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Guns from Roenaxx's Firearms mod will be holstered on the belt instead of on the back like a normal crossbow.

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So I've been really digging Roenaxx's Firearms mod, but it kind of bothers me that guns get holstered on the back instead of on the belt. Looks pretty awkward in my opinion. So this mod fixes that. That's pretty much it. Crossbows will work the same way they did before.

It's not perfect (you can see the gun being holstered on the back for a split second), but I don't think anything can be done about that. There are a few bugs (if you spawn in with a gun equipped you'll be able to see the bolt/bullet on Geralt's back, and you'll have change ammo for it to get fixed; doing things such as jumping immediately before/after using a gun will cause the mod to not work right sometimes, etc...). However, I'm not sure if I'm going to be fixing them or if I'm going to support this mod that much at all, because I'm working on a more advanced version that will allow one to use both a gun and a crossbow at the same time. I just wanted to put this version out there before I mess with it too much, plus some people might like the simplicity of just having one ranged weapon with no extra hotkeys and nuances (also in case I give up on the alternative version).

Just move the "Mods" folder to your main Witcher 3 directory.

-menschfeind13, I can't stress this enough how much his scripts helped me figure out all this bs with entities, components, bones, etc. (though it was still a hell of a headache lmao)
-Roenaxx for approval of my addon creation and making the original mod