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Black Mage Armor is a standalone armor mod that includes Cloth, Light, and Heavy armor sets that are all craftable, enchantable, and upgradable; all sets can be used by males, females, and beast races. You will find that Cloth versions of the armor will be available for crafting right away, but in order to craft Light and Heavy versions you must either obtain the required smithing perks or craft a Black Mage Focusing Gem at the forge. If you decide not to use the Focusing Gem, then you will be required to obtain Steel Smithing, Advanced Armor Smithing, and Glass Smithing for the Light Armors and Orcish Smithing and Ebony Smithing for the Heavy Armors. Black Archmage versions of the armor will become available for you to craft as soon as you've become the Archmage of Winterhold. Pre-echanted versions of the Black Archmage Armor can be obtained from a locked chest in the Archmage's Quarters, the key is given to you when you become Archmage. The mask you see in any screenshots is the Black Mage Mask; it is a standalone cloth piece with no stats that may be worn with any of the helmets or hoods. It can be found with the rest of the Cloth versions of the armor under the Misc section at the forge. Light and Heavy armors will usually be found under the Leather, Steel, and Ebony sections at the forge.

Recent Changes
Version 3.2
- Renamed version Final to version 3.1, yay!
- Removed Black Mage Focusing Gem from automatically being added to in the inventory and instead made it craftable.
- Changed the functionality of the Black Mage Focusing Gem, it now acts as an override for any smithing perk requirements if you do not wish to meet them. It can be crafted with an empty common soul gem.
- Cloth versions of the armor are now available under the Misc section of the forge right away.
- Light Armor versions now require either the Black Mage Focusing Gem or Steel Smithing/Advanced Armor Smithing/Glass Smithing to craft.
- Heavy Armor versions now require either the Black Mage Focusing Gem or Orcish Smithing/Ebony Smithing to craft.
- Light Armor Steel Plate and Ebony will now gain the Matching Set perk bonus.
- Added a new Cloth Circlet with a special texture for the Archmage version.
- Added new Cloth and Light College Robes and Boots, as well as a Hooded Scarf and Armwraps.
- Implemented uncompressed textures into main file because compressed quality has been terrible for a while. Should have very little to no impact on performance.
- Renamed things again due to me not liking the previous naming conventions done by past me. This is the last time...Probably.

Things You Should Know
1. If you have a beard, it will clip through your mask. Not possible to fix this conventionally through the CK. Might be possible to fix with SKSE and scripts?

2. Black Mage Armor will never have different colors. If I were to make more colors I would make a completely new mod.

3. To add any piece of armor to your inventory: open the console with ~, type Help "Black Mage" or Help "Black Archmage" to get the ItemID, type Player.AddItem ItemID 1 to add it. Any word can be added inside the quotation marks to refine your search and you can scroll through any results with Page Up/Page Down.

4. I thought the last one was the Final Version, but I saw some problems with the Focusing Gem and Matching Set perks not working and I wanted to fix them. I also decided I wanted to add more stuff!

Use Mod Organizer, the Nexus Mod Manager, or extract the .7z file and place the Black Mage Armor.bsa and the Black Mage Armor.esp into your Skyrim\Data folder. Enable the Black Mage Armor.esp in the Skyrim Launcher under the Data Files section. You should overwrite all files when updating.

Remove the following:
- Black Mage Armor.esp
- Black Mage Armor.bsa
- BlackMage Folder
- BlackMage Folder
- QF_BlackMageFocusingGemQuest_010105DC.pex (3.1 Only)
- BlackMageStartup.pex (3.2 Only)
- QF_BlackMageFocusingGemQuest_010105DC.psc (3.1 Only)
- BlackMageStartup.psc (3.2 Only)

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Mods Used In Screenshots
Main Font Replacement - Fertigo Pro
YY Anim Replacer - Mystic Knight
Bandolier - Bags and Pouches
Bijin Warmaidens
RealVision ENB

Female Circlet Meshes/Original Textures - Kafeis/zzjay: KDCirclets Redone
Hood Mesh/Mask Mesh - AmethystDeceiver: The Black Sacrament
Robed Steel Plate Mesh - Madcat221: Robed Steel Plate Armor