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Castle Zimonja

This is my 'Castle' build of Outpost Zimonja.
It is not pretty, but it is highly functional and efficient given the limited space and rough terrain. :)
It is also designed to kill that annoying Raider/Turret spawn close by.

There are two versions of this blueprint.
The standard blueprint has had all high-end turrets removed.
The 'Complete' version has high end turrets with a defense rating of 183. 
Which you use is up to you...

V 1.1 - I have rebuilt the whole thing from the ground up.
As was pointed out to me, and I agree, the settlement looking like it floats on air ruined the build.

This 'Castle' has -

Required Mods

Transfer Settlements
Better Vendor Stalls - (Complete version)

Recommended Mods

Better Generators
Longer Power Lines
Clean Beds

Additional Castle Zimonja Notes

You will need Spring Cleaning, or a similar mod, to remove the usual rubbish... and I do mean everything not useful.
(See Photo)

If you follow the Railroad line of quests this is easily the worst place to establish 'Mercer Safehouse'.
Extremely small and the worst terrain possible for setting up the Relay.

After my first few playthroughs I made a point of opening this workshop when I first visit Tempines, just so I would not get it for the quest. After that P.A.M usually gave me Sunshine Co-op as the location for the Safehouse. Having said that, this game P.A.M gave me Hangman's Alley. :D

When you place this settlement you will find that the wire closest to the blue raider truck running right through the middle of the building.

To remove the wire open the console (~) and click on the offending wire. It will have the game code '00024aa0'.
Then type 'Disable' (No quotes, not case sensitive).

* Be VERY careful with the 'Disable' command!!! Save before using.
It is how I accidentally removed the tower from Oberland station. ;)

I have removed my rocket and heavy laser turrets on my standard version, so you will have to work on those yourself. ;)
I use turrets to string my electrical wiring on most of my blueprints. So until you have the necessary skill requirements for advanced turrets just add a few pylons in the interim.


The folder needs to be extracted and placed in your 'Transfer Settlements' folder. 7zip

If you like this design could you hit that little 'Endorse' button for me? I would really appreciate it. :)

Transfer Settlements Version 1.2 observations

I started a new game to test all my blueprints. Transfer Settlements is EASILY my favourite mod of all time!
It is something I do not think even Bethesda thought possible. Major Kudos to cdante. But it is not perfect... yet...

Maybe it is some combination of mods I have, although I keep my settlement mods as close to vanilla as possible, but I had CTD problems with Version 1.3 when importing and exporting Fort Bunker Hill and ended up using Version 1.2 for the time being. It does occasionally have missing items but it is much easier to fill in a few blanks than to create the entire settlement.

Saving after dropping a blueprint and reloading is recommended.

If the settlement already has residents you will need to Fast Travel at least 3 times to different locations, that is not the settlement you just built, before you can assign the residents. Do not be surprised if you have to wait a bit before they do accept the assignment and also for them realise that they have 20 beds.

I have noticed that the containers I have placed in game have items in them. I did not put any in them!
Be very careful about the 'Cell Reset' in Fallout 4, you may lose anything you put in them.
I highly recommend you scrap the containers I left for your convenience and make new ones.

Also I have found that if you do not have the requirements for an object, Bunker Hill trading camp or turrets, that it screws with your settlement happiness BIG time until you delete them... or... your settlement happiness rises far greater than normal. I have had reports of 100% happiness achieved far quicker than normal, something I have never been able to do.

Turn OFF the "Animations during import".
If this is left on you may have random missing items. Especially the modded beds and stores.
Turn OFF the "Explosions during the nuking of a settlement".

Or you may have visual damage you did not even create.