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(ESP plugin)Reduces the extra force applied on ragdolls to a more reasonable level
(MESH)Replaces ragdolls so that they bend and twist realistically and fall at a faster velocity, and increases friction to fix ice-like ragdoll sliding

Permissions and credits
CONFLICT: to clarify
You should always allow other mods to replace my mod's skeletons

-Yes to replace if a mod files wants to override Realistic Ragdolls skeletons
-Always use the body mod's skeleton do not replace with them with Realistic Ragdolls
-Do not replace if my mod is about to override another mod's skeleton when installing

The plugin is only used for force strength. You do not need this for ragdolls to function but it will be harder to lift bodies, or if you want to change how much force is applied to ragdolls.

if you have no idea what you are doing, or do not know if a skeleton will conflict or replace each other then use the plugin only version


Ragdolls will conflict with other mods that change the skeleton.nif
You can either use the Custom Skeleton Replacers or XP32 as they have included the skeleton settings from this mod.

XPSME - Includes the realistic version plugin settings so you don't need to install this mod. You will only need this mod if you want a different force setting or the animal and creature ragdolls:


Custom Skeleton Replacers:
-Reduces the amount of force for ragdolls to realistic level with different force options to choose from
-Fixed glitch with lightning spell duration causing ragdolls to launch themselves when killed with any weapon
-Arrows will no longer push bodies far away when killed with stealth damage
-Realistic ragdoll reaction from melee hits. Higher the final hit damage the more force is applied
-Magic no longer sends people flying 20 feet away
-Unrelenting Force Shout should still send ragdolls flying

-Less stiffness to overall limbs of ragdolls by increasing their bend and twist radius.
-Weight increase for most ragdolls for realistic fall velocity
-Increased friction. Ragdolls had almost no friction which resulted in ice-like sliding.
-Fixes kneeing upright ragdolls and other odd poses for humanoids due to arms and legs being overly stiff
-Back spine loosen up a bit
-Increase neck twist and bend radius
-Arms are now able to twist behind the back

V1.9??? 2015 (only file changed is the Medium force file)
-Fixed certain force values for Medium force file
-Added High Force option

-Updated humanoid ragdolls to match changes made in patch 1.8.
-Minor neck and spine changes
-Removed dragon, skeever, and horse ragdolls. (You should remove these files if you installed manually)

-Fixed male humanoid ragdoll arm twist radius not matching with other ragdolls
-Adjustments to twist radius, angle cone, friction and mass for legs and arms of humaniods
-Increased Z grab lift strength, you will still need to grab the upper torso or center area of the ragdoll to be able to fully lilt bodies

-Increase friction to ragdolls
-Fixed beast female using default mass
-Merged easy lift to main plugin
-Weight adjustments to creatures

-Falmar ragdoll changes to fix left knee from bending the wrong way, reduced twist on back to fix chest deformation, and loosen neck
-Weight increase to bear
-Reduced troll's default arm angle cone and elbow that cause it to bend in unnatural ways
-Fixed male humanoid ragdoll neck not matching with female ragdolls
-Added plugin for increase fall damage to about x2

No Spinning Death Animation:

Dead Body Collision Fix:

Can be installed with NNM
Pick only one of the main download forces to install.

extract the files into:

-Open the Skyrim launcher
-Click on data files
-Check the box for "Realistic Ragdoll Force..."

If you have no "data files" option in the launcher

Open SkyrimPrefs.ini. File can be found in:
...\Documents\My Games\Skyrim

Find [Launcher] and add this line below it:

Realistically, arrows do not apply force on bodies and will crumple to the ground. Should be more satisfying and less cartoonish. Basic magic attacks also apply, such as getting hit with a lightning strike will fry you and not push you away. There is an optional file to apply a bit more force if you desire.

Q: Player sent flying when going into ragdoll (Knockdown, killed, ect...)
This is a known issue with "Enhanced Camera" mod. Use the fix that is found on that mod page.

Your FPS needs to be capped at 60. The game's physics is not designed to handle FPS above 60.

Q: More force for magic and less for arrows?
Magic and arrows share the same force value so I can't make one have more force than the other.

Q: Paralyzes spell on death cause ragdolls to become statues(stiff)
It's a vanilla bug with that spell. use this Mod: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/34108/?

Q: Ragdoll arms do not raise above their shoulders.
There will be some bad deforming of the shoulders if I allowed this.

Q: Can't lift bodies
It depends on what part of the body you grab usually the upper torso is where it's easy to lift bodies. If you don't use the plugin file you may not be able to left bodies.

Q: Ragdolls are still sliding on certain surfaces
The friction of the ragdolls are already high. The problem is that when they interact with meshes, such as, rocky stone paths or certain spots in the landscape that appear as grass but are actually giant rock meshes, will still cause ragdolls to slide unrealistically.

Q: Skyrim intro cart issues
I cannot confirm these issues. It's mostly caused by conflicting skeleton meshes. Make sure that you let other mods replace the skeleton.nif from this mod, even if it's for a compatibility patch. Higher framerate than 60 will cause issues with physics.