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Complete Animations is animation pack for regular actions that should have animations like drinking, eating, applying oil etc with complete control over them in mod menu.
Redux version with some bugfixes and new features, ported to Next Gen version of the game.

Permissions and credits
  • Polish
  • Mandarin
  • French
  • Czech


New version is here! Check description below.

This is updated and fixed version of incredible immersive mod Complete Animations from stefan3372.
I am not a creator of original mod, I only compile fixes for some annoying bugs and introduce just a little new features. Since author is agreed with redistribution I decided to share my compilation here.
If you like this mode please go to original mod page and endorse.

Compared with original mod this version includes following features:
  • mesh buffer fix (thx to bunmenot)
  • fix for bug when you can't loot items after switched back to Geralt from Ciri (thx to rmemr)
  • slow-mo bugfix when you start looting and cutscene has started then
  • new animation of drinking potion - if Original or Alternate drinking animation is selected, in Exploration state Geralt perform true drinking animation from potion bottle instead of Horn animation. Movable or Combat drinking animations unchanged (still Horn animations)
  • when eating or drinking animation is triggered from quick radial menu it closes immediately
  • Witcher 3 Enhanced Edition version is introduced (4.93 version is supported for now) - it replaces W3EE animation system with Complete Animations one (including grindstone and workbench animations, quick inventory and convinient looting features support). Only for original W3EE, not Lazarus since it contains built-in Primal Needs mod with same as CA animation system. Suitable for those who don't like Lazarus mod or W3EE animations (like me)
  • increased base speed for some animations to more reasonable values (animations speed still can be adjusted in mod options)
  • added compability patches for most popular mods
  • added Russian translation

New features in version 1.1:
  • added options for choosing drinking potions animations types independenly from ordinary drinking animations
  • added option for potion bottle appearence, now you can choose True Potion Bottle in options
  • added new repairing animations - now you can toggle animations for repairing armor and swords with repairing kits
  • added sound for bottle opening before drink
  • other fixes (see changelog)
  • also updated W3EE version and all compability patches to work with 1.1
  • moved mod options to W3EE/Addons for W3EE version
  • please uninstall old version before installation the new one

New in 2.0
  • Updated for Next Gen version 4.03
  • Added new diving behavior introduced in 4.03 - now you can't eat food and drink liquor underwater, but you can still drink potions
  • Also, now you cannot apply oils, repair armor and repair weapons underwater with animations enabled
  • When automatic apply oil option is selected, corresponding animation is disabled
  • Blocked ability for drinking and eating in air with animations enabled
  • Added the option to choose between the original herb looting with popup and the next gen herb looting without the popup
  • Added new loot animation for containers and dead bodies
  • Added vanilla preset to turn off the mod quickly
  • Improved animations transitions
  • Added csv strings files for english and russian
  • Some other changes and improvements


  • Choose a proper version first. If you play vanilla game, Ghost Mode or FCR3 choose version for vanilla game. If you play W3EE overhaul choose W3EE version (only old gen)
  • If you have original mod installed, uninstall it first
  • Use Witcher 3 Mod Manager for automatic installation or if you want manually copy everything from downloaded archive into game installation folder
  • After that merge with other mods if you play without W3EE overhaul. If you are installing W3EE version do not use automatic merge, just give the priority to Complete Animations (only old gen)
  • Add CompleteAnimationsReduxNG.xml to \bin\config\r4game\user_config_matrix\pc\dx11filelist.txt and dx12filelist.txt (only next gen)
  • After installation complete launch the game, go to mod settings section and choose animations settings you want


  • Use Witcher 3 Mod Manager for automatic uninstallation or Delete modCompleteAnimationsRedux from mods folder, CompleteAnimations.xml (or CompleteAnimationsReduxNG.xml if you have next gen version) from bin\... folder, DLCCompleteAnimationsRedux from DLC folder. If you have W3EE version rename W3EnhancedEdition.xml.original in bin\... folder to W3EnhancedEdition.xml

Compability (old gen)

  • W3EE 4.93 - use special version, do not use Script Merger, just give the priority to CA Redux over W3EE
  • Ghost Mode - use compability patch for 1.1 and then Script Merger
  • FCR3 - use Script Merger
  • AutoLoot Configurable All-in-One - use compability patch, it enables animations for containers without autolooting
  • Friendly HUD - use compability patch, it enables animations for quick potions from radial menu
  • More Quick Slots -  use compability patch, it enables animations from quick inventory of MQS. If you meet conflict during playerWitcher merging choose line from modMoreQuickSlots (variant C)


For more details about Complete Animations mod please refer to original mod page and don’t forget to endorse its author.
Thanks to:
  • stefan3372 for original mod
  • bunmenot for mesh buffer fixed version
  • rmemr for fixing bug when you can't loot items after switched back to Geralt from Ciri
  • raydess for allowing to include his True Potion Bottle into CA Redux
  • wghost81 for improving GM compability patch
  • iPanda115 for supporting my mod while I was away
  • Delonzi for porting W3EE Redux version to Old Gen


If you like this work and want to bring a little more immersion to The Witcher 3 check my W3EE Merges and Tweaks.
It includes merged scripts for W3EE with some cool immersive mods and contains some quality-of-life fixes.
Full list of merged mods and fixes you can find in Readme file.