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Adds weapons and maps from Halo to Blade & Sorcery. U7 Only. Requires The Outer Rim.

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Operation: RED FLAG is a Halo total conversion mod for Blade & Sorcery. This mod introduces a variety of items from the Halo series, as well as additional content from Contact: HARVEST, a fan-made Halo game

  • Working firearms recreated from the Halo series, with features such as working ammo counter displays, firemodes, scopes, etc. All made possible by The Outer Rim's blaster framework.
  • The Pillar of Autumn from Halo: Combat Evolved

Installation Guide:
Mod is installed the same way as any other Blade & Sorcery mod by using Vortex or manually extracting to the StreamingAssets folder.
Video Guide by The Baron - Blade and Sorcery | How to Install Mods Post U6


V6 - Scopes! And also other improvements and fixes. This one has been a long time coming.

V5 - The Pillar of Autumn has been improved. Additionally, a new joke weapon; the M6R (from the Cursed Halo mod) is added. Proper descriptions and weapon names are also implemented. Also prepping behind the scenes for .MemeMan 's weapon framework release.

V4 - The Pillar of Autumn is released. The MA5C Assault Rifle has been added.

What's Next?

  • Additional weapons, maps, armor, etc.

Future Expansions:
  • Nothing planned yet.

Released Maps:
  • The Pillar of Autumn
Planned Maps:
  • New Mombasa
  • Installation 04
  • Blood Gulch
  • Various multiplayer maps

Required Content:
The Outer Rim - Required for the weapons to function correctly.

Current Weapon List:

MA5B Assault Rifle [Halo: Combat Evolved]

MA5C Assault Rifle [Halo 3]

MA37 Assault Rifle [Contact: HARVEST/Halo: Reach]

M6C Magnum [Halo 2]

M6C SOCOM [Halo 3: ODST]

M6G Magnum [Contact: HARVEST/Halo: Reach]

M7/c SMG [Halo 2]

M7/s [Halo 3: ODST]

DMR [Halo: Reach]

BR55 Service Rifle [Contact: HARVEST/Halo 2]

BR55 Heavy Barrel Service Rifle [Halo 3]

Brute Plasma Rifle [Halo 2]

Nova - Battle Rifles, the Magnums and the MA37

Forky - SMGs

Xeno v.D - Plasma Rifles