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This is a collection of patches to integrate Kryptopyr's excellent Complete Alchemy and Cooking Overhaul with specific other mods.

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While intending to create a new character with a new mod setup I've been spending many weeks making sure my mods are compatible and consistent with each other. I plan to use Kryptopyr's Complete Alchemy and Cooking Overhaul, and to do so I made myself patches for several mods that I found still needed them. I've decided to start my modding contributions by sharing all such patches I have been granted permission to upload. As of now, my patches include:

Heart Breaker - A Killmove Mod - replaces the Elf heart from that mod with CACO's and adds unique effects that are consistent with CACO to the other new hearts. Adds unique textures to each heart. Optionally includes a fix so that you cannot get two hearts from Humans and Elves, one from Heart Breaker and one from harvesting with the Anatomist Perk.

Improved Artifacts Collection - replaces all ingredients also featured in CACO with CACO's version. Brings the effects of the only unique ingredient, the Spriggan Heart, in line with CACO, and gives it a simple retexture to distinguish it from Briar Hearts. Should make it so that you can only extract Spriggan sap from Spriggans using CACO's method.

Vigor - Combat and Injuries - integrates CACO and Vigor's bandages into one hopefully seamless system. CACO's clean bandages can be applied to stop bleeding, with or without a poultice. A new poultice to cure Vigor's trauma effects can be applied to CACO's bandages. As no bandages are available for the torso, a unique potion is instead used to cure torso trauma. This patch replaces Vigor's poultice and bandage recipes and will conflict with any mod modifying them. Make sure my patch is loaded after any such mods. In addition, CACO's bandages can now be applied to the feet and torso. As this requires a different script than CACO's own bandage application script, you may need to remove then put back all bandages in your inventory when updating for the script to trigger. This is the most extensive patch. I have tested it briefly and looked over it thoroughly, and all seems to work as intended, but please let me know if you encounter anything unexpected in the course of your play. If you desire a simpler method of integrating these mods, try Extra CACO Compatibility Patches by spacegorilla1.

Note: Regarding the optional file Improved Enchantment and Alchemy Effects.esp, I do not see any way to resolve the conflicts with CACO, except for perhaps including the effects from both mods. However I think this would be unbalanced and maybe defeat the purpose of the changes made by the mods. For now, I strongly recommend loading Improved Enchantments and Alchemy Effects.esp before Complete Alchemy & Cooking Overhaul.esp, or leave it disabled, for CACO to work properly.

ClothingCraft - adds Wiseman303's Flora Fixes to the Northern Flax plant and brings the ingredient's effects in line with CACO. Adds water as a requirement for dye recipes and replaces spider eggs with CACO's spider silk in the silk recipes. Bandages can be crafted from two like pieces of cloth at a tanning rack or sewing basket, or from three pieces using Campfire's Survival skill. A bowl of Flax Seeds can be extracted from 8 Northern Flax at a tanning rack (couldn't think of any place that made sense) or again with Campfire's Survival skill (recommended). Also renames the vanilla head and arm bandages, which are craftable in ClothingCraft, to "Head Wrappings" and "Arm Wrappings" to distinguish them from CACO and Vigor's healing bandages. Optionally be able to grow Northern Flax in Hearthfire planters.

Solstheim - The Lost Levels - Replaces any ingredients also featured in CACO with CACO's version, and brings the rest in line with CACO. Fully integrates some ingredients from CACO that were not finished. Adds Flora Fixes to the new flora. Grahls will now drop Grahl eyes and troll meat. As some of these ingredients from CACO seem to not have been given meshes, I assigned them the meshes from this mod. I will remove that change if CACO is updated with meshes for them.

Gehenoth - Replacer plugin, let it overwrite the original Gehenoth.esp. Makes Gehenoth Eyes and Gehenoth Claws consistent with CACO. More than one of each ingredient can be gathered from each Gehenoth, and Gehenoth Eyes now require the Anatomist perk to harvest.

Cutting Room Floor
- Tiny patch that just changes the Frost River Mead added by Cutting Room Floor to fit in with CACO.

Konahriks Accoutrements - changes Dragon Priest ashes to be consistent with CACO and optionally MorrowLoot Ultimate. Replaces uses of vanilla Heartscales with CACO Heartscales. Load after my equipment patch for Konahriks Accoutrements if you use that. Automatically changes some recipes to fit better with Complete Crafting Overhaul Remade if it is installed.

Interesting NPCs - makes effects of added food and ingredients consistent with CACO. Makes some tweaks to related items such as empty bottles added by the mod. Adds some recipes unlocked after completing the relevant quests. Changes some quests, dialog, etc to better reference CACO's ingredients. Load after my equipment patch for Interesting NPCs if you use that.

This is the first mod I'm uploading to the Nexus. I hope it all works smoothly. Please let me know if you find any errors and I will do my best to correct them. Also let me know if there any other patches for CACO or ClothingCraft you would like to see made. Provided it isn't too complex or time-consuming, and that I can get the necessary permissions, I will probably be up for it.


Kryptopyr for Complete Alchemy and Cooking Overhaul and Complete Crafting Overhaul Remade
Wiseman303 for Wiseman303's Flora Fixes
Sharlikran, ElminsterAU and others for TES5Edit
matortheeternal for Automation Tools for TES5Edit
gandaganza for The Master Guide to FOMOD Installers
lRekol for Heart Breaker - A Killmove Mod
Zimmermjaz for Improved Artifacts Collection
Alex9ndre for Vigor - Combat and Injuries
DrMonops for ClothingCraft
ionis and ThingyPerson for Solstheim - The Lost Levels
viltuska for Gehenoth
Excinerus for bandage and poultice textures
Arthmoor for Cutting Room Floor
edhelsereg for Konahriks Accoutrements - Dragon Priest Armory
chocolatenoodle for MorrowLoot Ultimate
Pananacakes for help with scripting
kristakahashi for Interesting NPCs
Oaristys and Tonynarko67 for Modder's Resource Pack