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Heart Breaker - A Killmove Mod gives you the ability to go all Temple of Doom on your enemies just before they die. If your enemy is injured enough to fall to one knee (i.e. Bleed Out), you will be able to press your activation button (Default "E") to rip out his/her Heart. A Heart, based on the race of your enemy, will then be added to your inventory. Any Hearts that match the Heart you ripped out will be removed from the NPC's inventory. (e.g. If you rip out the Heart of a Daedra, then you will no longer find a Daedra Heart on the corpse.) Dragonborn DLC Required.

Recent Changes
Version 3.1
- New MCM Toggle Draw Weapons. If your weapons are drawn at the beginning of the killmove they will be automatically drawn at the end.
- Heart support for Ghost NPCs. Ectoplasm will be added to your inventory instead of normal hearts.
- Ghosts will no longer explode regardless of the Explosive Heart Breaker setting.
- Changed Explosive Heart Breaker explosion visuals.
- Added in a Z-Position check so that the killmove can't be activated if you are too far above or below an NPC. This should help keep the killmove from triggering without playing the animation. This problem is not completely gone, but it should be lessened.
- Scripting changes to help alleviate Heart-Stuck-In-Hand bug caused by having a script heavy mod list.

Things You Should Know
1. The Heart Ripping animation is from the Dragonborn DLC; this mod uses that animation, which is why it is required.

2. If an NPC is too close to a wall, or has weird positioning relative to you, it is possible that the animation will play, but you will rip the Heart out of thin air. This is also a problem with normal killmoves and there's nothing I can do about it.

3. There is a rare issue that happens when you activate the killmove where the camera forces you into third person, no animation plays and the NPC doesn't die. Like #2, this usually happens because of weird positioning. If you reposition yourself and try again, it should work properly.

4. When you kill Normal NPCs or Normal Essential NPCs with Explosive Heart Breaker enabled, you will be able to loot a gore pile for their items. Special Essential NPCs explode slightly faster, even with Explosive Heart Breaker disabled, and leave behind a blood soaked satchel filled with their gear.

5. The new Spell Power adds a magic effect to enemies and forces them into the BleedingOut animation, however, the animation may get interrupted, if that happens you can still activate the kill move on the NPC since the activation is based on the NPC having the magic effect, not actually being in the animation.

6. Punching an NPC when you have the Spell Power applied will do nothing, you must use a weapon.

7. SkyUI and SKSE are required for the MCM to work; however, Heart Breaker will still work for you even if you aren't using them. To toggle features On/Off, use the following console commands:
Set HB_ModActive to # (Default: 1)
Set HB_EssentialKills to # (Default: 0)
Set HB_DialogueMenu to # (Default: 1)
Set HB_Hearts to # (Default:3)(Off: 0, Vanilla: 1, Custom: 2, All On: 3)
Set HB_ShieldRemove to # (Default: 1)
Set HB_ExplosivePercent to # (Default: 0)(0-100)
Set HB_Disarm to # (Default: 1)
Set HB_DrawWeapons to # (Default: 1)
Set HB_FirstPersonMSG to # (Default: 1)(Off: 0, Third: 1, First: 2)
Set HB_MagicArmVar to # (Default: 0)(Off: 0, Light Glow: 1, Light Glow 2: 2, Heavy Glow: 3, Heavy Glow 2: 4)
0 is Off and 1 is On.
NOTE: In order to add the Spell Power, you must type help "Heart Breaker" into the console, get the ID, and add it by typing Player.AddSpell ######## into the console, replacing the # with the ID you got using the previous command.

Compatible Mods
VioLens - A Killmove Mod
The Dance of Death - A Killmove Mod
Better Vampires (If using Force Feeding, turn Dialogue Menus on.)

Incompatible Mods
Mods that makes you use the activate button on NPCs that are down on one knee (i.e. Bleeding Out).
Mods that edit behavior files may cause the issue described in #3 of the Things You Should Know section to happen every time you try and execute the killmove.

Use Mod Organizer, Nexus Mod Manager, or extract the .7z file and place the Meshes folder, Textures folder, Scripts folder, Sound folder, and the HeartBreaker.esp into your Skyrim\Data folder. Enable the HeartBreaker.esp in the Skyrim Launcher under the Data Files section. You should overwrite all files when updating.

Uninstalling/Clean Save
1. Deactivate the mod in the MCM.
2. Save your game. (Normal, not quick or auto.)
3. Remove the following:
- HeartBreaker.esp
- HeartBreaker Folder
- HeartBreaker Folder
- HeartBreaker Folder
- HB_AAMainQuestScript.pex
- HB_ConfigMenu.pex
- HB_BleedOutScript.pex
- HB_SpellPowerScript.pex
- PRKF_HB_HeartRipPerk.pex
- QF_HB_MainQuest_0300F1EE.pex

- HB_AAMainQuestScript.psc
- HB_ConfigMenu.psc
- HB_BleedOutScript.psc
- HB_SpellPowerScript.psc
- PRKF_HB_HeartRipPerk.psc
- QF_HB_MainQuest_0300F1EE.psc

4. Load save from Step 2.
Stop here if uninstalling, if not...continue.
5. Save again. (Normal, not quick or auto.)
6. Install the new version you downloaded.
7. Load save from Step 5.
8. Play.

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