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The long-awaited modification ...

From the creator of such pearls as E3Quen® and E3DodgeSystem®

After countless hours spent on Witcher 3 animation system.
Proudly presents the latest work that thousands have been waiting for ;)


This mod changes animations in many aspects - in every aspect I tried to get as close to E3 Demo as possible. E3 2014 Witcher 3 Gameplay

Movement on GAMEPAD is now divided into 4 styles :  [Walking /// Slow Jogging ///Fast Jogging ///Sprinting].  This also applies to moving with the sword anims.
Movement on KEYBOARD do not include slow jogg style.

Reworked some vanilla animations to imitate E3 as much as I could

* Brand new:
-Dodge_Flips - left and right dodge reworked to flips. Game uses these two animations randomly. Can't change that.
-Evade - these one replace ridiculous vanilla roll animations. There are a forward, backward and flip evade. Everytime ending face to face with the opponent. Also added dust from Geralts feet to make it look more realistic.
Backward_dodge -  E3 in all its glory.
Forward_dodge- mix of piroutte and quick step forward.
-New Investigation Animation
-NewJumping animation [This one require ImmersiveCam to 100% work] but for those who not using that mod there is a version without this animation.
- Fully playable Ciri. This mod doesn't affect her. It's the common problem in this kind of mods that Ciri and Geralt share the same animations which make some of them look terrible on Ciri and she even become unplayable.

Most important thing : No more blurred/ long loading cutscenes and bugs like floating npc's. Most of the animation- related mods are suffering on these issues. This mod comes as a DLC and my goal was to avoid those bugs - with succes!

Enjoy the show:

Player Interior No Run Lock
With this mod, walking/running indoor or outdoor does not make any difference anymore


 1) Put Mods and DLC folder inside your Witcher 3 installation directory.
2) if you have completed 1) correctly and still has problem with "only slow jogging" - it means you have more mods that edit the same files that E3IG needs to work properly and you screw merging them correctly. In this case make sure to manually edit file that you probably have in Mods/mod0000_MergedFiles/content/scripts/game/player/ and make sure that this line look EXACTLY the same:
default inputModuleNeededToRun = -10.0; (vanilla -1.0)
Gamepad users - make sure to edit

Keyboard users - edit both and
(in from Mods/mod0000_MergedFiles/content/scripts/game/player/movement/  find default    speedWalkingMax   and change value from vanilla   0.7f;  to  0.3f; )

If you have Enhanced edition - I suggest to edit those two lines from EE files and simply don't put mod_E3IG into Mods folder

if you like it.
Happy hunting!