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Remove glow from your enchanted armor and jewelry. Now with no glow for Frostfall wet effect.

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Good news for all Frostfall and Wet&Cold users, who like dripping effect, but hate how body glows while your character is wet. New version removes body glow, while keeps dripping effect intact.

Hate how your enchanted armor glow? Hate to see how ugly it looks when you rest inside of your tent (Frostfall users will understand what I mean)?
Want a cure for this abomination, but can't find any? Seek no further as you just found one.

SCRIPTS-FREE and fully modular. Have 3 modules (Main, Frostfall and Wet&Cold). Does not change any armor or enchantments so must be compatible with everything, except those mods that touch same shader effects.
But if you use any of such mods then you obviously don't need this. What are you saying? You still need this? Then load it after any of such mods and everything will be just fine.

Q - How to use this?
A - Download. Install. Enjoy.

Q - How it works?
A - Do you care? Oh you do? Ok then. It kills in-game shader effects used to produce this ugly glow. And don't worry. Those effects used for this glow only.

Almost forgot. It removes sound from enchanted armor as well.
And don't worry, no incompatibilities with any sound mod.

Please mind, that this doesn't remove glow from any of the active spell effects. For this purpose you need No More Glowing Edges. This only removes glow that you can see on your enchanted armor while it's unequipped (lies on the ground or somewhere else) or in your inventory. Again Frostfall users will understand what I mean and why I prefer to not have this glow. If you don't care how it looks in your inventory or on the ground, then you probably don't need this.