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Last updated at 14:18, 19 Apr 2015 Uploaded at 11:58, 29 Nov 2012


  • Effects should work on NPCs and creatures again.
  • Soggy Feet now also produces splash particles at the feet.
  • Added option to affect only followers with Rain/Cold/Ash Gear.
  • Reanimated actors should no longer be affected by the Gear and cold breath features.
  • Not all Stormcloaks/Imperials were excluded from Survival Gear. This has been corrected.
  • Renamed Xvision Children Hat Meshes option to Modded Children Hat Meshes as they can be used for any child overhaul mod including RS Children Overhaul.
  • Further optimized scripting.


Required: Skyrim

Addon: Wet and Cold - Ashes
Provides Wet and Cold support for Dragonborn and adds various ash related effects that make use of Wet and Cold's core scripts.
Addon: Wet and Cold - Holidays
Goes beyond the scope of Wet and Cold and extends features to provide holiday cheer throughout Skyrim.

Optional: SKSE 1.6.5+
SKSE is only needed for the equipment features to work. 1.6.6+ is required for SkyUI's MCM.
Optional: Frostfall - Hypothermia Camping Survival 2.0+
Traveling NPCs may be equipped with random craftable items from Frostfall as part of Survival Gear. SKSE is not needed.
Optional: iNeed - Food Water and Sleep
Food spoilage rates are reduced in the cold and traveling NPCs may be equipped with waterskins, which allows for purchasing of (expensive) refills. SKSE is not needed.
Optional: Winter Is Coming - Cloaks
If any of the main plugins are installed, fur cloaks will be equipped by NPCs as part of Cold Gear. Armored NPCs may also wear armored fur hoods. [SKSE]
Optional: Cloaks of Skyrim
If any of the main plugins are installed, NPCs have a chance of equipping hide or linen cloaks as part of Rain Gear. [SKSE]


  • If using Frostfall 2.0+, the player's drip effects from my mod will be automatically disabled.
  • If using Get Snowy, the snowy effects from my mod will automatically be disabled.
  • If using Convenient Horses, your followers' horses will not drip water or have any breaths unless you use console command "setghost 0" on each of them.
  • No vanilla records are modified except for sound descriptors AMBrWindMountainGustA and B.
  • Everything in this mod is applied dynamically so it should work with any NPC in any location (DLC, new lands, new villages, etc) except the cold features. While the cold features are also applied dynamically, mods or DLCs with new regions or creatures may need to be supported manually.
  • Cold effects support for Dawnguard, Dragonborn (requires Wet and Cold - Ashes) and Wyrmstooth creatures and locations.


Dynamic wet and cold related effects. All features related to the visual effects apply to all actors unless otherwise stated. Some features require SKSE to function. Easy to follow installation instructions for SKSE can be found here or here.

  • Enable/disable features for the player and actors from your magic "Wet and Cold Icicle". You can also place it anywhere for decoration. This not a quest item so if you lose it you can craft a new one at a smelter with 1 ice wraith teeth. The icicle, if held by an NPC, will disable ALL equipment-related features for that particular NPC (similar to the Wet, Cold and Ashen Snowberries).
  • If SkyUI 3.0+ and SKSE 1.6.6+ are installed you will not be given the icicle automatically. Instead you will have access to the options through the MCM. Don't like SkyUI? Install SkyUI-Away as well.

Wet Drips:
Water dynamically drips from body parts during rain and after swimming. Drips from the rain will stop if you or an actor are under some sort of ledge or cover and sound effects will play after swimming.

Soggy Feet:
A light splash sound effect and splash particles play from each footstep when it's raining and for 10 seconds after swimming. Does not work on creatures.

Steam rises from they body after swimming in warm regions. This feature is disabled by default.

Rain Blind:
Rain drops will blind you periodically while looking up.

Go Home:
Civilian NPCs will return to their homes once it starts raining. Adults will walk briskly. Children will run. Argonians, beggars and working class NPCs will remain outdoors. If an NPC doesn't live nearby he/she will go to the inn.

Rain Gear: [SKSE]
All NPCs except Argonians and beggars will equip hoods during rain if their slots are free. Civilian NPCs in cities have a chance of equipping umbrellas in place of hoods (disabled by default). If Rain Gear is enabled for followers and you'd like an individual follower to opt out, create a "Wet Snowberry" at a cooking pot from regular snowberries and give one to that follower.

Cold Breaths:
Breathe out visible moisture from the nose and mouth in frigid regions (snowy/coastal) and less visible moisture in the tundra/marsh regions at night. Breaths from the nose appear in steady intervals while breaths from the mouth become visible while talking (NPCs only), running, sprinting or fighting. Creatures currently supported: giants, horses, dogs, wolves, bears, (Vale) sabrecats, falmer, werewolves, trolls, dragons, cows, hagravens, lurkers, boars and rieklings. Breaths will not appear if the actor is close to a heat source or if the actor is a vampire.

Snow will accumulate on hair and armor during snow fall. This effect will also appear over the whole body after swimming in a cold region. Moving near a heat source will cause the snow to melt away--even on dead bodies. A vampire's skin will be affected by the snowy/ice buildup.

Strong Winds:
If caught in a blizzard (weather classification: snowy and wind speed > 0.5) you and all nearby NPCs will receive a 15% reduction in movement speed if out in the open. Wind sound volume has also been increased during a blizzard and in mountainous regions.

Blizzard Blind:
Snow will blind you periodically during a blizzard. Keep your face down or move under a shelter to avoid. This feature is disabled by default for the player. NPCs are blinded making it more difficult for them to detect targets.

Go Home:
Most civilian NPCs will walk briskly to their homes when a blizzard starts. If an NPC doesn't live nearby he/she will go to the inn.

Cold Gear: [SKSE]
All NPCs except beggars will equip fur hoods and gloves in cold regions if their slots are free. If Wet and Cold - Ashes is installed, they may also equip face covers. Equip chance of face covers changes based on the time of day, weather conditions and if the NPC is a traveler. Due to their incredible resistance to the cold, Nords are more likely to equip their Cold Gear at night. NPCs will auto unequip WIC fur cloaks while sitting and reequip after standing up. This is to prevent the horrible clipping that was hurting my eyes. Note: Using a crafting station is sometimes considered "sitting" by the game. If Cold Gear is enabled for followers and you'd like an individual follower to opt out, create a "Cold Snowberry" at a cooking pot from regular snowberries and give one to that follower.

Survival Gear: [SKSE]
All NPCs except followers will have backpacks equipped and sometimes snowshoes while traveling outside of villages and cities. Fur backpacks are more likely to be equipped in the colder regions than leather backpacks. Leather backpacks will auto-adjust to fur cloaks to prevent clipping upon unequipping/equipping a bag. This feature will not work on NPCs with fur cloaks distributed through leveled lists.

Recommended Mods:


Click here.


Manual installers drop the files into your Data folder. NMM/BAIN: download the main file and add to your respective programs.


This mod automatically refreshes itself with each revision. Just make a save indoors then remove the previous version and install the new version.


Make a save in an interior location with no effects playing and then remove all installed files.

Mod Authors:

  • Cold regions in new lands should be defined by specific Locations/Weathers if not the entire WorldSpace. I can then add support through an update.
  • New villages/cities must have the location defined by keyword LocTypeHabitation for the go home features to work.
  • New civilian NPCs must have an interior editor location or they will just sandbox outside when it rains/blizzards. However, NPCs with an editor location outside of town will go to an inn provided it has the keyword LocTypeInn.
  • New potential followers must be added to the CurrentFollowerFaction or PlayerBedOwnership factions when they become a follower or this mod's NPC behavior changes will also affect them.
  • Weathers should have their blizzards defined by a wind speed > 0.5 or this mod will not detect them.
  • Travelers are NPCs that are not located in LocTypeHabitation among many other variables. A full list can be seen by opening up the _WetCloakAttachBPScript magic effect and looking at the target conditions.


  • You have my permission to translate this mod and upload it to the Nexus or non-English sites. Just send me a link.
  • Text errors in the MCM can be corrected here for future releases.
  • If your language is not natively supported by Skyrim but you still want a translated MCM, you can make changes to wetandcold_english.txt in interfacetranslations after extracting the bsa.


SparrowPrince for his original Get Wet implementation.
verteiron for the list of dialogue animation events.
trebtreb for information regarding possible snowy shader issues.
lorelai2009 for her fur cloaks.
Chesko just for his outstanding work on Frostfall.
Omesean for his snowshoes: Aesir Armor.
seanbonaker for his umbrellas: Umbrella.
drsoupiii for his knapsacks: Knapsack Backpacks.
Northborn for his fur hoods: Fur Hoods HD.
frankdema for his leather backpacks: FrankDema Travel Backpack.
TreasureChest, OG-Jay, tumbajamba, DVAted and Targaryen for their fur backpacks: Sabre Gear Backpack.
Arthmoor for his work on Run For Your Lives.
xlwarrior for help with Spanish localization.
Slavovitsh for help with German localization.
starfis for help with Czech localization.
JackLaVaporiera for help with Italian localization.
nakadi5963 for help with Japanese localization.
raphou112 for help with French localization.
Everyone else who has provided feedback and helped with the localization.