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Adds 10 fully functional firearms as an alternative ranged weapon.

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Welcome to Firearms! This mod adds a variety of flintlock pistols as a ranged weapon alternative for crossbows. There are currently 10 guns available and 7 types of ammunition at 3 tiers (that's 21 total & 27 if you include silver bullets!). Firearms as a mod has been designed to offer a different combat style, allowing you to use your ranged weapon for damage. Whilst guns are powerful their usage is limited by ammunition.

The mod is New Game + ready and is by default compatible with Ghost Mode.

W3EE also appears to work just fine, but the damage balancing for this overhaul may not be as fine-tuned as it is for vanilla + Ghost Mode. I'll let you be the judge of that. Install the Ghost Mode balancing patch if you want to do more damage.

Crafting + Shops
Gun crafting:
Starting from level 10 the dueling pistol diagram will begin to appear in blacksmith shops. New diagrams for different weapons will become available every few levels thereafter. Whilst most of the larger guns only appear in the later levels, it is possible to find all diagrams early if your in the right place at the right time.

Material crafting:
Bullets and gunpowder are required to craft ammunition.

In order to craft bullets you must first find bullet molds in shops of crafters (smiths + armourers).
There are 2 bullet types crafted from 4 different materials (lead, silver, alloy & dimeritium), each being used for various munitions at progressive tiers.
Both bullets and high-grade bullets are crafted in 3s and can be found in the crafting components tab.

Gunpowder recipes can be located in alchemy shops after reaching the first level of a new tier. Once learned gunpowder can be created from the alchemical substances tab in the alchemy menu. For the sake of convenience, Zerrikanian powder has also been added to alchemical substances tab.

Ammunition crafting:
There are 3 tiers of ammunition; standard, high-grade and infused. Each doing considerably more damage than the last. Each tier becomes available every 12 levels, starting from level 10.

By default all ammunition recipes are available from the 'crossbow bolt' tab in the crafting menu and can be made by any crafter should you provide the materials.

Powder & shot, high-calibre munitions and enchanted bullets are crafted in quantities. The amount of ammunition you receive is based on how many bullets you need to craft it. For example 3 bullets + 1 Zerrikanian powder = 3 powder & shot.

Gameplay + Categories
- Gameplay tips -
> If you start aiming a shot or are out of ammunition, pressing the jump key will holster the weapon and return you to a mobile state.
> Game difficulty alters enemy health and so the amount of damage you can do to them. Selecting appropriate ammunition for a fight has more of an impact on higher difficulties.
> The mod has been balanced as to not replace the use of swords, firearms are instead better used as a 'finisher' type weapon.
> Firearms cannot be used underwater.

- Small firearms -

These weapons primarily deal in mini-crits, which they have a high chance to cause.

Weapons in this category:
Lynx School Pistol

- Medium firearms -

Standard pistols with both a moderate critical hit chance and damage.

Weapons in this category:
Dueling Pistol
Wolf School Pistol

- Large firearms -

Larger guns with a higher chance to inflict critical damage, whilst also dealing slightly more general damage.

Weapons in this category:
Griffin School Pistol

- Hand-cannons -

These weapons, as well as dealing moderately more damage, have a low chance to cause extreme critical damage.

Weapons in this category:
Bear School Pistol

- Exotic firearms -

Fancy-looking guns with additional stats.

Weapons in this category:
Dragon's Gambit

*Witcher pistols in the above categories have the addition of various exp gain buffs.

- Ammunition -

Powder & Shot is your standard ammunition, it does respectable damage and isn't too expensive to craft. Silver bullets can also be crafted which are more effective for fighting monsters.

Buckshot shoots 3 diverging projectiles which individually deal less damage than regular bullets. However this ammunition type is most effective when used in close quarters or for airborne targets.

Shrapnel is a cluster projectile, like buckshot, it shoots 3 diverging projectiles. Whilst dealing less damage than buckshot it causes permanent armour damage and has a chance to inflict bleeding.

High-calibre munitions deal greater damage as well as armour piercing. High-calibre silver bullets can also be crafted which are much more effective for fighting monsters.

Enchanted bullets have similar stats to high-calibre munitions but also have a high chance to cause a magical effect based on their enchantment.
There are currently fire, poison and frost bullets.


The following section details at what levels guns and ammunition become available.

Item Codes
Every item can be obtained via the console with the additem("") command. Commands are the same for NGP. The following section details all possible commands for guns, materials, diagrams and ammunition.


Firearms is a DLC and script mod. As such it is highly likely that script merging is necessary. But with that said it should be compatible with most mods.
If you're unsure whether this mod will work with another, or would like to request a compatibility patch then please test them both to identify which parts conflict/don't work.

If you are a Ghost Mode user you can find a balancing patch in the addons section.

The following section details installation and uninstallation. Take note that installation must be done manually as mod organizers do not install DLC correctly.

The following section details available addons, what it does and how to install it.


The base version will show in English for all languages. See below for available translations and the addons section for installation instructions.

If you'd like to get involved and create a translation that would be great! This tool is an excellent choice for making translations, all documentation can be found on the mod page. You can share your translation by either uploading it to the Nexus yourself, or by sending the .w3strings file to [email protected] so I can include it here.

Available Translations:
- Both Simplified Chinese & Traditional Chinese By Lynwin
- German By NitroZ
- Czech By Pryncezna

>As a common issue with all DLC weapon mods, none of the weapons have drop physics. So upon death it will simply freeze in place (a bit immersion breaking).
>Crossbow bolts, if equipped on smaller weapons, clip through the model.
>A very rare bug with the base game results in your ranged weapon + bombs to become unusable. This can be easily fixed by entering a loading screen (changing world space/reloading a save). I've been unable to determine the exact cause of this but it seems it can happen after multiple sustained combat sessions.

>The categories for 'firearms' and 'ammunition' display as 'crossbow' and 'crossbow bolt' in the crafting menus. (Fixed in next update)

>Another bug with the base game causes the crossbow shooting animation + sound to play twice on killing the last enemy of an encounter with a bolt.
>Firing at certain angles can cause the sparks to fly in weird directions. This is caused by the left shooting animation being initialized before the particle effect is spawned. - I've implemented a small workaround for this but it doesn't work 100% of the time.

- These last two issues have been looked into and unfortunately no solution has been found. If you can offer any assistance with these then please get in contact.

Final Section

This mod in particular has taken a large amount of effort to produce, as such I'd like to kindly ask you to consider supporting me and my work by making a donation, any amount is greatly appreciated and will help me create for longer. But simply endorsing and voting goes a long way in maintaining the longevity of a mod.


I won't be taking on any requests for this mod. There is a set content plan which once completed will conclude it's development.

My other work
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Screenshot disclaimer
The above images were taken with various visual enhancements installed.
HD Rework Project
Turbo Lighting
Real Weather
Heavy Clouds
Dense Rainfall
Brutal Blood
The Wolf Medallion

Thanks for reading!

All 3d models and textures contained in this file are original works by me, please acknowledge the following permissions.

Regarding the mod:
I do NOT permit any version or any component of this mod to be re-uploaded to any website without my permission beforehand.

Regarding the 3d models:
All meshes, as are or modified are NOT to be used in any other modification, for any game, without my permission beforehand.
All meshes are NEVER to be integrated into commercial products or used in any form of financial gain.
All meshes, in any form or file type are NOT to be uploaded to any other websites whatsoever.

If you have any questions regarding this matter you must contact me.