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Vladimir UI is a Witcher 3 UI redesign.

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  • Turkish
We proudly present to you the "Vladimir UI" Witcher 3 UI resdesign. The project aimed at bringing the vision of Vladimir, a former CDPR Employe, to life.
The project started back in late 2018 and has been in on and off development ever since. Its been a very long road for us and of course anyone else who might have been watching the developement process and was anticipating the mod.

While not perfect and 100% bugfree we have now reached a point, which we deem worthy of a release. We all spend massive amounts of time on creating this mod. We cincerely hope you can enjoy the mod and that it might spark another 100 hours of The Witcher 3.

Please take note that unless anything major unexpected happens, the development of this mod is done. Bug Reports are welcome and while we appreciate feedback, keep in mind chances are rather low anything major will be changed.

The main goal of this mod is to give the UI and Hud a fresh and new feel. While the Vanilla UI is clean and user friendly it can also appear somewhat dull. While still clean this redesign takes things a little further. Strongly relying on clean vector graphics and bold text keeps it clean on all resolutions while at the same time adding fine detail and graphical finess to otherwise boring UI elements.

The main Features of this mod are rather obvious:
A completely new ingame HUD and Menus
New Icons for buffs and character perks
new Mediaval Maps and Minimaps for all major regions

About the orign of this mod:
The basis and origin of this mod is the concept created by Vladim√≠r Vilimovsk√Ĺ who published his alternative approach to the UI on
We approached him and he gave his blessing to bring that vision to the real game in form of an mod. Big kudos to him and huge thanks for letting us do this :)
But lets also state something clear here. While the concept might be big and detailed its also that: a concept.
Regarding the implementation to the game, everything was done by us without any official help from CDPR. Many parts and most art assets were recreated from scratch and the gaps were filled with our own designs and ideas.