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V2.0 is up!  Typos are being fixed, horses are being tweaked, bugs are being squashed (No! Not you Mr Dragonfly!). Thanks for all the help testing, guys. :) V2.1 will be out as soon is possible (Unfortunately I'm dealing with some major RL troll dung at the mo)

For now please read the V2.0 sticky for all prescient info and the notes below.


After such a long wait this may seem like a silly question but if you LOVE using Inigo with AFT or another follower enhancing mods it's one you should consider... here's why.

AFT should completely ignore Inigo now - if you're meeting him for the first time and not updating - and while certain functions of certain mods may still affect him (pending testing), you will not have the same level of control you're used to... if any. You may love having Inigo change his outfit when he enters a city, but I hate the constant greeting, out of character sandboxing, and contradictory magic mastery... not to mention the endless trouble shooting. By having him on his own framework I get to control him more and therefore bring greater consistency to who he is and his story, and that, my friends is the point of this mod. If you use AFT or something similar and decide to update Inigo from an old save, follow the instructions in the section above called "AFT FOLLOWER TWEAK OPTIONS SHOWING UP" to get rid of those pesky features. They'll mess you up if you don't.

IMPORTANT: Whenever controlling Inigo, it's best to use his own functions through the "Mind if I ask you something?" topic, rather than those from another mod. If you want him to relax, ride horses, change combat style, alter his aggression.... use his built-in commands. If you don't there will be trouble. You've been warned.


The Topic "Mind if I ask you something?" is now the place to go to set his options. From there you can change his aggression, his combat style, ask him to relax, and gift him a horse. That's it for now, but I hope to add more options in the future.

AGRESSION can be altered by asking him about combat. He can be set to unagressive or aggressive(standard). When you ask him to be unaggressive he won't attack things on sight any more, but he will still jump into combat if either you or he have been spotted by an attacker. Your sneak level/buffs will largely determine when this happens.

COMBAT STYLE can be found right next to aggression. You can ask him to favour his bow, get in close, or just keep him as he is. Some would say “Inigo style is the best style.”

RELAXING is something Inigo may not want to do in certain areas, but if he'll unwind anywhere that's safe and not too creepy. When you ask Inigo to relax he'll stay where you leave him indefinitely, so if you want him to move in with you for a while just drop him of at home and tell him to take a load off. If you dismiss him he'll return to his cell in Riften.

that you own can now be given to Inigo. The option to gift a horse appears under the same topic as everything else when a potential steed is nearby. When Inigo owns a horse it will ignore combat and fast travel with him. You cannot ride Inigo's horse but you can ask him if he wants to trade steeds... you can also tell Inigo to disown his horse, returning ownership to you. Please remember this is a follower mod NOT a horse riding mod. Things are being tweaked/added for the next release but he's never going to be as detailed in this area as CH. See the note at the bottom of the V2.0 sticky for details about what being altered.


Inigo has a map marker so there's no excuse for losing him. It will activate when you talk to him outside of Riften for the first time.

Inigo has a short but dense quest that lays the groundwork for future updates.

There's a very special spell you'll acquire during the quest that may just change EVERYTHING!

There are now almost four and half thousand lines of dialogue. More lines appear the longer you play. For those of you who have used earlier versions, at first he may seem like the same old Inigo, don't be fooled. All those new lines are somewhere. Go find them!

There are new songs, new observations, new eyes... you get the idea. I'll leave the rest for you to find.


You could not read this and let it happen organically? ...No? OK. For the quest to begin you must have heard the whole story of his past (available in the “Mind if I ask you something” topic) then you must sit in an inn and learn the name of his brother using the “Let's chat” topic. Once you've heard his brother's name... something will happen while you're out adventuring with Inigo... and that's all I'm going to say about that. :P


Find a nice place with two chairs then talk to him and say “I need you to do something” then point at a chair and hit your use key. Wait for him to be fully seated (until the sitting animation is over) then hit TAB and join him. OR... Ask him to relax in an inn and hope he sits somewhere that you can join him. OR... Use the first method, but instead of asking him anything, just take a step back and hold down your use key while looking at him. That will put him straight into command mode. That's by far the fastest way if you ask me... I should have probably written that one first.


As many of you will have noticed there's a rather large discrepancy in quality between some of Inigo's lines. I moved home near the end of V.1 to a quieter street so files recorded near the end of development required less noise reduction and therefore sounded a lot better... If I had time I'd go and rerecord everything but I don't. I have however HAD to redo some topics that now contain new lines. The discrepancy was just too much for my ears! Just know I'm aware that the quality shifts and that I'll keep redoing bits and pieces as the mod develops.

Have fun and look after Mr Dragonfly... really... you may need him later. Don't say I didn't warn you!

Cheers guys.



VILJA and INIGO interaction!

Emma and I have written a large number of scenes between our characters and I think the results turned out pretty well. A massive thank you to Emma for getting this craziness to actually work! If you haven't done so already, now is a great time to give Vilja a try. After a short time together you'll be able to introduce VIlja to Inigo and they'll then start participating in conversations together on a wide variety to subjects. :)


INIGO gets the Gamespot award for best mod of the year!


He is very proud of himself. The video is quite long so link starts things
at his section. Skip to the end to see him receive the overall winner


Translations (See note in FAQ for more info)

A brave group of souls translated V2.0... I'm treating it as a dry run for V2.1 so let me know how you think it worked out. :)

V2.0 Portuguese Translation --> HERE



He’s a fully voiced adventuring companion with a few thousand lines of unique dialogue. You can not kill Inigo. He’ll level alongside you. He’ll avoid most traps. If you’re sneaking he won’t chatter. If you talk to him while sneaking he’ll whisper. He can run out of arrows. He’s highly skilled in archery, one-handed, and sneak. He has unique, random combat dialogue for most enemies. Your morality is his morality.


You’ll find Inigo in Riften’s jail. It’s in Mistveil Keep - to the right of the main door if you’re standing outside. He’ll be upstairs in the first cell on your left. You’ll need to be a bit sneaky and pick the lock to his cell. He’s carrying a copy of the jail key. Once he’s with you it may be a good idea to take the key from his inventory to save you re-picking the lock at a later date. When you first go to meet Inigo make sure you load your game from a save where you aren’t already in the jail.


If you ask Inigo about himself “Do you mind if I ask you a few questions?” his responses often contain clues about how to get the most out of him. Most of these responses are fixed facts about him, but some will change depending on… erm… other factors you unwittingly control. The “Do you mind if I ask you a few questions?” topic is only available in places of relative safety.

The “Any thoughts?” topic is always worth a gander. Inigo has his own opinions on a variety of environments and situations. Just don’t expect him to have a point of view on everything… he’s not a tour guide. There are places where the “Any thoughts?” topic runs deeper. For instance, if you’re both sitting in an inn he may comment on quests you’ve completed, etc. You’ll sometimes notice that after giving an answer, Inigo will close the topic window himself. This happens if he’s unsettled or doesn’t feel like talking… maybe you’re in a spooky crypt, or in a dragon’s lair. Whatever the case, at certain times you may get the impression that Inigo doesn’t want to talk… don’t take it personally.


Inigo has many things to say even if you don’t initiate a conversation. These are dependant on a huge range of factors including, weather, location, garb (or lack of it), items you may be carrying, health status, and so on. He will generally keep quiet if you are sneaking though. Immersion and all that… Speaking of immersion, you may hear Inigo say something completely out of place – i.e. he may comment on the rain when you’re deep underground or something similar. I’ve tried to eliminate this as much as possible but Skyrim’s a darn big place and the developers seem to have oddly tagged a few locations. An interior may be tagged as an exterior, a guild hall may be tagged as a shop and so on… I’ve fixed many of these but I’m sure a few slipped the net. Blame any madness on Inigo’s past skooma addiction and move on.

If you want him to stay quiet while you're adventuring together give him the Necklace of Muffletongue to wear and he'll keep quiet.


If you’re both sitting in a player home or an Inn you can ask “How do you think I’m doing, Inigo?” He’ll then proceed to judge you. Sometimes the truth hurts. You have been warned. You can also say “Let’s talk.” This will start a conversation. It’s worth re-asking the same questions sometimes. Inigo has branching answers for certain topics that can lead to new conversations.

From time to time you’ll notice that Inigo’s subtitles don’t quite match what he’s saying. This is due to a character limit in the Creation Kit. I had to get creative.


Lastly, I’ve attempted to write Inigo with character consistency. If you hear him comment that he hates the walking dead, his reaction to being in a Drauger filled dungeon will (I hope) fit. If you hear him insult an enemy’s clothing, then strip the corpse and force him to wear the outfit he just mocked, he should occasionally, randomly, sometimes comment accordingly. You may glean ideas that lead to new responses just by listening to his likes and dislikes. Something to think about.

I hope you like him as much as he likes you.

Treat him well… or don’t.


First of all a massive thank you to everyone who’s been playing with Inigo. I’m so glad that he’s found such an appreciative, supportive, and may I say good looking audience here on the Nexus. Thank you all for your patience while waiting for V2.0 and an extra big thank you to all the people that have been helping troubleshoot other users issues. You guys are fantastic. I’d love to work on Inigo 24/7 but unfortunately free time is currently an issue. That said I will be adding to Inigo whenever I get the chance. Hopefully this is just the beginning. I thought I’d quickly outline my plans for Inigo.

  • There's a substantial adventure planned for Inigo. Completing the series of quests that make up his story is my number one priority.
  • Once that's done I'll consider adding DLC relevant lines for Dragonborn and Dawnguard.

  • There are never a shortage of ideas just the time to implement them, so with every future update I'll always add a bit more dialogue - more thoughts, idles, reactions, combat chatter, etc.
Thanks again to everyone out there who is adventuring with Inigo. Be well and take good care of Mr Dragonfly.


Use Requiem? Get the Requiem patch you need -

                              V2.0 by Spkyfishy Here                            V1.1 by Kazekage1




I've marked the troubleshooting info below either V1.1 or V2.0 depending on what version is relevant. If you're still having issues read the relevant sticky at the top of the posts page before asking a question.
Cheers. :)

- V2.0
ITMs -  Cleaning is not needed (it is perfectly safe to leave Inigo un-cleaned), and cleaning MIGHT cause some lines not to fire. There's nothing harmful in there.

Nav Mesh Warnings - For V2.1 I've removed the deleted nav records, reinstated the original navs and lowered them so they're ignored by npcs, then rebuilt the majority of meshes in the area from scratch. In V2.0 I had to edit a tiny portion of the mesh around Snow Point Beacon because it was unusable in the vanilla game. I also added a large area of Nav Meshing where there was almost none to a hilltop - an area where no follower could tread. That'll be where the two (accidentally) deleted records are coming from. This has been fixed for V2.1 but is largely harmless. The only current problem is in some cases the nav meshing in that area may have reverted to its original state because of the deleted records causing pathing issues so don't worry if Inigo has a bit of trouble in that area. It's been taken care of for the next version.


This mod temporarily alters Snow Point Beacon, and a permanently alters a section of a nearby mountain to the East of the Beacon just over the first rise. I'm sure there are other mods out there that affect the same
areas and therefore could cause issues, but so far not many have been reported. If you spot something contact me with the name of the conflicting mod and info on how exactly it interferes (if at all) with
INIGO. Thanks :)

Oblivion Gates by Mr C Racer - Mr C Racer has graciously added an optional version of Oblivion Gates that no longer clashes with INIGO. Thank you, Mr C!  The standard version places a gate in the centre of the new location added by INIGO. It doesn't break anything or prevent players from completing objectives, but because the gate intersects a building it looks a bit odd, and may make tracking down a certain quest item more difficult.
Anything that replaces tree meshes - Tropical Skyrim, etc may make it appear that an item you need to collect is floating in mid air. Just open the console and type tcl then hit enter to reach the item if need be.

Warzones 2015 edits a couple of the same cells that Inigo touches. I don't know how large an impact it has on these areas, but it would be a good idea to at least let Inigo win any conflicts over 'Langley's House Ext.' That's the cell this mod alters the most and it actually contains items and markers needed by a quest.

His back-story doesn't fit my play-through! I've never met this guy before! This mod sux!!!
- V1.1 + V2.0

OK, calm down. Does your character have a past with Inigo? There's quite a bit of evidence to suggest they don't but in the end it's up to the player. Adding in another explanation at the start would destroy his
whole reason for being such a loyal companion though. It's really important that he thinks you have a past together for your relationship to work in the beginning. Later on you'll be given the option to tell Inigo he was mistaken or not, but only after you reach a certain stage. Inigo is there in that cell waiting for someone who looks exactly like you who he had a past with. How the player wants to deal with that info is up to them. As someone else said, your double could be a corpse rotting in a ditch somewhere, an ebony arrow through their

He's an ex skooma addict who's taken a ton of blows to the head and talks to insects on a regular basis. If you don't want a past with him, it's clearly a case of mistaken identity. Inigo will never mention your past together and spoil whatever back-story you have going, so treat his situation however you like, but I won't be changing what he believes. The mod would end right away for one thing. He'd just say "Go away, I am waiting for my real friend." Not quite as exciting.

Kajiiit NOT speek like Indigo! Its ronng yooou idiot! Fix it!! - V1.1 + V2.0

Speech is cultural NOT racial. It's that simple. To suggest the opposite (in this case, that someone's race inhibits their ability to use first person pronouns) is setting foot down a very dangerous road. Are you
telling me that my Chinese friends who speak with a Scottish accent and speech patterns are "wrong" ? Do you honestly believe that they should always only speak with Cantonese stresses because of their race, because
their father's fathers came from Hong Kong? Of course not.

If the Khajiit were a real race on earth, many of you would be in major trouble for racial stereotyping.

Inigo doesn't work with Convenient Horses! WHY?

INIGO V1.1 does work with Convenient Horses. Load: Convenient Horses > Convenient
Horse Herding > Inigo > AFT > AFT NFSD (LO provided by

INIGO V2.0 ignores CH (a side effect of having him on his own framework, I'm afraid). He does however have his own horse riding features. Read more about all that above in the V2.0 section.

I want to translate Inigo... s'il vous plaît? - V1.1 + V2.0

It has always been my intention to open the gates publicly to potential translators when V2.1 is released, so if you think you have what it takes please send me a pm and I'll add your name to the list of potentials. Be warned though, this isn't something one should enter intolightly. V2.1 has around 7000 lines all in all, and the nature of Inigo's speech makes it particularly tricky to translate in places. Over the last year, two translators I know personally took a crack at it and both ended up (understandably) throwing in the towel after a couple of months. In both cases primarily due to difficulties retaining the multiple meanings within certain lines containing wordplay and rhyming, etc. One of them said "It's like translating Dr. Seuss!" To stand a chance you'll probably need to be a bit of a creative linguist and genuinely fluent in English. if you miss the point of a line, so will everyone who reads your translation, and if you just convert every word/phrase verbatim certain lines will no longer make any kind of sense at all. I fully appreciate that a direct translation is next door to impossible, but if you think you can retain the feel and overall meaning of Inigo's crazy banter then drop me a note.

What's with his colour? It's not in keeping with lore, looooser!- V1.1 + V2.0

I'm afraid I won't be changing Inigo's colour or adding/allowing different options. It's part of who he is and a change would mean altering a lot of dialogue and neutering much of his character. Regarding him being
lore-friendly or not - I see it as a matter of perspective. Just because you haven’t bumped into a blue/purple Khajiit doesn’t mean they’re not out there. According to TES lore there are a few types of Khajiit that
haven’t been seen yet – I’m not saying he is or isn’t one of them; it’s just something to think about. Also life on Nirn is clearly subject to adaptation through mutation – evolution - making genetic anomalies/hiccups as likely as in life on Earth. I’ve never seen anyone in Skyrim with alopecia or a port-wine birthmark but if I did I wouldn’t say it went against lore. So lore isn’t really a problem. If on the other hand you just don’t like him because the colour of his fur, I’m afraid that’s your problem not his. You can always load up the CK and
change him there for your personal game (it'd only take you a moment) but I will never support the upload and sharing of a re-coloured Inigo. I will say this though, there is a reason he's that colour even if he
doesn't know what it is... yet.

Why can't I marry Inigo? Why is he stuck in that cell? Why?!!! - V1.1 + V2.0

When you or the game dismiss him, Inigo will always return to his cell. He has a key you can take so you don't have to re-pick the lock. Inigo is a character based follower who needs a level of internal consistency to work. I'm afraid at this stage (Inigo is far from finished) it wouldn't make sense in his overall story if he left his cell prematurely to move into your home permanently. Spend a bit of time with him, talk to him and you'll learn why. (Spoiler) This will not always be the case, but for now he is who he is where he is. Part of what makes him work in my opinion is that he isn't just another puppet for the player to control -He's a follower that's a friend, not a lackey, he's not going to marry you just because you want him to, he can’t change his colour any more than you can change yours, and being a steward would bring him no closer to redemption. If I were to budge on these points, Inigo would instantly become diluted and somehow less real; just another plaything
in a toy box full of playthings... more importantly it would screw up the character arc I have planned for his relationship with you the player. Whenever I get time I'll continue to expand Inigo's proverbial cell until, one day, he'll leave his literal cage behind in a way that makes sense, in a way that will hopefully mean a great deal more than an arbitrary command issued by the player. I know it's hard to understand -I'm the only one who really knows where this is all going after all - but in the long run Inigo and your experiences with him will mean a great deal more this way.

I lost him! He left me! Waaah! Where is he?! HELP!!! - V1.1 + V2.0

open console with ` key
type: help inigo 4
hit enter
note first 2 digits of the NPC_
type: prid xx008ae9 (replacing xx with the first 2 noted digits above)
hit enter
type: moveto player
hit enter
exit console with ` key

In V2.0 you get a handy map marker so you can keep track of Inigo, and later should you complete his mini quest, you get another more satisfying method of returning him to your side.


open console with ` key
type: help inigo 4
hit enter
note first 2 digits of the NPC_
type: player.additem xx02ecfe (replacing xx with the first 2 noted digits above)
hit enter
exit console with ` key

ID codes for other items in this mod:

Inigo the Brave: xx02ecfe
Inigo’s Journal: xx000d77
Inigo’s Ebony Bow: xx02cc68
Mr. Dragonfly: xx037537

Inigo probably won’t recognize a duplicate Mr Dragonfly when he's outside an inventory... so try
"moveto player" instead of "player.additem" first.

I can’t recruit/dismiss him!! WHY?! You've ruined my life!! - V1.1

Most recruiting/dismissing problems are caused by your load order. Try putting Inigo ABOVE your multi­follower mod (if you have one), and BELOW any other followers, or follower related mods you may have. Then take a few deep breathes, have a nice cup of tea, and calm down.




He keeps walking away while I sneak, I still can't dismiss him, etc.- V1.1

It sounds like you're using a multi-follower mod. Inigo seems to have a few issues with EFF and a lot of issues with UFO. INIGO V1.1b is now available under optional files and fixes many of the issues people have been having. Thank Vamyan for working out the fix.

A note you should read before downloading on the subject from Vamyan -

"Inigo 1.1b + Follower Compatibility + UFO 1.2i is working perfectly. Inigo 1.1 + UFO 1.2j,b15 should also be working perfectly."

Follower Compatibility by Vamyan is a fantastic mod that aims to maximizes compatibility between all the major follower/companion mods and the miscellaneous multi-follower mods available. If anyone is having trouble with their followers grab it HERE.

What multi-follower mods do you suggest?- V1.1

I personally find that Inigo works better as a character if it’s just the two of us, but other opinions are available.
Vamyan (Who's actually tested this stuff) recommends SMF or AFT for greatest compatibility. Links below:

Simple Multiple Followers

Amazing Follower Tweaks

If you’re having friendly fire problems, try the AFT optional file - AFT No Friendly Spell Damage.

Possible AFT outfit management issue

There may be a problem with AFT’s wardrobe management feature and Inigo, possibly because he has no default clothing of his own. Using the NPC reset in AFT on Inigo should be avoided if wardrobe management is turned on. One player reported that after prolonged use of this feature they began to get crashes. If anyone else has experienced this please let me know.

AFT outfit management problems? Here's a solution supplied by Glanzer:

Hello Inigo Users,

If you use AFT (Amazing Follower Tweaks) and have Inigo as a follower and happen to experience problems with outfit management (e.g. freezing when entering/exiting cities, or problems when using "give me all your gear" ) it's possible that Inigo's default outfit is causing the problem. As you know Inigo has no default outfit (he comes to you nude in his jail cell, remember?) and that might confuse AFT. This happened to me, and it prevented me from using outfit management on Inigo until I found the following FIX. I hope this is helpful for other Inigo users who experience problems with Inigo and his outfit:

1. Save the game.

2. Open all containers on the follower and manually remove all items from the follower. If removing an item actually causes the problem, then leave that item in the follower's inventory.

3. Open the console (by pressing `), target the follower, and enter "resetinventory". NOTE THAT YOU MAY LOSE ALL THEIR ITEMS THIS WAY. If you are worried about losing an important item and you can't remove it from them, use the "inv" command on them first to list their inventory items, then write down the item's id (in parenthesis after its name) so you can retrieve it via the console later if needed.

4. Close the console (by pressing ` again).

5. Ignore what the follower now seems to be wearing (it may not even be in their inventory). Also note that the follower should have their original items they had when you first met them. This means they may have an item and you may have the same item since you retrieved it from them. You can decide what to do with any extra items (drop/sell/use them, etc.).

6. Move the items back to the follower and test AFT's inventory features to make sure that whatever was previously wrong is now fixed.

These directions are only for those have AFT and who are experiencing a problem with Inigo that can't otherwise be fixed. Note that I had Inigo as a follower and I used AFT's outfit management (standard and city outfits) without any problems for a long time, so chances are you'll never have these problems. I also have Zora (from iNPCs), Janessa (stock follower), and Vilja (from Vilja mod) and AFT does a great job of handling this mix of followers.

A warning - Using any mod that makes Inigo randomly sandbox will effect many of the conditions that govern his dialogue and he'll occasionally say things that don't make sense.

Take my money, you moron!

Ok! OK! Donations have been enabled for those who want to contribute.
I continue to work on Inigo for the satisfaction creativity brings and never want players to feel obliged to pay me anything. On the other hand, I am a starving artist, so if anyone wants to throw a few Septims my way I'd be a fool to refuse.
Thank you to all those who wish to contribute. Also cheers to those who continue to support Inigo by spending time adventuring with him. I'm very grateful.

Endorsements from the Press

"I think Inigo is definitely the best follower we have ever showcased on Top 5 Skyrim Mods." - Gamespot

"Inigo is fantastic follower mod that we definitely recommend. We love the attention to detail and Inigo's sense of humour." - Brodual

"...overall he's a 10/10 follower who is sure to make you chuckle..." - LiveStyleGaming

Endorsements from the players

"I have found Inigo being very co-operative since I have 'released him'
and his dialogue very fitting at the most opportune times....there are
times indeed he has made me laugh out aloud. I still don't like
followers in Skyrim. But then Inigo isn't my follower...he is my
- breakwind

"This is the best follower i've ever seen in any game period. Even with the
limitations of Skyrim the sheer amount of detail and love put into this
character is astonishing."
- decx

"All I know is, Inigo is the best thing to happen to my Skyrim experience
since I first discovered Vilja and realized followers didn't have to be
mute and always clinging at my back."
- Vamyan

"I was just floored. I didn't even know Inigo would be aware of Meeko,
much less that he'd have dialogue just for him specifically to be said
when I'm NOT around to hear it! It really knocked my socks off."
- CaptainArbitrary

"Inigo is wrong. Kajiit don't look like that, talk like that, voice acting is
baaaaaaaad imo, and they normally funny to hang with. Indigo is not fun
he is a waste of time. Learn something before you ebarass yourself with
work like this!" - A Smelly Troll :)


Gary Hesketh (AKA Smartbluecat)

Everything that's not hard-core coding  -

character creation, art, voices, story, quests, dialogue, that kinda thing.


All the hard-core coding - the magic behind that spell, getting Inigo off vanilla, getting him on a horse, that kinda thing.

Shrikebot - he wrote some great horse code that Vamyan used as a partial reference for his own system.

(For battling through burnout and for always answering my inane questions with a straight face)

Eolhin (For her tact and thoughtfulness, and for being a steadfast troubleshooter extraordinaire)

Cdcooley (For being so supportive right from the start, and for offering up a seemingly endless serving of handy tips)

Monkeymakesbrain (For stepping in and saying what needed to be said on more than one occasion and for knowing more about Inigo than I do!)

Shrikebot and Anduniel (For letting us peek at their horse code  - Check out their work  Anduniel Companion and Anna NPCs)

Everyone who keeps coming back to talk and share their Inigo stories (For building a lovely little community around Inigo)

Bethesda (For making such amazing worlds and for allowing us to continue the adventure on our own)

And last but not least... Tiger Septim (You da man)