*Note: This list is no longer being maintained. Almost all mods produced today follow the ModTek standards and are compatible making this list unnecessary.* 


This is a list of mods I have reviewed or others have mentioned to me.

BMM compatible mods:

Pilot Fatigue
Industrial Systems
Hangar of the Dispossessed
Look Enhanced Weapon Normalization
Vehicle Improvement Project
Zots Different LosTech Reward Mechs
Semi-Permanent Evasion
Adv Difficulty Settings
Open Map at a Point of Your Choosing
DBKs Clan Weapons Mod
DasTactic Emblems
S.O.L. SavetyOffLine
Apocalypse Armaments
ER Small Lasers for Wheeled APCs
Fast Work Order Mover
Faster Refit and Repair
Riftskipper's Rebalancing Mod and AI Tweaks
Melee Mover
Some Like it Hot - Weapon Tweaks
BTML Sound on Focus Lost
Simple LosTech Recurrence by Reputation
Iron Man Mode
Multi Missions
Monthly Tech and Morale Adjustment
Leopard Drop Limit
Skip Intro
Pilot Health Popup
ModTek -- Lore-Friendly Quickstart
Random Campaign Start
Exclusive Filters
Marian Arms Incorperated
Commander Portrait Loader
Removed Story difficulty boosts and Planet difficulty variety ( if a Modtek version is chosen)
Permanent Evasion
Adjusted Mech Assembly
Mech Maintenance By Cost
Shot Count Enabler
Company Mech Salvage
Random Travel Contracts
Drop Cost Per Mech
Half ton ammo TT and BT style 
TT like slots and TT ammo count
Burn Them Alive - Quad Flamer Ammo (ModTek)
Useful Flamers 
Basic Panic System 
Unlock full map after obtaining the Argo 
Caedhin's TOS Weapons Port 
Battletech Enhanced - More Gear More Options (if modTek version is chosen)
ModTek - Firing Line Improvements
Trap-type Contracts Fix
Achmed's Turrets for Terrorists
Longer Jump Distance 
Injuries Hurt
Daishi Dire Wolf A 

BMM compatible mods requiring manual installation:

CustomComponents (.7z folder structure is not standard)
AIM - Attack Improvement Mod (.zip folder structure is not standard)
Augmented Events (there is a . in the middle of zip file name which breaks the installer)
OnePointArmorStep ((there is a . in the middle of zip file name which breaks the installer + folder structure is not standard)
Capellan Emblems (.Zip folder structure is not standard)
RogueTech (uses .exe installer, many included mods are detected by BMM)

Non-BMM compatible mods:

Equal Start
PPC Plus Plus Plus
Those Pics Gotta Go
Advanced Difficulty Settings Menu
Trap-type Contracts Fix (is .rar instead of .zip)
Real Hit Chance
Less Head Injuries
Better Sorting
Battletech Sound Replacement Pack
Extended Information
Easy Game and QStart
Chuck's AI-Proof Weight and Heat Mod
Classic Battletech Slots
Star League Equipment in relevant Shops

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