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Updated for U8. Semi-Auto Pistols with manual actions. Pull back the slide to chamber a round. Removable magazines, ammo tracking, locking slides, ammo-pouches. More updates planned.

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Update V2.2.1 - !!! Important Compatibility Fix !!!

Hi Everyone, if you are having issues with other gun mods, please update to the latest version of this mod (or delete it from your mod folder). The older versions of this mod will cause compatibility issues with newer modular gun mods (like the SMGs pack).


Update V2.1.0 - Optimization, Imbuement Support, Bust/Auto Pistol Added
Hey everyone, I have created a new update which will hopefully reduce the overall lag for the mod. As always, try to only spawn one pistol at a time if you notice too much lag. 

- New Pistol: Enforcer. Supports Cycle FireMode, switch between Safe/Single/Burst/Auto
- Pistols can now be imbued, and the projectiles will match the imbue spell
- Added support for switching fire mode
- Code optimization for less lag overall 
- Prefab optimization to reduce console warning messages
- Renamed files and IDs to avoid conflicts with other mods

Update V2.0.0 - Modular Semi-Auto Pistols U8

It is finally here! I needed to rework a lot of the code for this project, due to U8 having lots of lag issues when too many scripted items are loaded in. 

Hopefully my optimizations will make the mod playable on U8, however you may still experience occasional lag. My recommendation is to only spawn one pistol (and its ammo/pouch) at a time. 


  • Spawn a Pistol from the book (Category: "Modular")
  • Grab the Slide and pull it back, then release it. This will load the first bullet.
  • Press Trigger to fire the weapon
  • Press Spell-Menu to Eject the magazine
  • When the gun is empty, the slide will lock backwards. If you then insert a new magazine and press SpellMenu, the gun will automatically load the next bullet.
Ammunition, Magazines, and Ammo-Pouches can be founder under Category: "M-Ammo"

  • Magazines allow you to reload a pistol. Choose the appropriate magazine for your pistol
  • Ammo Pouches spawn an infinite number of the designated magazine.
  • Individual Bullets can be spawned and loaded manually into magazines (pure novelty)

Update V1.2.0: New Pistol Added
I have added a .45 cal ACP pistol variant, which hits harder than the rest and packs more of a damage punch also.

Update V1.1.0: Minor Fixes + New Pistol Added

With this minor update, I am adding the P8 USP German pistol.

(If you have any good models you want me to include in future releases, feel free to send them to me)

 - Fixed bullet trajectories
 - Improved Bullet Drop
 - Recoil adjusted
 - Muzzle flashes adjusted

Fisher's Modular Semi-Automatics

Copy the FishersModularSemiauto folder into \Blade & Sorcery\BladeAndSorcery_Data\StreamingAssets\ . Weapons and Ammo will be in the spawn book under the new categories "Modular" and "M-Ammo" respectively. (Note: Vortex Mod Manager can also be used to install the mod)


  • Two Variants: 9mm Pistol, H9 Hudson Silenced Pistol
  • Physics-based slide mechanics:
    • Pull back slide to chamber a round (this will load the first round)
    • If a round is already chambered, you will eject it and chamber the next round
    • Slide will automatically lock back when empty, for faster reloads
  • Alternate-Use key (action is specific to context):
    • If (weapon slide is forward and magazine is inserted) or (weapon slide is locked back and magazine is empty)
      • Result: magazine is ejected
    • If weapon slide is locked back and magazine has ammo
      • Result: slide is unlocked, chambers a new round
    • If Player manually pulls back slide and then presses Alternate-Use
      • Result: slide is manually locked (with a click sound)

Magazines, Ammo Pouches
  • Magazines hold rounds for semi-automatics, these rounds can be added/removed manually if desired
  • Ammo Pouches allow you to spawn an infinite number of magazines

Future Roadmap
  • Add support for customizable weapon attachments
  • Add more pistol variants
  • Extend this framework to create Modular Rifles and Shotguns
  • AI integration, the main concern with this feature is performance as AI don't really need to be carrying these heavily rigged/scripted weapons
  • Concurrently working on the "core framework" to improve bullet mechanics for all of my mods

Known Issues
  • [bug] General BS integration issues while weapon is held:
    • melee damagers do not interact with environment (unless thrown)
    • AI that comes too close to the player is unable to attack

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