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Black Mage Armor is a standalone armor mod that includes Cloth, Light, and Heavy armor sets that are all craftable, enchantable, and upgradable; all sets can be used by every race, male or female.

College Set, Mantled Set, Archmage Set, 2 circlets, and the Black Mage Mask which can be worn with any of the hoods or helmets.
Found under the Misc section at the forge.

College Set, Mantled Set, Archmage Set, Steel Set, Steel Archmage Set, Ebony Set, and Ebony Archmage Set.
Found under the Leather, Steel, and Ebony sections at the forge.

Steel Set, Steel Archmage Set, Ebony Set, and Ebony Archmage Set.
Found under the Steel and Ebony sections at the forge.

Perk Bonuses
 Some sets will benefit from perks you have acquired such as Mage Armor, Matching Set, or Well Fitted.

Optional Smithing Requirements
Cloth will be available for crafting right away, but in order to craft Light and Heavy versions you must either obtain the required smithing perks or craft a Black Mage Focusing Gem at the forge. If you decide not to use the Focusing Gem, then you will be required to obtain Steel Smithing, Advanced Armor Smithing, and Glass Smithing for the Light Armors and Orcish Smithing and Ebony Smithing for the Heavy Armors.

Archmage Requirements
Black Archmage versions of the armor will become available for you to craft as soon as you've become the Archmage of Winterhold. Pre-echanted versions of the Black Archmage Armor can be obtained from a locked chest in the Archmage's Quarters, the key required to open it is the same key given to you when you become Archmage.

Use Mod Organizer, the Nexus Mod Manager, or extract the .7z file and place the Black Mage Armor.bsa and the Black Mage Armor.esp into your Skyrim\Data folder. Enable the Black Mage Armor.esp in the Skyrim Launcher under the Data Files section. You should overwrite all files when updating.

Remove the following:
- Black Mage Armor.esp
- Black Mage Armor.bsa
- BlackMage Folder
- BlackMage Folder
- QF_BlackMageFocusingGemQuest_010105DC.pex (3.1 Only)
- BlackMageStartup.pex (3.2 Only)
- QF_BlackMageFocusingGemQuest_010105DC.psc (3.1 Only)
- BlackMageStartup.psc (3.2 Only)

Q1: Why does my beard clip through my mask?

A1: Your beard clips through your mask because there is no way to disable it when your mask is equipped. You'll notice that instead of fixing this problem for the Shrouded Cowl, Bethesda simply removed the mask part


Q2: Can you add different colors?

A2: Nope, Black Mage Armor will never have different colors.


Q3: Can I just add the armor to my inventory?

A3: To add any piece of armor to your inventory: open the console with ~, type Help "Black Mage" or Help "Black Archmage" to get the ItemID, type Player.AddItem ItemID 1 to add it. Any word can be added inside the quotation marks to refine your search and you can scroll through any results with Page Up/Page Down.


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