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Transform the bleak landscapes of Vvardenfell in green, lush, forested areas.

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Forested Morrowind

Vvardenfell receives an overhaul.

No more bleak wastelands, lava-rocks, and ash covered terrain. Now are ancient forests, trees until the eye can see, and everywhere is thriving with life.

Classic version

You may want to give a look to Classic Forested Morrowind too. It uses older tree models, but it has more options.


The following regions in Vvardenfell were altered:

  • The Ashlands:  an enormous dense forest was added to the northern Ashlands, north of the Red Mountain.  Other areas of the Ashlands were also forested, or had a considerable number of trees added to them.
  • The Molag Amur:  hundreds of very tall and large trees were added to the Molag Amur, some in groups and others in spot adds here and there.  The textures and the tree model selection give the area an ancient, but dry feeling.
  • The Grazelands:  many magical looking and weird trees were added all across the area.  The trees has been kept distant so the area does not feel like a forest.
  • The Western Gash:  several hundred trees were placed in this region as well, although an attempt was made to not overly forest this area.
  • The Red Mountain:  hundreds of heavy-looking trees with red leaves has been added in the tight passages of the Red Mountain. Powerful and ancient trees capable to survive the blight.
  • The Sheogorad and the Azura Coast area:  it was left 'as is' because most of the giant toadstools were eliminated from other areas of Vvardenfell.  This makes the Sheogorad appear to be that much more alien and magical in comparison to the rest of the island, which is appropriate given that the Telvanni, and their giant mushroom towers, are located in this regions.
  • Ascadian Isles:  the giant toadstools were replaced with trees and the tree models are now leafier and larger than vanilla. The area is greener and fells more complete.  However, no forests were constructed in the Ascadian Isles because this is the 'settled' part of Vvardenfell.  Foresting this region would make little sense given that much of it is cultivated or urbanized.
  • The Bitter Coast:  this mod does not touch the region. However, in the download section there is the work from Vality to make the Bitter Coast much more swampy and overgrown. It's also available a modification made by RandomPal of Vality work to use Vurt trees. Vality original trees are shorter and wider and give a stronger darker oppressive sense. Vurt trees are higher quality, taller, but thinner so the vistas have more light. Check the screenshots section (and the comparison screenshots one and two) to decide what one (if any) to use.
  • Mournhold: this mod does not touch the capital. Being a city there is little space for more trees. I suggest to use Vurt's tree replacer one and two to have nice cherry blossoming trees.
  • Solstheim: this mod does not touch the region for Solstheim has a nice pine forest already. I suggest to use Vurt's Solstheim Replacer (and its fix) to have nicer trees.

Comparison screenshots
Erabenimsun Camp,
Molag Mar,
Balur's Farmhouse,
Urshilaku Camp,
Dagoth Ur.

How to use

The mod has no unusual installation requirements, just unpack and add the esp to the list of mods to load. To update just extract the patch archive where you installed the first time; given the nature of the mod there won't be problems.

If you decide to also modify the Bitter Coast, use one of the two optional mods.


If you find a problem, like a clipping error, a floating tree, a creature spawned inside a tree, or whatnot... Please position your character so that they sees the problem, open the console, type the following commands and write a message including those five coordinates.

player->getpos x
player->getpos y
player->getpos z
player->getangle x
player->getangle z

To quickly solve you can open the console, click on the incriminating tree, type disable, and press enter.


Max for doing a great deal of the work placing thousands of trees in the original Forested Morrowind mod.

The tree models are from (in alphabetical order) Dracus, Jdooby, Melchior, N'dib, Remiros, and Vurt. (See: Dracus (FZ), Jdooby (JW), and N'dib (ndib), Malik Of Kaih, Melchior, Remiros, and Vurt.)

The eucalyptus deglupta bark texture has been made by XeroFoxx especially for this mod.

Brash Endeavours did the forest sounds that are now played in the Molag Amur and Ashland regions. (See: Morrowind4Kids exotic trees resource.)

The extra Bitter Coast Addon has been made by Connary and Vality. Connary did most of the textures, Vality made the trees and placed them in the Bitter Coast. I only did some minor fixes. RandomPal adapted Vality work to use Vurt trees.

Mr. Swiveller for some of the high resolution textures (See Green Ashlands, Allsorts.)

The missing textures come from the Morrowind Visual Pack and from a specialized website.


In most new versions at least few trees got moved to look better or to avoid clipping issue. So the log will contain only notable cases.

v1.6, the mod does not change base objects anymore, so it won't influence untouched cells, or other mods, using point rocks, steam volcanoes, or harsh looking flora models; put back many instances of dead trees and rocks; add few trees in the Caldera Mine valley for it was bare; add a unique tree in the Grazeland.
v1.5, remove all the land and texture edits for they were unintended, a simple change that should make the mod more compatible; change a green rock texture to a heavy moss, the texture is used both for rocks and for ground and it was weird to see trees grown out of rock.
v1.4, fix many trees in the Red Mountain and the Molag Amur region; put live trees inside the Maar Gan shrine and few Ald-ruhn interiors.
v1.3, remake interior cells.
v1.2, fix a couple of floating trees in the Erabenimsun Camp.
v1.1, put the properly clean .esp file in the archive.
v1, fix a tree model that was referring to the wrong texture names.
v0, initial release. See the acknowledgments section to understand on what the work is based.