• Native Gah-Julan Armor for Morrowind

    This mod adds a chest to the top of Guard Tower 2 in Ald'Ruhnwith the armor in it.I made this to give a big of variation to the bonemold armors.Texturing by Cythus and Bethesda Softworks.Put together by Bodvarp.s sorry the readme is small but its a small mod.

    uploaded 4:20, 15 Feb 2006 129 5 1,514kb Cythus

  • Balmora Trader for Morrowind

    Created by Trebor44

    Creates trader in Balmora with 100,000 gold.

    uploaded 4:11, 15 Feb 2006 870 48 1kb Trebor44

  • W32.D No more CliffRacer for Morrowind

    This plugin will Remove all the annoying CliffRacers from the game.

    uploaded 18:30, 14 Feb 2006 189 5 2kb W32.D

  • AnebetRa2 for Morrowind

    The City itself is on top of a hill/plateau, and is entered either by climbing up one peak or by Guar caravan from Balmora. 'Anebet-Ra' means 'Walled City of Ra' in Ancient Egyptian.
    This includes many buildings:
    - A Tailor
    - A Leather shop
    - A Tavern
    - Guest Housing
    - A Temple with some tombs, and the Holy Grail
    - A Deli
    - A B

    uploaded 10:14, 14 Feb 2006 205 5 283kb morsepone7

  • RTS Thrones Missing Texture Fix for Morrowind

    Oops, I forgot the fringe texture for the Golden and Bright Thrones Packs. Here it is.

    uploaded 1:11, 14 Feb 2006 43 3 31kb redwoodtreesprite

  • Varlninya v.1.1 for Morrowind

    Varlninya's house is... well, you'll find out. Talk to Errolle in Seyda Neen, or read any of her daybooks to be able to get broad hints about her. While you end up with a fast travel system, you'll be doing a lot of slow travel to unlock it!

    uploaded 7:26, 13 Feb 2006 78 1 2,013kb Cardboard Box

  • MWRandItem for Morrowind

    uploaded 1:24, 13 Feb 2006 180 7 183kb bjam

  • Acs Dungeon Generator GUI for Morrowind

    uploaded 22:53, 12 Feb 2006 318 14 370kb bjam

  • Mog Moogle Temple for Morrowind

    This mod adds a cliff dwelling southeast of Seyda Need, easily accessible for a greenhorn Moogle new to the land. No new quest, just a hireling NPC (king Laharl). Quests would be nice. Adds 8 new mog hairstyles, weapons and armor based of of Final Fantasy 7, 10, and 10-2. Yuna's Tiny Bee gun! Rikku's theif blade, cactaur staffs, EGL styles,

    uploaded 8:01, 12 Feb 2006 675 16 21,427kb nikikuriton

  • Dagger of Symmachus New Mesh for Morrowind

    It always bothered me that the Dagger of Symmachus lacked a unique mesh (and looked just like a regular old glass dagger). So, since I recently obtained a copy of 3DS Max, I decided to fix that! Here's the Dagger of Symmachus forged anew, with a brand new mesh and even two new textures. It looks, at least in my opinion, much cooler now, and much

    uploaded 4:38, 12 Feb 2006 1,017 55 1,222kb Plangkye

  • Morrowind Script Generator for Morrowind

    Morrowind Script Generator by Kaos Nyrb.Reuploaded by Bjam.

    uploaded 1:27, 12 Feb 2006 439 17 22kb bjam

  • Tsaesci for Morrowind

    This plugin adds the Tsaesci race to the game. The Tsaesci are race of golden scaled snakemen from the continent of Akavir, to the east of Tamriel.

    This mod adds a race with new meshes and textures. They have snake tails instead of legs and new, animated head models and voice files, both male and female.

    uploaded 19:22, 11 Feb 2006 274 19 3,018kb Adanorcil