.
For some reason huge performance issues can occur for some players when updating the game and this fix has been confirmed by many to solve/reduce their lag.

If the performance issues are specific to Felucia (rain) or Kamino (grass/spores) you can adjust the graphical settings for those levels in their respective level JSON files.

Decals (in graphics settings) are also known to heavily impact performance, especially with blasters, so turning those down and
reloading the level can help a lot in some cases.

If you want to further improve performance at the cost of lightsaber collision accuracy (lightsabers might pass through each other) you can try turning off  'saberExpensiveCollisions' or increasing the min velocity in Level_Settings.json. Performance benefits may be minimal.

Finally, try running the game this mod by itself and see if performance issues go away. Bad mods/too many mods installed can lead to performance issues.

"It doesn't work / I'm getting an error in the loading screen / Whenever I pick up a lightsaber or gun it just falls to the ground / I can't start any waves"
Sounds like you have botched your mod install somehow. It's not the mod's fault so don't flood the Bugs tab. I will delete your bugs if it is a duplicate or you've failed to provide a log file.

Try running the "Verify Install.bat" as it will detect any basic issues with your mod install.

Make sure you do not have any previous versions of the mod installed, and try reinstalling the mod from scratch. If that does not work then try removing all other mods and adding them back in one by one until you find the culprit.

Vortex: Make sure you completely remove the mod and archive file, and then reinstall.
Manual Install: Delete the existing "The Outer Rim" mod folder from StreamingAssets and then re-extract. Do not overwrite an old version.

If you are still having issues try removing your Saves folder located at %USERPROFILE%\Documents\My Games\BladeAndSorcery

If you are still having issues read the error message in your log file: %USERPROFILE%\AppData\LocalLow\WarpFrog\BladeAndSorcery\Player.log

If the game is crashing to desktop without any error messages OR you are getting the following message in your log file then try increasing your page file size, you will need at least 10GB+:
Could not get memory for large allocation

"All my lightsabers look like they are just white"

Make sure you put your post-processing settings on the DEFAULT settings, specifically ensure that 'bloom' isn't turned off.
If that doesn't resolve it and they look like they are glowing white but without any colour, then it means you have a broken game install, try the following steps in order to see which fixes it.

  1. Remove all other mods to ensure there are no bugs caused by other mods.
  2. Delete your Blade & Sorcery documents folder (which contains game settings and saves) at %USERPROFILE%\Documents\My Games\BladeAndSorcery
  3. Reinstall the mod properly. Delete the existing folder and put in a fresh copy rather than overwriting (overwriting will cause problems)
  4. Reinstall your game completely.

"Why won't the lightsaber penetrate when I turn it on at point blank?"
The game currently does not allow an object to stab into another object unless there is some forward velocity from the player's hand. If you move your hand toward the target when turning on the lightsaber it will work. Sorry.

"Curved lightsaber hilts feel weird such as Count Dooku and Ahsoka's second set"
It's just how the game is and you are going to have to live with that. In the mean time I've added 'straight grips' to all of these curved hilts at the top near the emitter which you can choose to use. This should allow you to swing the lightsaber like the others.

"How can I make a lightsaber/gun?"
The source code is available but I will not be writing tutorials until a later date when I finally get my head above water and a chance to take a break. Most of the configurable parts of the blasters and lightsabers are present in the item JSON files.

"Why is Mace Windu's lightsaber blue? Why is X's thing Y?"
All items have been created with lore accuracy and scale correct based on the Star Wars wikis and are further explained in the item descriptions. For example, Mace Windu's first lightsaber from The Phantom Menace was blue but his second lightsaber was purple. I have however made alterations to the functionality of some items for gameplay reasons. For example, I've allowed Ezra's lightsaber-blaster hybrid to continue firing when the blade is deployed.

Known Issues:
These are issues that resulted from the migration from U7 to U8 which are yet to be resolved. Please don't re-report them since they're already known and you'll be wasting everybody's time. I have been working in collaboration with KospY to resolve these issues in future versions of the game.

  • Poor performance with lightsaber collisions (pending U8.4)
  • Too many lightsaber collisions causes lightsaber whoosh to stop working / requires a respawn of the item (pending U8.4)
  • Hand poses are inaccurate (pending U8.4 SDK)
  • Decapitation doesn't work properly with characters wearing headwear (pending U8.4)
  • Dismembering the player will cause an error in the game's ragdoll system preventing the player from respawning - requires a game restart. Likely to occur if you crash at high speeds with a helicopter saber.
  • Stormtroopers may not correctly apply their armour colours
  • Blaster bolts sometimes don't apply damage when muzzle is pressed against a surface
  • Animated hilts (Pong Krell / Rey's Sith Staff) glitch out the hand when opened a closed. Just re-grip the hilt to 'fix' this


  • Creative Commons Star Wars battle music - contact with the composer appreciated
  • Any vibroblade/vibrosword models

Source Code: