• Deadlier Cliff Racers for Morrowind

    Cliff racers are hated for stupid reasons amlost awalys, so i made this mod to give a reason to hate cliff racers.

    This mod adds 2 types of cliff racers: Mega racers & King racers.

    --Mega Racers are 2 grades higher then standard cliff racers in just about everything. they are 2 times as fast, and do modrate damage.

    --King Racers are at le

    uploaded 22:13, 27 Sep 2006 94 4 2kb Desert Storm

  • WM Revolver for Morrowind

    Just a doodle i made in milkshape, never intended to be used for anything, but it was requested so here it is.

    A barrel is next to the basement door of Arille's trade house with the gun sitting on top of it.
    Equipping the gun adds 6 bullets to your inventory, equip the bullets to shoot. It is scripted so you cannot have more than 6 bulle

    uploaded 19:06, 27 Sep 2006 312 7 346kb Wildman

  • Treasures in Balmora and Aldruhn for Morrowind

    This is my first Morrowind mod. I make two treasures in Balmora and Ald'Ruhn.

    uploaded 15:36, 27 Sep 2006 68 4 4kb

  • Faction_Indifference for Morrowind

    Removes all negative reactions from other faction. Nerevarine is a special case and so two esp's are included.

    Read the readme for more info.

    uploaded 10:06, 26 Sep 2006 228 15 7kb _viridianhydra_

  • Spider Race patch v11 for Morrowind

    This patch fixes the problem with the missing hair mesh for the female spider race.

    uploaded 17:16, 25 Sep 2006 300 4 461kb Centurion Spider

  • Playable Spider Race for Morrowind

    This mod allows the player to play as a..

    Half spider, half human race!

    The meshes work perfectly with no known issues.

    uploaded 4:21, 25 Sep 2006 936 17 195kb Centurion Spider

  • AsholNerub Resource for Morrowind

    The first mod i ever made, it is a decently large city, with a even larger island behind it which has a dwarven ghost town.

    IMPORTANT: This is a modders resource, although it works fine ingame, there is alot that has yet to be finished, or changed.

    this was a drooped project for awile, but i decided to release it for someone else to pick it

    uploaded 20:18, 24 Sep 2006 132 4 206kb Centurion Spider

  • Crystal Armor for Morrowind

    3 sets of spoof armor added ingame for just plain fun!

    Readme expains how you can acquire these 3 armor sets.

    ..good for a few laughs.

    uploaded 16:59, 24 Sep 2006 294 14 210kb Centurion Spider

  • Legionaire Armor for Morrowind

    Adds a set of black armor that a knight in sedya neen will sell you.

    uploaded 2:13, 23 Sep 2006 1,665 25 435kb Centurion Spider

  • Spiders Haven: Expansion 1 for Morrowind

    One of the upcoming expansions for spiders haven. This expansion adds quite a bit of flora & fuana too the island, giving it more realisim then before.

    Spider mechanics also improved.

    More improvements mentioned in readme.

    Required mods & link to them are shown in readme.

    uploaded 1:10, 22 Sep 2006 103 4 60kb Centurion Spider

  • Xions Lair for Morrowind

    A lair i built for my RP character, its located in balmora, on the hill.youll need the keys , the first one is on the table.

    feel free to modify it in any way youd like, so long as you give credit where its due.

    A side note, there IS a seriously overpowered ring in the mod, but it is well hidden and totally a voluntary thing, dont bash the

    uploaded 12:23, 21 Sep 2006 86 4 483kb Lintewathion

  • Dark Mythril Armor for Morrowind

    Special thanks to Happyhannah for suppying the tunic icon & texture.

    Special thanks also to Pirate Lord for the Insprition to recreate one of his creatures into a set of wearable armor. (thanks dude)

    This mod adds a Merchant in arilles trade house in sedya neen, who sells Dark mythril Armor.
    (She is wearing a flashy robe if you cant find her

    uploaded 21:55, 20 Sep 2006 180 5 410kb Centurion Spider