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"Make Items Available" anytime, inject meld to cut healing time or to purge fatigue status (only LW) of a soldier? Or maybe respec your veteran soldiers with Clear Perks button? It's possible now and more is coming. This is supposed to be a growing project so add to tracking list :) PatcherGUI not required and all-patform compatibility ensured.

Permissions and credits
"My heart is not proud, Lord, my eyes are not haughty;
I do not concern myself with great matters or things too wonderful for me"

[Psalms 131:1]

Welcome to Mini Mods factory for XCOM (mainly Long War, but not only probably). This project will grow with time. Check updates every couple of weeks.
If you have questions or ideas reach me on
Discord (szmind #7068) Shrek's domain

Gamepad support included.

  • Soldiers' Respec Training
  • Meld-Boost Healing
  • Strip Gear Anytime
  • Officer's Iron Will
  • Realistic Fuel Consumption
  • Disorient Exalt On Radar Hack
  • Manufacture Exalt Loot
  • Ammo Counter
  • Distance PopUp
  • Salvage Mod
  • Map Image on Squad Select
  • Abduction Map Manager


All the numbers and many of the features presented below can be customized via DefaultMiniMods.ini
Note to rookies: wherever I refer to "DGC.ini" I mean the file DefaultGameCore.ini from ...\XComGame\XEW\Config directory.

Soldiers' Respec Training

You can now clear perks of a soldier who has enough mission count. It will make the soldier unavailable for several days or weeks. The procedure does not clear gene mods or psi perks, or medal-derived perks or MEC's innate perks. It only clears "standard" perks and does not clear 1st level perk (so that you cannot change soldier's class). The code ensures that you gain no stats during such a respec. Therefore any stat bonuses coming from new perks will be ignored (yes, you can focus on stat-giving perks, then after 10 or 20 or 30 missions clear them and pick other perks while keeping stats - a veteran deserves some boost, right?; especially after staying alive with only stat-giving perks). If you had a valid pending promotion while clicking Clear Perks (level earned but the perk not yet assigned) the respec procedure should end accordingly (on last by one level) allowing you to correctly level up with that last perk choice.
You must respec the soldier in one shot - partial changes (like assigning a few perks and leaving the rest for later) will be discarded. In such case no cost will be applied and no changes made to soldier's build. I have disabled navigation buttons during perks' re-picking to prevent breaking the procedure but you can still use Esc on keyboard (TESTED) and probably Esc-equivalent gamepad button (NOT TESTED). Oh - while respecing you can safely click Clear Perks button as many times as you like - no cost will be applied until you finish and only the cost of ONE click will be applied.
By default the cost is 14 days of fatigue and 10 missions interval between respecing. You can add meld cost for the procedure (though I personally see no realism-wise reason behind it) and optionally lock the feature behind a certain OTS upgrade (one of the existing).
NOT TESTED WITH XCOM EW - feel free to try it out and provide feedback, costs nothing but installing effort (status of soldier will be probably wounded or empty cause there is no "Fatigued" status in EW but other than that everything should work).

Meld-Boost Healing
Always wanted to make use of your meld to speed up healing? Now you can. Go to barracks and view a wounded (or fatigued) soldier. You should be seeing appropriate button and some info about the costs at top  of screen. Annoyed with the info after a time? Disable it via DefaultMiniMods.ini.
You can lock the feature behind a tech of your choice and redefine meld cost or healing time (both the cut and minimum threshold). By default I have set the cost at 5 meld for 10 days' cut but wound time cannot be cut this way to below 7 days. I locked the option behind eTech_Meld which is Xenogenetics in LW or Meld Recombination in EW.
NOT TESTED WITH XCOM EW - feel free to try it out and provide feedback, costs nothing but installing effort (no issues expected with this one.

Strip Gear Anytime
This is simply "Make Items Available"  button added to base soldier's view in barracks. You can now release all the non-standard gear anytime - not just during squad select. That way you will always know how much of any item is in your storage - at the cost of time required to re-equip stuff.
NOT TESTED WITH XCOM EW - feel free to try it out and provide feedback, costs nothing but installing effort (no issues expected with this one).

Officer's Iron Will
Simply extends range of innate officer's ability which is "granting the officer's Will stat to nearby soldiers" (only this one!). It is now 18 tiles (it used to be 8 tiles) - customizable.

Realistic Fuel Consumption (2 in 1?)
It was always awkward in base game - you could stay in the air forever with empty tank. With this minimod 1 fuel is consumed for every turn in the air. The consumption is at begining of human player's turn. If unit's fuel drops to 0 the unit will automatically land.
Also - unit's current fuel will be announced whenever you activate a unit, so not only after a move (so that you know fuel reserves BEFORE moving).
You can select one or both features (check DefaultMiniMods.ini) - e.g. only announce fuel, but skip fuel consumption.
You should now worry "Oh, with that mod fuel should be increased to compensate for new mechanics - otherwise fuel will not last for long". Right - therefore I have included ADJUST_FUEL_MULTIPLIER in DefaultMiniMods.ini to auto-scale fuel of all units at start of combat. It is set to 2.0 by default (double the fuel reserves). Alternatively - edit manually DGC.ini for Archangel, related foundry projects and flying shiv.
If you play LW Rebalance you should rather set the multiplier to 1.0 or 0.0 - cause it already accounts for increased consumption.

Disorient Exalt On Radar Hack
With this mod turned on - when your covert agent hacks a radar all exalt units will get Disoriented instead of having guns disabled. It is like if all Exalt have been hit by flash bang grenade. But you can customize both aim penalty and duration of the effect (check DefaultMiniMods.ini as usual). You can also set a chance other than 100% for applying the effect (the check is done on every unit separately, so some may pass the test and not get the penalty - beware).

Manufacture Exalt Loot (for Long War)
With this mod turned on - after defeating Exalt's Base you will be able to manufacture the new gadgets: Neuroregulator, Cognitive Enhancer and Illuminator Gunsight. The descriptions will still tell that "we are unable to reproduce this technology" or sth like that but you can ignore it and go to Workshop :) Manufacturing of the above was always possible after DGC.ini edit (by setting iTime / iEng to 0+ values). But the items would be available right from start of new game. This mod makes it available only after defeating Exalt's Base. Cost in cash and resources are taken from DGC.ini. If you also set iTime and iEng in DGC.ini - those values will be used. However you do not have to touch DGC at all - the mod will auto-set iTime=10 and iEng=70 (in-game, on the fly, you will not see any change in DGC after closing game). This translates to roughly 14 days of manufacturing time (with 50 engineers, or 10 with 70 enginners). As usual you can turn the mod on/off using corresponding bManufactureExaltLoot variable (DefaultMiniMods.ini). 

Ammo counter

Distance Pop-Up
It shows up as soon as you target an enemy. Might be useful to determine if e.g. Close Encounters will trigger or to know how far you are when determining distance aim-malus/bonus.

Salvage Mod
This one has a bunch of options to set in .ini file. By default you will be offered to retrieve 50% more elerium and alloys (the amounts are disclosed to you as you can see in the picture). The price for each extra piece of elerium/alloys can be set in .ini but by default it is double the selling price on Grey Market (the mod will simply read it from DGC and multiply by 2). If you do not have enough money you can still accept the offer - in such case your cash balance will be negative after returning from mission. Oh - of course it is not realistic to have it on every mission (like terror or abduction). Types of missions are editable in .ini file but by default it is allowed on: ufo missions, alien base, exalt raid, exalt data recovery mission.

Map Image on Squad Select
No more guessing :) Aside from vague intel info you are now provided with the map image (the one that you get on the list of saved games). It will appear automatically whenever you enter Squad Select screen.

Abduction Map Organizer

This mod will let you set maximum abduction difficulty accepted on certain map. If you do not like swarming abductions on gas station or fast food or bar map - this will solve your problem. Just go to .ini file and edit the MaxDifficulty setting for the map. By default the mod will stop Hard and Swarming abductions appear on smaller maps. The default settings were not set by me. It is the work of #Snackhound. Credits to him. And he is the one to blame :D Feel free to change/adjust and do not ask me which map stands behind a given name. I have little idea. That is why I asked #Snackhound for help. Thanks #Snackhound !!!

What comes next?
  • Make Danger Zone suppression not end when primary target dies - 0% ready
  • Customizable damage / crit / aim modifiers for any weapon/item based on distance to target - 50% ready
  • Customizable DR and Penetration - 0% ready
  • hmm, why don't you drop your ideas in Posts' section :D or ping me on Discord (szmind #7068) Shrek's domain

#kdm2k6 - for tireless testing of gamepad support
#AzXeus - for introducing me into encoding with UDK
#UCross and #fjz for ideas and early tests
#datar0 for bug hunting and tests
#loriendal for Russian localization, pre-release tests and bug reporting.
#Snackhound - for help with tests and dirty work on MapOrganizer
Have I mentioned #AzXeus for introducing me into UDK? Oh, right.

Check ReadMe. It is all about copying files and adding entry to .ini file. No PatcherGUI required.
You can enable/disable any of the mods in DefaultMiniMods.ini file (C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\XCom-Enemy-Unknown\XEW\XComGame\Config)
Note on updating to v.1.4 for users of previous versions

If you already have your own settings in DefaultMiniMods.ini and you do not want them overwritten by new DefaultMiniMods.ini - please check the file MiniMods_1.4_New_INI_Entries.TXT . Inside that file you will find all the lines that have been added in version 1.4. Add them to your file. Alternatively overwrite the .ini file and re-adjust to your preference.

1. Some players reported crashes when loading a tactical save or restarting a mission when using MiniModsTactical.
Solution: Inside the directory for EW version find XComMutator.u (inside EW version\CookedPCConsole\Mutators). Get that file and copy it over your original XComMutator.u delivered by LW team (it is inside CookedPCConsole directory of the game)

2. When starting the game you might get a pop-up message about "Ambiguous package name: Using 'C:\Program Files(x86)\Steam\....\CookedPCConsole\MiniModsCollection.u', not 'C:\Program Files(x86)\....\CookedPCConsole\Mutators\MiniModsCollection.u". Read the message carefully paying attention to the paths. The message tells you that the game has found 2 files MiniModsCollection.u: one in CookedPCConsole folder and the other in its subfolder: \Mutators. You must delete one of them - most probably the one in CookedPCConsole. My mod package puts the file into \Mutators subfolder so this one is most recent. The other one (in CookedPCConsole) is probably from LW Rebalance or some other mod package that incoporated MiniMods. Cause otherwise I have no idea how it could have landed in CookedPCConsole.