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A fully scripted and animated Shotgun which is also a deadly Axe! You can fire, reload and spin the axe to make a bayonet as well. Most weapon and projectile parameters are easily customized in the weapon JSON. See FAQ and Features for more information.

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My Mod Releases
Update V1.2 - "Shorty Update" Adds Pistol-Grip shotgun

* General texture and environment interaction improvements on this new model
* Same code-base as previous versions (new codebase will be updated here when my next mod is released)

Mini-Update V1.1! Normal Shotgun (without Axe)

Shotgun Axe V1.0 by SwordFisherL42

Demo GIF 1
Demo GIF 2

A fully scripted and animated Shotgun which is also a deadly Axe! You can fire the weapon by holding the "grip handle" and pulling the trigger. The weapon is reloaded by holding the foregrip and pulling the trigger on that hand. The Axe has custom damage defined so that you can slice through enemies like butter, and if you press the Alternate-Use key the Axe is flipped to form a bayonet piercing weapon ! See FAQ and Features below for more information.

This is my first mod for B&S, I hope to make many more fun and interesting add-ons for this wonderful community. Thanks to everyone for your support :)

Q: The weapon is not showing up in game
A: Try installing using Vortex, this works most of the time. If installing manually, copy "FishersShotgunAxe" folder to your StreamingAssets folder. Your final directory structure should have the manifest.json file here: BladeAndSorcery_Data\StreamingAssets\FishersShotgunAxe\manifest.json

Q: When I grab the gun, why I am unable to shoot?
A: You can only shoot when holding the vertical grip. You will hear an audio cue to let you know when you are able to fire. To change this behavior, edit "allowNeckFiring" to "true" in the JSON.

Q: I hear a "click" (nothing happens) when I try to shoot
A: Reload the weapon by grabbing the foregrip and pulling trigger to engage the reload animation. You can also set "autoReloadEnabled" to "true" in the JSON.

Q: How do I customize the weapon to my play style or preference?
A: You need to edit "Item_Weapon_PumpShotgunAxe.json", which should be found under /StreamingAssets/FisherShotgunAxe/. look for "ItemModuleFisherShotgun".

The parameters are listed below this identifier, as seen in the following image:

Q: The weapon is overpowered/too easy to use
A: You can change "buckshotID" from "Buckshot" to "RubberBuckshot" to nerf the strength of the shotgun. To nerf the axe, you can remove my custom damager in the weapon JSON definition by replacing "FishersHeavyAxeSlash" with the base game version "HeavyAxeSlash".

  + Piercing projectiles (x6) propelled with a custom random spread model

  + Custom "FisherAxeHeavySlash" damager definition which allows for easy dismemberment
          * This can be disabled by removing /FisherShotgunAxe/Damagers/* from the mod folder or disabling dismemberment in game settings

  + Shotgun pump/action animation to engage a reload, with shell object emitted from chamber

  + Axe spin animation to allow for changing to a piercing/bayonet style weapon

  + Three (3) interactable handles: Neck, Grip & Fore-Grip.
          * By default, only the Grip handle can fire the weapon. To enable firing the weapon from the "Neck" handle, change "allowNeckFiring" to "true" in the JSON.

  + Weapon sounds: "gun ready", "gunshot", "slide action", "empty click"

  + Adjustable recoil

  + Weapon parameters customizable via JSON variables:

    allowNeckFiring: if "true", allows user to shoot the weapon while holding the Neck handle (default="false")
    autoReloadEnabled: if set to "true", the weapon will reload on it's own (default="false")
    timeUntilReload: if autoReloadEnabled is "true", this is the time delay before an auto-reload is performed.
    bulletForce: multiplier for the force applied to each projectile
    burstSize: integer number of projectiles shot in each burst (max 13, default="6")
    recoilMult: multiplier for amount of recoil applied to weapon
    shellEjectionForce: multiplier for the amount of force applied to empty shells ejected from the weapon
    spreadEnabled: if set to "true", weapon spread is enabled (default="true")
    spreadDisplacementMult: - multiplier for the amount of distance between projectiles when leaving the muzzle
    spreadAngle: - base multiplier for the angle at which projectiles fly to produce a spread pattern
    spreadRandomMult: min/max values of a randomization multiplier applied during each shot.
    buckshotID: changing this to "RubberBuckshot" will greatly reduce the lethality of the weapon
    animationSpeed: speed at which animations will play

Bugs / Known Issues
  - Need to fix haptic feedback
  - Need to work on areas where player hand mesh clips through weapon mesh
  - Telekinesis doesn't work occasionally
    * Kindly report and other bugs/issues you encounter :)

Possible Improvements for Future Versions
  - General improvement of textures/lighting interactions
  - General improvement of particle effects
  - General audio improvements
  - Add more varieties of projectiles, with different types of damagers/effects
  - Add a weapon mesh modeled after Mack's weapon from AoS
  - Add a module for AI use