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Automatically send read books to the camp chest or mark them as wares. Configurable via MCM.

Permissions and credits
Auto Send Read Books To Camp is a mod designed to streamline inventory management by automatically sending read books to the camp chest, since they will remain 'memorized' by your character/party with regards to dialogue options. Why edit their weight if you can play as Larian intended?
It supports configurable options via MCM, but also works out of the box.

Players can choose to enable instant transfer of read books (right after closing the book UI); by default, they are only sent upon entering camp. Quest books are ignored by default and aren't sent to camp.


  • Download the .zip file and install using BG3MM.

- Mod Configuration Menu
- Volition Cabinet
- Mark books as read
- BG3 Script Extender (you can easily install it with BG3MM through its Tools tab or by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+ALT+T while its window is focused)

- This mod should be compatible with most game versions and other mods, as it mostly just listens to game events and does not edit existing game data.
- Mods that edit book items should be affected as expected.
- Mods that affect the camp chest should be compatible.
- Mods that auto-sort items may conflict with this mod's functionality: since both types of mods manipulate inventory items, there could be unpredictable behavior when they try to move the same items, and I don't know if load order can dictate this. I can only guarantee that my mod by itself will not create duplicates of book items. Feel free to report any issues, but I can't guarantee a fix.

Special Thanks

Thanks to Fararagi for Mark books as read (go check their mods and help a frenchie out 🇫🇷), to Caites for Better Inventory UI (these three pair up really well (I mean the authors)); to FocusBG3 for some inventory helper functions, and to Norbyte, for the Script Extender.

Source Code
The source code is available on GitHub or by unpacking the .pak file. Endorse on Nexus and give it a star on GitHub if you liked it!

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