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  • 26. OSA - Skyrim Ascendancy Engine for Skyrim

    OSA is an engine that adds on to Skyrim's potential in many ways. The heart of it is an animation framework that allows developers to have stronger control, effects, and usability in animated scenes. This ties to OSA's PERSONA system adding depth to character's personalities beyond what Skyrim provides. It provides a number of side UI

    updated 23:47, 24 Aug 2016 89,150 3,790 30,340kb CE0

  • 27. The Eyes Of Beauty for Skyrim

    - New realistic and lore-friendly eyes textures;
    - Player only or player+npc replacer;
    - Fully compatible with other eyes textures;
    - Include Humans, Elves, Orcs, Khajiits and Argonians;
    - Male and Female;
    - Fast-paced updates gives you more choice.

    updated 8:01, 24 Aug 2016 3,726,203 101,160 3,512kb LogRaam

  • 28. Relationship Dialogue Overhaul - RDO for Skyrim

    Adds over 5,000 lines of completely voiced dialogue for NPCs using the original voices. Friends, followers, spouses, rivals, and others have much more to say. Also fixes dialogue bugs and restores cut dialogue that has never been heard before!

    updated 15:44, 21 Aug 2016 93,480 2,947 72,869kb cloudedtruth

  • 29. Enhanced Character Edit for Skyrim

    This mod adds some new sliders, head parts, one race, and more natural makeup colors.

    updated 7:48, 31 Jul 2016 3,020,038 94,924 19,664kb tktk1

  • 30. NetImmerse Override for Skyrim

    SKSE Plugin that allows for runtime shader property overrides that will serialize to the SKSE co-save.

    updated 19:51, 12 Oct 2015 713,514 31,108 145kb expired6978

  • 31. TES5Edit for Skyrim

    TES5Edit is an advanced graphical esp viewer and conflict detector. When started it will automatically find your Skyrim Data folder. You then get a dialog to select which masters/plugins you want to load with the current selection from your plugins.txt as default value. Once you have confirmed that dialog the selected plugins will start loading.

    updated 15:05, 5 Jul 2016 1,973,690 100,596 2,293kb Sharlikran

  • 32. Wet and Cold for Skyrim

    This mod adds weather-dependent visual effects and NPC AI enhancements. All features related to the visual effects apply to all actors unless otherwise stated. Some features require SKSE to function.

    updated 4:48, 22 Sep 2015 2,529,384 111,793 47,829kb isoku

  • 33. Pure Waters for Skyrim

    A pure, natural, and good looking water for Skyrim with complete overhaul: stream, transparency, colors, reflections, and more!

    updated 9:19, 25 Aug 2016 2,545,397 82,535 12,347kb Laast

  • 34. Skyrim - Enhanced Camera for Skyrim

    This is a skse plugin that enables a visible body while maintaining the look and feel of vanilla first person. Also, any points where the game force switches to 3rd person (sitting, crafting, riding, werewolf, knockout/death, etc.) are now in 1st person.

    updated 1:19, 25 Aug 2016 995,632 50,208 88kb LogicDragon

  • 35. Campfire - Complete Camping System for Skyrim

    Campfire is the most feature-rich stand-alone camping mod for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, created from Frostfall's immersive and detailed camping system. Campfire is also a modder's framework, allowing anyone to create their own unique camping equipment.

    updated 5:15, 25 Jul 2016 565,794 27,920 22,310kb Chesko

  • 36. UFO - Ultimate Follower Overhaul for Skyrim

    Set of enhancements to the follower system, for better and expanded follower use. Lotta stuff here so read the description for what you get and how.

    updated 22:15, 29 Jun 2015 5,290,338 115,913 110kb fLokii

  • 37. Frostfall - Hypothermia Camping Survival for Skyrim

    Frostfall is a survival-style mod that adds cold weather survival gameplay elements to Skyrim.

    updated 20:48, 13 Aug 2016 2,382,295 104,723 23,518kb Chesko

  • 38. Immersive HUD - iHUD for Skyrim

    HUD when you need it. HIDE when you don't.

    Get the best of both worlds. The usefulness of having a HUD with the immersion of having none.

    updated 18:12, 27 Apr 2016 1,892,426 86,880 17kb Gopher

  • 39. Falskaar for Skyrim

    A DLC sized new lands mod that adds 20+ hours of fully voiced lore friendly (But not canon) quests, dungeons, and more.

    updated 10:32, 18 Jun 2016 1,990,099 100,919 464,281kb AlexanderJVelicky

  • 40. Immersive Patrols for Skyrim

    Adds fully functional, scheduled patrols of almost every major faction across all DLCs, including Stormcloaks, Thalmor, Imperials, Dawnguard, Travelers, Merchants, Bandits, Skaal, Redoran, Reavers and Rieklings without cluttering the world. Now also includes Warzones like battles with fort capture behavior.

    updated 2:55, 13 Jul 2016 1,794,469 76,679 6,768kb Scrabbulor

  • 41. Realistic Water Two for Skyrim

    New water surface textures were carefully crafted in an attempt to imitate the fluid motion of water. Lake, pond, river and ocean water are now visually and aurally distinct from each other. Various water effects have also been modified.

    updated 18:01, 27 Jun 2016 1,824,581 61,692 60,014kb isoku

  • 42. Amazing Follower Tweaks for Skyrim

    Multiple followers. Manage outfits, spells, combat style, home assignment and level up. Make werewolves,vampires lords. Followers ride horses, make camp, ignore traps, friendly fire. Toggle city/home/standard outfits & helmets, pose, dance, and more...

    updated 21:28, 24 Aug 2016 1,665,462 86,308 61kb Dheuster

  • 43. HDT HighHeels System for Skyrim

    This mod gives your high heel shoes real High Heels.

    updated 6:19, 26 Apr 2015 1,348,432 63,060 340kb HydrogensaysHDT

  • 44. Convenient Horses for Skyrim

    Horses for followers with scripted follower AI behavior and advanced features, mounted combat for followers, horse armor, mounted combat horse charge, dynamic faction relations, cinematic horse call, horse whistle, mounted conversations and herb gathering, horse inventory, fast dismount and much more. Maximum compatibility. Powered by SKSE.

    updated 2:02, 15 Jun 2016 2,590,938 104,751 53,246kb mitchalek

  • 45. The Dance of Death - A Killmove Mod for Skyrim

    An epic killmove mod designed to be completely user-friendly and offer players a greater degree of control over their killmoves. Now updated for all current DLCs!

    updated 15:37, 4 Sep 2015 3,306,638 108,963 73kb AzarelHrafin

  • 46. Unofficial High Resolution Patch for Skyrim

    A comprehensive bugfixing mod for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - High Resolution DLC

    updated 4:31, 15 Jul 2016 1,652,993 95,394 71,744kb Arthmoor

  • 47. Realistic Lighting Overhaul for Skyrim

    Realistic Lighting Overhaul is here! The successor to Realistic Lighting with Customization. This is a massive overhaul of Skyrims lighting. No scripts, No Post Processing - No FPS loss! This is a massive project and a work in progress!

    updated 4:06, 6 Aug 2016 2,435,606 86,398 44,057kb sydney666

  • 48. Guard Dialogue Overhaul for Skyrim

    More Dialogue, More Realism, More Respect. This Mod alters the Guard Dialogue, changing it from something that breaks your immersion in the world of Skyrim to something that actually increases it. All in the original voices and Fully compliant with Skyrim Lore.

    updated 12:30, 8 Jan 2016 1,462,528 73,288 39kb Eckss

  • 49. Skyrim Immersive Creatures for Skyrim

    Skyrim Immersive Creatures adds dozens of new creatures to enhance your gaming experience. This mod adds brand new creatures which fit in to the world of Skyrim, alongside variations of existing creatures, adding diversity and improving gameplay.

    updated 4:47, 12 Apr 2016 1,887,137 68,865 657,139kb lifestorock

  • 50. Wearable Lanterns for Skyrim

    Adds a craftable, wearable Travel Lantern that can be hooked onto your belt or held in your hand! Torchbug Lanterns, follower support, and more!

    updated 23:57, 27 Aug 2016 1,476,355 69,738 1,501kb Chesko