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The Outer Rim is a Star Wars total conversion mod for Blade & Sorcery. This mod introduces a variety of lightsabers and blasters from the Star Wars universe.

Permissions and credits

The Outer Rim is a Star Wars total conversion mod for Blade & Sorcery. This mod introduces a variety of lightsabers and blasters from the Star Wars universe. Additional content is on the way, just give me some time to float in a bacta tank.

  • 400+ items including lightsabers, blasters, helmets and more!
  • Custom maps
  • Custom NPCs
  • Interchangeable lightsaber kyber crystals + lightsaber blade length adjustment
  • Functional blasters with fire modes, scopes, stun, interchangeable gas
  • Loads of items from the Star Wars universe
  • Many, many AI waves
  • Optional force-like Gravity (push) and jumping add-on
  • Optional player home add-on

Installation Guide:
Mod is installed the same way as any other Blade & Sorcery mod by using Vortex or manually extracting to the Mods folder (U8.4+) located at: <B&S install folder>\BladeAndSorcery_Data\StreamingAssets\Mods.
This mod has no requirements.
This mod does not require any other mods.

When updating from a previous version always make sure to delete the existing mod folder 'The Outer Rim' before installing the new version to ensure there are no leftover old files.

Video Guides by Downloadable Content:
How to install mods on U8.4+

For installation issues and troubleshooting please read the FAQ further below.

Coming Up

Future Expansions / Roadmap:
  • Return to Tatooine - RELEASED 
  • Lost Artifacts - RELEASED
  • Clone Reinforcements - RELEASED
  • Gifts from Mandalore - RELEASED
  • The Power Within

Released Maps:
  • Ebon Hawk
  • Felucia: Marshland (Clone Reinforcements)
  • Felucia: Marshland Arena (Gifts from Mandalore)
  • Kamino: Cloning Facility (Clone Reinforcements)
  • Kamino: Cloning Facility Arena (Gifts from Mandalore)
  • Naboo: Theed (Lost Artifacts)
  • Naboo: Theed Arena (Gifts from Mandalore)
  • Tatooine: Jabba's Palace (Gifts from Mandalore)
  • Tatooine: Mos Eisley (Return to Tatooine)
  • Tatooine: Mos Eisley Arena (Gifts from Mandalore)

Planned Maps:
  • Death Star: Interior
  • Utapau Sinkhole
  • Kashyyyk: Beachhead
  • Tantive IV
  • Tatooine: Sandcrawler
  • Mustafar: Refinery
  • Mygeeto: War-Torn City

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


"How can I change mod settings?"
In U12 and onwards you can use the ingame Mod Options menu.
In U11 and earlier all mod settings are located in 'Level_Settings.json' inside The Outer Rim's folder. You can edit this file with any text editing software such as Notepad.

"How do I turn on the lightsaber? / How do I use X item?"
That's a fun little experiment on self discovery. It's really not complicated at all and is exactly where you think the button would be. Just note that this same button is used for essentially all alternative functions on all items such as gun firemodes, scope zoom, manual reload, blaster rifle stun. Depending on the item, holding the button may also have additional functions such as when using a double-bladed lightsaber it'll allow you to use a single blade or it'll open up a foldable lightsaber.

"Why aren't there any blaster NPCs any more?"
Update: As of U12.3 there is an optional addon in the Files tab that restores blaster NPCs called "The Outer Rim - Blaster NPCs". As this is reliant on the unfinished vanilla game firearm AI it currently requires HuJohner's Firearm AI fix to function as stated in the file description. Hopefully by v1.0 of the game WarpFrog will fix and finish off the firearm AI.

Short answer, U10's AI system broke everything. I don't want to rewrite an entire blaster AI for the 3rd time. As a result, all blaster AI from v4 onwards had to be removed which includes Stormtroopers and Clone Troopers (which you can see in the TOR v3 screenshots). WarpFrog is working on it but it is a low priority task for them. Currently they've implemented a fair amount of the logic but the aiming portion is incomplete. There's no ETA - maybe U12? If you still want to use them you will need to roll back to U9.3 and use v3.3.2 of TOR

In the past TOR used to contain custom code to allow NPCs to use blasters that was fairly deeply integrated with the NPC's brain state, requiring them to take aim at targets, shoot, keep safe distances, and melee with their weapon in desperate measures. This 'blaster AI' was developed for the old AI system that the game used from U9 and earlier - it was painful to develop, took a significant amount of trial and error, but it worked. U10 onwards uses an entirely different AI system that is not cross-compatible nor is it easier to integrate with. As a result I've been trying to get generic firearm AI natively supported in the game which would allow any mod (including TOR) to support guns/blasters without being subjected to the sheer jank and torment of writing your own AI. It's slowly in progress and maybe 80% complete currently but it's low priority for WarpFrog and won't be available before U12.

"How do I throw a lightsaber?"
To throw and recall the lightsaber you must throw it reasonably hard and then hold Grip to recall the lightsaber. The lightsaber will return to your hand faster or slower depending on how hard you press the grip button. This feature can be disabled in the mod settings among other saber throw related settings (see "How can I change mod settings?").

"Game feels laggy / How can I improve performance?"
In previous versions of the game it wasn't very optimised, these days with U11 onwards the game is pretty performant and poor performance may be down to user error in selecting incorrect settings/broken settings files, buggy mods, bad hardware. I've always kept performance in mind when making this mod and have tried to optimise as much as I can to keep things running as smooth as possible.

If you've upgraded/downgraded between game versions you will need to remove your Saves folder located at:
%USERPROFILE%\Documents\My Games\BladeAndSorcery.
For some reason huge performance issues can occur for some players when updating the game and removing your saves folder has been confirmed by many to solve/reduce their lag. Especially since save files are not guaranteed to be backwards compatible with previous versions of the game.

If the performance issues are specific to Kamino (rain) or Felucia (grass/spores) you can adjust the graphical settings for those levels in the level options when selecting the map. e.g. disabling rain physics or rain entirely on Kamino can have drastic performance increases.

If your performance issues are specific to lightsaber sparks then you can install the 'Disabled Lightsaber Spark Physics' patch in the '_Optional' folder by extracting it into your 'The Outer Rim' folder and overwriting the existing Effects folder.

If you want to further improve performance at the cost of lightsaber collision accuracy (lightsabers might pass through each other) you can try reducing Physics Quality in the game settings from 'High' to 'Low'. You could also try turning off Saber Expensive Collisions in the mod settings but performance benefits may be minimal.

Finally, try running the game this mod by itself and see if performance issues go away. Bad mods/too many mods installed can lead to performance issues.

"It doesn't work / I'm getting an error in the loading screen / Whenever I pick up a lightsaber or gun it just falls to the ground / I can't start any waves / My items are question marks / I'm an idiot and can't follow instructions"
Sounds like you have botched your mod install somehow. It's not the mod's fault so don't flood the Bugs tab. I will delete your bugs if it is a duplicate or you've failed to provide a log file.

U8.4+: If the mod folder is named anything other than "The Outer Rim", such as "TheOuterRim", the game will fail to load the files. Make sure the mod folder name is "The Outer Rim".

Try running the "Verify Install.bat" as it will detect any basic issues with your mod install. If it doesn't find anything, follow it's subsequent instructions. Most people fail at this step because they don't actually follow the instructions. You will see these lazy people whining in the Posts/Forum section.

Make sure you do not have any previous versions of the mod installed, and try reinstalling the mod from scratch. If that does not work then try removing all other mods, check if it works, then start adding them back in one by one until you find the culprit.

Vortex: Make sure you completely remove the mod and archive file, and then reinstall.
Manual Install: Delete the existing "The Outer Rim" mod folder from StreamingAssets/Mods and then re-extract. Do not overwrite an old version.

If you are still having issues try removing your Saves folder located at:
%USERPROFILE%\Documents\My Games\BladeAndSorcery

If you are still having issues try verifying your game files or reinstalling the game.

If you are still having issues read the error message in your log file:

If you don't understand anything in the log file or can't find any obvious errors, upload it to Pastebin and share the link, that way someone can have a look at it and tell you what the issue is.

If the game is crashing to desktop without any error messages OR you are getting the following message in your log file then try increasing your page file size, you will need at least 10GB+:
Could not get memory for large allocation

Additionally, if your GPU has 4GB VRAM or less (e.g. GTX 1650 4GB, GTX 1060 3G, RX570 4GB) you do not meet the minimum requirements and the game will probably crash. You'll need a better GPU with at least 6GB VRAM or more.

"All my lightsabers look like they are just white"

Make sure you put your post-processing settings on the DEFAULT settings, specifically ensure that 'bloom' isn't turned off.
If that doesn't resolve it and they look like they are glowing white but without any colour, then it means you have a broken game install, try the following steps in order to see which fixes it.

  • Delete your Blade & Sorcery documents folder (which contains game settings and saves) at
    %USERPROFILE%\Documents\My Games\BladeAndSorcery
  • Remove all other mods to ensure there are no bugs caused by other mods.
  • Reinstall the mod properly. Delete the existing folder and put in a fresh copy rather than overwriting (overwriting will cause problems)
  • Reinstall your game completely.

"Why won't the lightsaber penetrate when I turn it on at point blank?"
The game currently does not allow an object to stab into another object unless there is some forward velocity from the player's hand. If you move your hand toward the target when turning on the lightsaber it will work. Sorry.

"Curved lightsaber hilts feel weird such as Count Dooku and Ahsoka's second set"
It's just how the game is and you are going to have to live with that. In the mean time I've added 'straight grips' to all of these curved hilts at the top near the emitter which you can choose to use. This should allow you to swing the lightsaber like the others.

"How can I make a lightsaber/gun?"
The source code is available but I will not be writing tutorials until a later date when I finally get my head above water and a chance to take a break. Most of the configurable parts of the blasters and lightsabers are present in the item JSON files.

"Why is Mace Windu's lightsaber blue? Why is X's thing Y?"
All items have been created with lore accuracy and scale correct based on the Star Wars wikis and are further explained in the item descriptions. For example, Mace Windu's first lightsaber from The Phantom Menace was blue but his second lightsaber was purple. I have however made alterations to the functionality of some items for gameplay reasons. For example, I've allowed Ezra's lightsaber-blaster hybrid to continue firing when the blade is deployed.

"Will this be released on the Blade & Sorcery: Nomad / Oculus Quest 2?"
I do not own a Quest 2 nor does Nomad currently support scripted mods so there are currently no plans to develop this mod for Nomad. It would also be an absolutely gargantuan undertaking of work for me to build and support two different platforms.
If you wish to play it, use the PC release of the game Blade & Sorcery.

"Will you add custom models for NPCs?"
With the release of U12 they have provided preliminary tooling for custom armour and potentially custom creatures (still broken as of 13th May 2023). The v4.6 release of the mod includes full models for tusken raiders with the plans to add further armour and modelled creature support in future.

"Can you split up the mod into little chunks? I just want to install XYZ and nothing else."
Not without losing my sanity. There are so many moving parts involved with this mod that splitting things up would result in a tonne of tech debt / compatibility overhead and would make installing and patching the mod ultimately to difficult for computer illiterate users.

"Does The Outer Rim have a Discord server?"
No, there is no official Discord server for this mod and I do not plan on ever creating one.

"Are you going to upload this to Mod.io or any other sites?"
I do not currently plan on moving this mod to any other website/platform. Please do not re-upload this mod to other websites, especially without my consent.

Other Notes

Historical Versions:

All historical versions can be found in the 'Old Files' section on the Files tab. The latest versions for each game update are as follows:

1.0 - Unreleased
U12 - Latest
U11 - 4.5 Prelude
U10 - 4.2 Prelude
U9 - 3.3.2
U8 - 3.0.2
U7 - 2.5.2
U6 - 1.3.3

How to rollback your game install to play outdated versions of the mod:

Steam / Oculus - Remember to clear your save files located at "%userprofile%\Documents\My Games\BladeAndSorcery\Saves\Default" when switching between game versions!

Known Issues:
These are issues in the mod that exist as a result of game issues or unexplained Unity phenomena. Please don't re-report them since they're already known and you'll be wasting everybody's time. I have been working in collaboration with KospY and the game's devs to resolve these issues in future versions of the game. This list of known issues is based on the latest release of the mod.

Native game bugs
  • Collision effects may continuously loop unless 'disableCreaturePhysicsCulling' is enabled in Level_Settings.json.
  • Pink NPC bodies when decals are meant to be applied - temporarily resolved by selecting 'Reload level' in settings book.
  • Lightsaber penetration when turning the lightsaber on/off at point blank can sometimes glitch out penetration and allow the hilt to slide through NPCs also. This is due to broken item penetration code in the game.
  • Stretched dismembered limbs - no solution to this.
  • Friendly spawned comlink NPCs will not continue to follow the player after entering an alert stage.

TOR related bugs
  • Hand collision is broken with some coupled lightsabers such as Boc Aseca's.
  • Hand poses are inaccurate (pending SDK support)
  • Animated hilts (Pong Krell / Rey's Sith Staff) glitch out the hand when opened a closed. Just re-grip the hilt to 'fix' this.
  • Rendering issues with unstable lightsaber blades may appear invisible when over water.
  • Certain transparent effects such as blaster overheat haze don't render correctly over the ocean.
  • Fingers are not perfectly separated on the tusken raider armour sets
  • Some helmets are not properly positioned on female character models


  • Additional Creative Commons Star Wars battle music - contact with or approval from the composer appreciated

Source Code: