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Spring Cleaning

Now Without the Reset Bug


Spring Cleaning allows for the removal of trash and clutter objects originally unable to be scrapped within settlements. Not much else to say.

Update 2.05
Tested and working with Latest Fallout 4 Beta Patch.

Bug Fixes:
-Removed Master Dependency on optional scrap list plugins.

-Bunker Hill finally added (I recommend not removing the Junk Walls, they will cause LOD/Culling Issues.)

Scrap List:
-Added Metal Burning Barrels to optional Lantern List.
-Added missing lit oil lantern to optional Lantern List
-Added Rope Lights
-Added Scaffolding
-Added Wrought Iron Fence
-Added Rubber Floor Mats
-Added lots of Junk Walls (Parts of Bunker Hill, recommend not scrapping)

Jump to 11:06 for Spring Cleaning mod review by Gopher

**Installation for New and Current Games**

Install Spring Cleaning and Activate the plugin(s)

**Upgrading from 2.01 or Lower**

**Does not work if upgrading from past INI versions**
1) Uninstall Spring Cleaning
2) Start Fallout 4, Load a save game
3) Move to interior cell
4) Save the game, exit the game
5) Install Spring Cleaning and Activate the plugin(s)
6) Load save from step 4

**Known Issues**

1) Sprinting will not work in settlement cells unless you use the fix that comes with the mod.

2) Some pre-existing buildings have issues placing furniture, I recommend downloading the Homemaker mod as it fixes the majority of these issues.

3) The objects removed from settlements while using version 2.01 or lower will return the first time Spring Cleaning 2.02 or above is installed. This is the last time statics should pop back into existence between updates...

**Incompatible Mods**
Any mod altering Settlement World Space will cause Spring Cleaning to act adversely and undo the fixes in place for the Cell Reset Bug.

-Bethesda (For the game of course)
-Zilav from the xEdit team (for all his help with combined object records)
-xEdit Team (For FO4Edit)
-Scrap Scrap (For the original inspiration, that lead me to making this.)