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4k Retexture of the Sleek Fur Cloak from Wet and Cold. Because I like texturing right now and that was not too hard to do.
2k Version now avalible!

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I ran around in (my) Skyrim and looked for something that isn't HighQuality yet and easy to retexture.
With smart Materials. Because who wants to spend days painting some repeating pattern in GIMP/Photoshop?

I made the texture in 3D-Coat and altered the color in GIMP (again).
Do you know what sucks? That skyrim says basicly no to every map you get from a PBR-program like 3D-Coat. And that specular in Skyrim basicly is the normalmap, which makes a hairy normalmap look like the skin of a Hentai Tentacle Monster. Therefor no specular on the Cloaks.
And for the super smart of you: Yes thats the reason there are .NIF models in the Files. Had to remove the specular property.

What the hell do I need for this Mod?
YOU NEED WET AND COLD OF COURSE. That's it. Nothing else. Maybe not a toaster as PC cuz 4k.

Why the hell is it only the Sleek Fur Cloak?

Because I haven't done the others yet.

Who the hell only textures a part of a set and uploads it as mod?

I do that
Because im Lazy...