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Gameplay changes to content from The Outer Rim, featuring easier blaster bolt deflection, lightsabers piercing on activation, and force pushing

Permissions and credits
Knight Training by Oli8 (Update 7)

To Install:
Make sure to install The Outer Rim from the requirements first.
Use Vortex to install (recommended) or unzip and drop the TORKnightTraining folder into the StreamingAssets folder of your Blade & Sorcery installation.

Lightsabers will automatically turn off when unhandled for several seconds. They won't turn off if you are holding them, using telekinesis on them, or they are returning after you threw them.
Lightsabers will automatically turn on when they are recalled, pulled by Telekinesis, or spun by Telekinesis.
Made it significantly easier to deflect blaster bolts using a held lightsaber.
Increased the max jump height by roughly double.
Changed the lightsaber return feature to always fully return on a single press of the grip. This plays better with the Vive controllers, especially with toggle hold settings.
Made lightsabers pierce on activation.
Hitting an NPC's weapon with a blaster will disarm them. NPC's lightsabers cannot be disarmed this way.
Force push enemies you are looking at by holding the grip button and waving your hand in the direction you want to push. Only works when you aren't holding anything.
Lightsabers will now slice effortlessly.
AI will only spawn with a single simple saber, since they struggle to use the larger sabers effectively.

Configure the mod by editing the values found in the included Level_Master.json

Saber Settings:
disableWhenUnhandled: set this to 0 to have lightsabers remain on unless turned off manually
unhandledDuration: if disableWhenUnhandled is not 0, this is the number of seconds before a saber turns off when unhandled
useToggleReturn: Set this to 0 to use the default Outer Rim lightsaber return
maxReturnSpeed: This value is how the fastest speed a saber will return when using the recall. The default in The Outer Rim is 10
snapDistance: This is how close the saber must be to your hand to grab it during a recall
forceExtendOnReturn: Set this to 0 to prevent sabers from automatically turning on when recalling them
forceExtendOnTkReturn: Set this to 0 to prevent sabers from automatically turning on when pulling them with Telekinesis
forceExtendOnTkSpin: Set this to 0 to prevent sabers from automatically turning on when spinning with Telekinesis
alwaysSlice: Set this to 0 to return to default Outer Rim slicing on lightsabers.

Force Push Settings:
enabled: Set to 0 to disable the force push power
power: Increase to send enemies farther with the push
cooldown: How long you have to wait between force pushes (each hand has a separate cooldown)
manaCost: How much mana is used when force pushing
range: How far away npcs will be effected

Known Bugs:
Lightsaber piercing on activation is still rather inconsistent, especially on the environment and props. This is likely at least in part due to how finicky getting penetration to occur is in general.