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6 custom-voiced followers with enhanced AI:
Riding, Set Home, Sandbox while following, Dismiss and Meet at (place), Marriage option
(with plans to later develop a unique romance path for EACH one!)

Anna NPCs Blog - character profiles, quest details, party banter, world edits, and open roles

Thanks to Sloth (dptheslothking, slothability) and Hodilton for these fantastic videos!

This is a CLEAN and SAFE mod. It contains no extra scripts and has been cleaned with TES5edit, contains ZERO errors. Will NOT cause CTD.

Skyrim latest version, Update -- that's it!

Featuring voice acting by Anna Castiglioni (voice of Anduniel, Kitiara, Aurora, Interesting NPCs, and more!)
Also voice acting by Michael Butchin and Jessica Osborne!
3,000+ lines of custom dialogue, commentary, songs, and banter!

If you like please remember to ENDORSE :)

What users are saying!

"Your work gets six stars out of five!! Love it all! Your characters are fantastic, your voice acting is better than any other... and your scripting and development work are top notch." ~ Jazzon

"I was smitten at the first sight of [Valyen], and then she spoke, and I was a goner. I'm sure that you are setting the standard and raising the bar for a whole new generation of followers and companions." ~ JFWest

"Nadina is a hoot as always but my character has been smitten by The Gypsy Zorya. Wow. She is beautiful and the dialogue is great fun. Thank you for hard work and dedication." ~ SgtJenz

"Nadina and Aduniel have been my trusted companions through months of tested gameplay, and I have not had a single problem... I really appreciate all of the hard work that you have put into your wonderful mod, I also really enjoy the custom scripts and side quests that come along with the companions, great voice work, her talent and songs are amazing!" ~ Cp365

"You do some top notch quality work in terms of modding & it clearly shows in-game too." ~ FF7Legend

"These 4 are my Goto-For follower mods now. Superb job on them and the voice acting is amazing if i might add." ~ Dannydlm


Darion Fleetfoot
Half-Elven ex-pirate, rogue, dual wield
Perks: Lightfoot, Bladesman, Armsman, Overdraw (all only basic stack), Silent Roll
Location: Solitude Winking Skeever

Nadina Fire-Heart
Trash-talking Redugard warrior, dual wield
Perks: Lightfoot, Armsman, Overdraw, Dual-Flurry (all only basic stack),
Location: Falkreath Dead Man's Drink
- (See Nadina standalone version here)
- NOTE! If you previously used Nadina Standalone, you must DISABLE that esp BEFORE installing this mod! You'd have 2 Nadinas, and they use some same scripts, which could cause problems!

Half-Elven Conjuration mage/ranger, also a healer
Spells: Bound sword, bound bow, several new unique conjuration spells of forest animals; healing, paralyze
SPECIAL: Valyen will HEAL you and other Followers (of this mod) in battle!
Perks: Lightfoot, Armsman, Overdraw, Stealth, Critical Shot, Ranger, Conjuration & Restoration reduction, Recovery, Respite
Set combat style between Mage and Ranger
Complete a short mini-quest to get her as a follower.
Location: hunter's camp, due west of Sunderstone Gorge, then the Temple of Kynnareth in Whiterun

Nord Gypsy spellsword & fire mage
Spells: Flames, Firebolt, Fireball, Flame Cloak, Healing, Oakflesh
Perks: Lightfoot, Bladesman, Armsman, Stealth (all only basic stack), Novice Destruction
Location: Ivarstead Vilemyr Inn

Sir Elyndra, Knight
Perks: Armsman, Overdraw, Barbarian, Shield Wall
Imperial-Elf, Knight, Warrior, 1-Hand Trainer
Location: Fort Greymoor interior

Teryn Meru
Dunmer, spellcaster extraordinaire
Spells: Fire, Frost, Shock
Perks: Lightfoot, Destruction reduction, Augmented Flames
Location: Windhelm New Gnisis Corner Club

Aries the Husky
Clearpine Pond
Adoptable. Set Home. To dismiss Aries, you must first set him in your home, vanilla or modded.

Follower AI and Special Features:
Standalone faces - contains all face & hair resources, NO mods required.
Vanilla body - Inherits body meshes/textures from your game, so uses whatever (if any) mods you have installed.
Following - Each follower runs on separate scripts, factions and packages from vanilla, so true conflict should be nonexistent.
Riding - Each followers comes with their own horse and will ride when asked or automatically when the Player rides.
Sandboxing - Followers will sandbox while following, just like Serana, as long as they are not in a hostile area.
Followers go anywhere with you -- even into the DB Sanctuaries, and Sovnguarde!
Set Home - while in any Player home, as long as it has the keyword "LocTypePlayerHouse", you can set the follower to live there.
Dismiss and Meet at (Place) - You can send them to meet you at any of the five main inns.
Special Favors - Nadina and Valyen have unique special favors on request.
Special Carry Bag - Followers can store items safely, in addition to regular trade.
Singing! - Followers sing little ditties and songs, including some duets!
No Helmets - Follower un-equip helmets when not in combat.
Party Camp - Inspired by Dragon Age Origins, where you can hang out, craft, sleep, cook, talk, CHILL.
Marriage - Currently set up vanilla-style and fully scripted for eager gamers.
Contains a fix for the vanilla marriage bug, making fiance stay until the ceremony is actually over.
See ReadMe for full details.

Azzadal's Tears Band:
Azura - Bosmer rogue
Crystal - Imperial, werewolf warrior
Jade - Altmer mage
Ruby - Dunmer, vampire, fire mage
Locations: a new shack in Whiterun, near Ysolda's house

Songs and Tunes:
Original Songs - written, composed & performed by Anna Castiglioni
A Glass of Golden Mead
The Fall of the Snow Elves
The Virtuous Thief
Skies of Skyrim
Starlight Chant
Fleetfoot the Sailor Man - Michael's Popeye knock-off
Port Telvannish Chanty - written & performed by Michael Butchin, to Irish song "Riding on a Donkey"
Sailor on the Dock - Michael Butchin
The Sea Hawk - written by Anna, performed by Michael, to Irish song "The Irish Rover"
See ReadMe for full song list.

Approval System:
Followers react to how you treat them, and their approval will increase or decrease based on how you reply. Giving them gifts will also raise approval. A high approval opens the path to friendship and possible romance and marriage. See ReadMe for further details.

Party Banter:
If the followers are near each other, they can have random conversations, 50 total! Banter scenes were largely inspired by Dragon Age games, so if you're also a huge fan like me, I'm sure you'll notice where that influence is.
You can find a list of all Banter scenes on the Blog: Party Banter.
Anduniel Banter:
If you have my Anduniel Companion, this mod INCLUDES banter with her! A script will detect if Anduniel is installed, and if so, will fire the banter.

Quest Conversations:
See ReadMe for full list


Followers don't follow. Why?
Yes they do. They sandbox while following, rather than stay rightnexttoyou the whole time. If you leave the inn, they will appear next to you.
Followers / band members don't sing when I ask them. It's broken.
No, it is -not- broken. This is a very frustrating game glitch.  To fix, hit "Esc" or "Space" key before Follower finishes replying, and the song will work.  Works nearly EVERY time.
I took my follower to Solsteim/Faalskar/other world space, and they don't ride. Why?
Followers are only set to ride outdoors in Tamriel (which also means not in cities). Allowing riding in other world spaces would require making the mod dependent on those DLCs/mods, which I won't do b/c not everyone has them.
I dismissed my follower and told them to meet me at (inn) but they just stood there.
Make sure you're not using a mod that alters certain markers, or navmeshes, in vanilla inns and homes, as they might disrupt follower AI. I use these markers for dismissal, and if the navmesh is not valid (anywhere along the path to the inn) the follower won't know where to go, so it looks like AI isn't working when it really is. Try leading them a bit closer to the inn and dismiss them again. If they start walking away then it was the navmesh.
Can I use (Follower)'s armor?
The armor set Nadina is wearing in game is not playable, but I have posted this as a separate mod, called Nadina's Linda Armor.
As of 1.2, Darion's armor is playable for both males and females. He carries an extra set in his inventory for you to take if you want.
Why does Nadina's blade look like that?
Shrike created the messer at my request, and both of us tried to make a nice, realistic, shiny metal texture, but we couldn't get it right. I posted on mod forums asking for help but received literally no answers. If you know how to texture blades, feel free and please let us know!
How do I make the Followers wear stuff I give them?
Normally Followers automatically equip the highest stat armor in their inventory, but Darion and Nadina start with their own special predefined outfits, so they might just "keep them on" despite equipping stuff over them.
To solve this, I have added a simple wardrobe management setup. While they are following, you can tell them to 1) Wear something casual, 2) Unequip everything, so you can give them something of your choosing, or 3) Wear their own default outfit. When doing #3, you might need to take back any armor you gave them, because if its stats are higher than their default outfit they will equip it again on changing location. That's basic game mechanics.
I added a video in the Videos tab showing this process with Darion. The same works for Nadina.
I'm having trouble with (Quest). Help!
Quests work just fine when tested on a clean game. See Bug Reporting further down.
If you have glitching, see the Blog: Quests.
Your characters are ugly!
Feel free to EFF OFF and get lost from my mod page. If that's how you feel, fine, but flaming is NOT tolerated and will be REPORTED and DELETED.
It's really sad that I'm forced to say that.
Your voice acting is terrible!
See answer to previous Q. When you get a degree in voice acting, or equivalent experience, THEN you can coach me. I take criticism quite well provided it is constructive or objective (preferably both). There is a big difference between that and blanket hate speech, for which I've finally just reached my limit.

Compatibility, Load Order, Conflicts:
- Must be loaded AFTER any other mod that directly alters the vanilla wedding and MarriageFin quests.
- Designed to work seamlessly alongside follower enhancement mods (AFT, UFO, EFF).
This only means followers will NOT be affected by just running these mods, but nor will they conflict. They just ignore each other. Attempting to use spells/powers that come with these mods on my followers is NOT ADVISED, as it could disrupt followers' AI. USE THEM AT YOUR OWN RISK. Further details, see ReadMe.
- Might conflict with any mod that alters Whiten space near Ysolda's house, see ReadMe.
- Also see my World Edits page on Blog

Bug Reporting and Troubleshooting:
- When reporting bugs, give as much detail as possible, including but not limited to:
1) If relevant, whether you use follower enhancement mods (or I will automatically assume you are and that is the problem -- I can't count how many times someone reported a "bug" with one of my mods only to find on further questioning it was caused by conflict with or misuse of AFT/UFO).
2) What you have ALREADY tried to resolve it, including but not limited to Waiting, Fast-Travel, reloading, and testing on a new game (coc directly from load screen).
3) If relevant, any house or inn mods you use which might alter static markers, which could disrupt follower AI if they have been moved, or worse, RE-moved.
4) If you can include a screenshot submission that is very helpful.
Note: Vague comments like "It doesn't work" will simply be ignored and removed. These are very annoying and only tell me you didn't bother to read. I promise it DOES work.

Future Plans:
More characterization, more commentary, including a unique romance and marriage path for EACH follower. I add quests only as a matter of 1) something I just thought of, and 2) it's not a huge pain-in-the-kiester to make papyrus cooperate.

Video by Cornmango (4:03) and Skytts (6:35)

Permissions & Legality:
- Do not use any assets, or upload to any other site, without my permission. Please, just ask.
- Contains assets from other modders, so you need their permission for specific assets.
- You may create patches for follower enhancement mods (UFO, AFT, EFF, etc.), as long as you credit me and link to this mod.
- Characters created herein are copyright Anna Castiglioni 2014 and may not be re-used without my express permission. Again, just ask :)

Voice Actors:
Michael Butchin - Darion, Teryn, Spies (Twin Suns Rise)
Jessica Osborne - Crystal the drummer, Azzadal's Tears
Jay33721 - Reverend (Twin Suns Rise)
Euther Pendragon - Sir Hensel (Twin Suns Rise)
Nouserhere - Ear Models for Modders
Apachii - beautiful Apachii Skyhair
Cazy & Zzjay - Cazy Hair
Nevenbridges81 - Natural Eyes mod
Gabriel Mailhot/LogRaam - Eyes of Beauty
Chanon - Younger Females face mod
Dretmo - Luscious Female Faces
Madcat221 - Freckles (Elyndra)
Aenkill - gorgeous Husky skin from Husky Followers (Aries)
MissObsidienne - Elaborate Textiles (Zorya's hi-res wench dress, I colored it green)
Brokefoot - Bandanas of Skyrim (Darion, I colored it a deeper blue)
Tktk1 - Enhanced Character Edit
Stroti & Tamira - Cathedral interior and organ from Castle Resources
Special Thanks!
Shrikebot - special AI features and cool scripts
Shrikebot again! - Special Linda Armor, worn by Nadina, and Messer knife
See Anduniel Companion for more of our work!
Fur Collar is from vanilla Skyrim, made available by SydneyB, author of Ashara Prince of the Woods Armor
Dragon Age games for loads of inspiration on character development
Eyewitness DK book: pirate lore, not to mention the lovable Jack Sparrow for some great lines!

My other mods:

I have also just published a Tutorial on Adding Voiced Files.

These and many more are also on my Steam Workshop!

My other Voice Work:
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Arweden - Altmer Companion by ScannerLegend
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Maids II - Deception - Kalisa
Inconsequential NPCs - Altmer student at College of Winterhold
Interesting NPCs - Joselyn (adult), Amalee, Gwyvane, Isobel, Tikrid, Anja, Henna & Frenna, Aldi & Camaron, Lagdu, Morndas, (Info),
Bette & Renni (Birds of a Feather video, at 6:30), Erwen
For Whom the Drum Beats (WIP) - Jenna, Samira, Jasmina
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