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The largest overhaul mod for Legends. Adding 100+ new perks, enemy overhaul, dynamic perk system overhaul, new mechanics, and brand new ways to play the game!

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"Let your creativity run wild!"

! Requires Legends 18.1.1 or later from Legends Discord server !
  • 115+ exciting new perks with unique mechanics to enable countless new builds.
  • Complete overhaul of enemies to include PTR perks.
  • Enemy perks are now dynamic depending on their weapon!
  • Overhaul of the Legends dynamic perk tree system for player recruits! Likelihood of perk trees appearing is now affected by a weighting system. As perk trees are assigned, these assigned trees affect the weight of subsequent trees appearing. This greatly increases recruit variety while allowing us to keep backgrounds thematic and usable.
  • New perk trees: Profession and Fighting Styles.
  • Rebalanced Legendary Difficulty.
  • Immersive Damage System - Attacks now have a chance to deal reduced damage based on the hit chance of the attack. This means that lucky/unlucky 5% hits are, on average, going to be less lethal. Adds immersive entries to the combat log so you know when hits land well or poorly.
  • A detailed list of features is available here.
  • Notice: In general, enemies are going to be a bit tougher than in Legends, and substantially tougher on legendary (though more consistent than legendary in legends is). We've made this change due to the added perk combinations PTR gives to players, allowing you more synergistic builds than before.

  • Requires the latest test-build of the Legends mod from their Discord server (the Nexus version may be out of date!)
  • Already includes the following mods: Weapon Mastery Standardization (WMS), Better Fencing (previously known as Fencer Perk), Duelist Defense. So if you have these mods, delete them.
  • Not compatible with: Smart Recruiter, End's Uncapped Perk Points, Autopilot, Settlement Situation Tooltip (the version from Enduriel is compatible).
  • Requires a new game! Not save-game compatible.

  • Join us on our Discord server to be a part of the active PTR players community and get the latest test builds! The Nexus version may be out of date!
  • We would love to hear your feedback and suggestions for further development of the mod!


"Adds a ton of depth to the perk trees. The character origin perks are very unique and add a lot of interesting possibilities for bros you never would have thought to use. When your vagabond realizes his potential and morphs into a top tier sellsword... chef's kiss" - Lourne

"this mod is really amazing!, it adds so much well considered and much needed contents, not to mention reworks and redistributes existing contents in a much more meaningful way. love it!" - spectre

"PTR furthers the feeling of customizing a mercenary company with all the advantages and disadvantages that Legends brings. No longer are you only looking at the statline of individual characters, you are also looking at which skills they roll and how to best manipulate that into the best brother you can. With over 120 hours of playing with the Perk Tree Rework mod, I can genuinely say I will not be playing Legends without it." - Hanz Gruber

"Good mods leave a good impression, bad mods leave a bad impression. The trick is that after playing a little in the PTR you have no idea how to play Legends without it!" - Anotherslayer

"Makes my head spin without having to drink, very useful mod" - MuffledMagda

"A great addition to enjoy with/without hexe origin" - NgGH707


We would like to extend our deepest thanks to the players who took part in the closed beta and contributed to the development process via their rigorous testing to bring the mod into a polished state! PTR would not exist without your hard work!
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