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  • 26. Realistic Water Two for Skyrim

    New water surface textures were carefully crafted in an attempt to imitate the fluid motion of water. Lake, pond, river and ocean water are now visually and aurally distinct from each other. Various water effects have also been modified.

    updated 20:16, 23 Aug 2017 2,815,161 82,494 60,014kb isoku

  • 27. RealVision ENB for Skyrim

    Ultra realistic and atmospheric graphics
    Climates of Tamriel combined with Realistic Lighting Overhaul or Enhanced Lights and FX
    using ENBoost (ENBSeries v0.315)

    + Mod Collection for perfect synergy

    updated 23:08, 11 Aug 2017 5,186,794 132,279 4kb SkyrimTuner

  • 28. NetImmerse Override for Skyrim

    SKSE Plugin that allows for runtime shader property overrides that will serialize to the SKSE co-save.

    updated 19:51, 12 Oct 2015 1,618,119 52,460 145kb expired6978

  • 29. Beyond Skyrim - Bruma for Skyrim

    Travel beyond the borders of Skyrim and explore Bruma, the northernmost county in Cyrodiil. Delve into Ayleid ruins, meddle in local affairs or explore the wilds - the journey begins now.

    updated 22:22, 22 Aug 2017 283,014 6,916 2,255,860kb BeyondSkyrimDC

  • 30. Wet and Cold for Skyrim

    This mod adds weather-dependent visual effects and NPC AI enhancements. All features related to the visual effects apply to all actors unless otherwise stated. Some features require SKSE to function.

    updated 22:53, 22 Aug 2017 3,135,761 131,153 47,797kb isoku

  • 31. KS Hairdos - Renewal for Skyrim

    KS Hairdos is a hair pack that contains 629 hairstyles. 556 hairstyles are for females, 73 are for males.

    updated 1:31, 23 Aug 2017 1,531,749 43,228 418,109kb Kalilies

  • 32. Enhanced Character Edit for Skyrim

    This mod adds some new sliders, head parts, one race, and more natural makeup colors.

    updated 7:02, 10 Jul 2017 3,962,066 117,610 19,664kb tktk1

  • 33. Campfire - Complete Camping System for Skyrim

    Campfire is the most feature-rich stand-alone camping mod for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, created from Frostfall's immersive and detailed camping system. Campfire is also a modder's framework, allowing anyone to create their own unique camping equipment.

    updated 18:23, 17 Aug 2017 1,213,604 47,187 22,310kb Chesko

  • 34. Skyrim - Enhanced Camera for Skyrim

    This is a skse plugin that enables a visible body while maintaining the look and feel of vanilla first person. Also, any points where the game force switches to 3rd person (sitting, crafting, riding, werewolf, knockout/death, etc.) are now in 1st person.

    updated 17:37, 13 Jan 2017 1,672,620 68,993 88kb LogicDragon

  • 35. Immersive Patrols for Skyrim

    Adds fully functional, scheduled patrols of almost every major faction across all DLCs, including Stormcloaks, Thalmor, Imperials, Dawnguard, Travelers, Merchants, Bandits, Skaal, Redoran, Reavers and Rieklings without cluttering the world. Now also includes Warzones like battles with fort capture behavior.

    updated 23:57, 30 Apr 2017 2,478,692 95,481 6,768kb Scrabbulor

  • 36. Amazing Follower Tweaks for Skyrim

    Multiple followers. Manage outfits, spells, combat style, home assignment and level up. Make werewolves,vampires lords. Followers ride horses, make camp, ignore traps, friendly fire. Toggle city/home/standard outfits & helmets, pose, dance, and more...

    updated 7:40, 12 Apr 2017 2,159,134 103,590 61kb Dheuster

  • 37. Run For Your Lives for Skyrim

    A small mod that makes citizens in a village or city run indoors during a dragon attack.

    updated 1:48, 10 Aug 2017 2,048,835 97,180 23kb Arthmoor

  • 38. Convenient Horses for Skyrim

    Horses for followers with scripted follower AI behavior and advanced features, mounted combat for followers, horse armor, mounted combat horse charge, dynamic faction relations, cinematic horse call, horse whistle, mounted conversations and herb gathering, horse inventory, fast dismount and much more. Maximum compatibility. Powered by SKSE.

    updated 15:00, 14 May 2017 3,111,683 120,742 53,246kb mitchalek

  • 39. Immersive Citizens - AI Overhaul for Skyrim

    Immersive Citizens - AI Overhaul is a plugin for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

    Its main objective is to increase player in-game immersion by greatly improving Artificial Intelligence (AI) of friendly NPCs (citizens) in order to make them act and react like true humans in relation to their environment or to an aggressor.

    updated 17:59, 9 Mar 2017 1,068,909 42,037 2,313kb Shurah

  • 40. Skyrim Immersive Creatures for Skyrim

    Skyrim Immersive Creatures adds dozens of new creatures to enhance your gaming experience. This mod adds brand new creatures which fit in to the world of Skyrim, alongside variations of existing creatures, adding diversity and improving gameplay.

    updated 4:47, 12 Apr 2016 2,519,628 84,486 657,139kb lifestorock

  • 41. UFO - Ultimate Follower Overhaul for Skyrim

    Set of enhancements to the follower system, for better and expanded follower use. Lotta stuff here so read the description for what you get and how.

    updated 22:15, 29 Jun 2015 6,205,236 133,280 110kb fLokii

  • 42. Realistic Lighting Overhaul for Skyrim

    Realistic Lighting Overhaul 5.0 is here! This is a massive overhaul of Skyrim's lighting. Exteriors also vastly overhauled! No Post Processing - No FPS loss! New features added!! - As of 5.0, Dwemer Lighting Technology has been added to the game. Check out Understone Keep for an introduction to this feature!

    updated 20:00, 18 Aug 2017 2,946,077 101,791 44,057kb sydney666

  • 43. Wearable Lanterns for Skyrim

    Adds a craftable, wearable Travel Lantern that can be hooked onto your belt or held in your hand! Torchbug Lanterns, follower support, and more!

    updated 16:30, 7 Jul 2017 1,918,110 83,959 1,501kb Chesko

  • 44. SKSE ini pre-download for lazy users for Skyrim

    Don't know what to add in your SKSE ini?
    Here's one. Does NOT include SKSE files but only the ini.

    updated 23:45, 21 Oct 2016 435,783 19,599 0kb sagittarius22

  • 45. Pure Waters for Skyrim

    A pure, natural, and good looking water for Skyrim with complete overhaul: stream, transparency, colors, reflections, and more!

    updated 16:12, 13 Mar 2017 3,039,505 99,396 12,347kb Laast

  • 46. HDT HighHeels System for Skyrim

    This mod gives your high heel shoes real High Heels.

    updated 6:19, 26 Apr 2015 2,019,782 80,522 340kb HydrogensaysHDT

  • 47. Safety Load for Skyrim

    This mod blocks "Infinite Loading Screen" bug and game freezing during play.

    updated 11:35, 4 Jan 2014 1,513,211 65,781 3kb kapaer

  • 48. Immersive HUD - iHUD for Skyrim

    HUD when you need it. HIDE when you don't.

    Get the best of both worlds. The usefulness of having a HUD with the immersion of having none.

    updated 21:17, 16 Oct 2016 2,376,421 102,757 17kb Gopher

  • 49. Frostfall - Hypothermia Camping Survival for Skyrim

    Frostfall is a survival-style mod that adds cold weather survival gameplay elements to Skyrim.

    updated 18:24, 17 Aug 2017 2,951,461 121,102 23,518kb Chesko

  • 50. Ordinator - Perks of Skyrim for Skyrim

    Ordinator overhauls the perk trees of Skyrim with over 400 perks to improve the depth and fun of building and playing your character. It accomplishes this in a lightweight, compatible and clean fashion.

    updated 18:20, 23 Jul 2017 1,027,223 27,807 2,921kb EnaiSiaion