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Allows INIGO to recognize the player's marriage to M'rissi in his performance review

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A patch that allows Inigo to recognize that the player is married to M'rissi in his performance review.

With this patch installed Inigo will recognize marriages to M'rissi or any NPC that uses the vanilla marriage quest.
This patch does not edit any of Inigo's dialogue, it only changes the dialogue conditions to add M'rissi's custom marriage quest as a trigger
in addition to the vanilla 'Temple of Mara' quest.


Install the plugin using your mod manager or manually.


Use your mod manager


Delete 'InigoMarriageDialogueMrissi.esp' from <Skyrim>\Data

Load Order

This patch must be placed below the files provided by INIGO and M'rissi's Tails of Troubles.


This patch will be incompatible with any translations of INIGO or INIGO marriage dialogue patches for other follower mods.
These files override the same dialogue branches as this patch.


Gary Hesketh (AKA Smartbluecat) for INIGO, used with permission.
KreaQ for
M'rissi's Tails of Troubles, used with permission.