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Obsolete. Use CAB with BTA, BEX, or RogueTech

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Hanger of the Dispossessed

Update 2019-03-20:
Added Stinger & Wasp!
Small updates to Phoenix Hawk, Marauder, and Warhammer.  Primarily to fix Jump Jet effects not appearing.
Bloodydoves has released a redone version of my Marauder:
B4CKF1sh has released a redone version of my Warhammer:
Both are redone with GentlePayload's improved process which solves several of their issues.
Plus they include additional weapon models, such as Left Torso missile launchers for the Marauder.
I highly recommend using their mods over mine for those two 'Mechs.
(If you download all my 'Mech in the one zip file, delete the HotD-Marauder and HotD-Warhammer folder in order to not cause conflicts.)
Working on Valkyrie and Crusader next.

Full Description:
A collection of complete BattleMechs, including new models.

Currently contains:
Phoenix Hawk
(Models & Textures ported from PGI's MechWarrior Online.  Animations & other assets reused from existing HBS files.)

The 'Mechs work in Single Player Skirmishes and are playable in Campaign mode (and can show up as part of the enemy force).  
The models & textures are imported into an existing AssetBundle for a 'Mech already in the game.  So there are some wackiness with proportions and joints bending at awkward angles.

Major Issues:
  Unhappy with textures & masks for calfs.
  Unhappy with alignment of left leg missile launchers.
  Only partially appears in the Campaign MechBay. 
  Destroyed arms spin/fly awkwardly when location is severed.
  Missing shoulder Searchligh model.
  Causes the MechBay background to go complete blank (but otherwise works)
  Still using the King Crab's damage meshes (working on this).
  Scale is off (in order to match King Crab skeleton/animations).  Torso is too wide and overall too big. 
I recommend using joelmeador's Mech Resizer.  (Either download optional mod.json or see settings in Readme.txt in Marauder's directory.)

(See readme files for other known issues.)

The Phoenix Hawk arms will mount the first PPC or Laser (topmost in MechLab) to the side of the forearm.
The second PPC or Laser will be mounted in the gunpod.
This was a choice due to how the game decides while weapons get mounted where at mission load.
I decided to make the make the first weapon mount to the side in order to stick with the canon look of having the Medium Lasers mounted on the side of the arms and just the Large Laser in the RA gunpod.

The Wasp's left leg weapons will mount to the calf, not thigh/hip as I would like.
As far as I can tell this is just how the game works.  HBS has no implementation for mounting to a specific bone.

For the Charger, I have only verified alignment/appearance for weapons for stock 3025 models

First install ModTek:

Recommended (to rescale Marauder):
  Using the King Crab as a basis means I had to resize the models to fit the King Crab's skeleton.
  I highly recommend using joelmeador's Mech & Vehilce Resizer to put the Marauder on a diet.
  Download Mech Resizer ( and extract the zip file into its directory in BATTLETECH\Mods\

Special Thanks:
GentlePayload - for huge improvements to my process of importing PGI assets into HBS bundles & troubleshooting MechBay issues.
mpstark - BTML, ModTek, and assistance converting my file to work with ModTek
joelmeador - Mech & Vehilce Resizer 
DropBearKarma - Working on how to get file re-packaged and working inside the Unity AssetBundles
LadyAlekto - Marauder II files, values for MechResizer
Morphyum, Insaniac99, Amechwarrior, Lynx, Rho, and many others in the Discord group for testing, misc issues, and their support
PGI & HBS for keeping one of my great passions alive.