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Gameplay tweaks for Ciri. Includes bug fixes, finished mechanics and reworked skills to play as the Lady of Space and Time.

Permissions and credits
If you always wanted to roam as Zireael but you find her gameplay overtuned and flat, this mod is for you.

Her skills were rebalanced to work correctly for specific situations.
Finished some mechanics that were abandoned along the developt way.
To prevent oneshots from high level enemies, Ciri is now level 100 and enemies will scale with her.
Check below the complete list of reworked stats and skills for Ciri.

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Now she can parry and reflect arrows like Geralt.
She was trained by witchers. Her reflexes are enhanced due to her powers instead witchers mutations.

Stamina reworked as magic energy.
The energy passively grows depending on how much is missing.
At 75% of energy, the passive gain stops and her sword starts to glow.
Succesful sword blows and perfect dodges will give Ciri some energy, increasing as her energy grows.

Ciri survival is based on health regeneration.
She can't withstand too much damage but her lineage allows her to heal wounds really fast.
Stay moving, stay alive.

Defensive techniques now consumes some energy.
Long dashing is a tactical move with a small cost of energy.
Parrying attacks and arrows also consumes a bit of her energy, less than long dash.
Short dodging is an easy trick for Ciri and doesn't consumes energy.

Damage over time is dangerous for Ciri as it blocks HP regen.
Long dashing will remove any DoT effect and restart her natural healing, with a cost of energy.
Short dodging will drain her energy without cleaning the DoT. Keep an eye on those effects!

Charge now works as a heavy attack for single target.
Also works as a long range attack that helps repositioning on the battlefield.
Consumes 45% of energy and deals decent damage to those on her path.

Blink is more focused as an AoE attack.
Consumes 25% of energy, but Ciri recover some energy for each enemy slashed.

Magic Amulet reworked.
The meteor summoned is now closer to what it should be, an icy rock like the ones summoned by Eredin.
This skill will drain 75% of energy to punish her enemies.
The meteor deals 540-660 points plus a 5% of target's max HP as frost damage.
Meteors deals twice base damage on New Game Plus.
The impact zone is bigger than Eredin's meteor.
Slowdown the victims few seconds instead burn them.

Beware, the meteor still has friendly fire!

Additional features if you have "Ciri Meteor" mod installed:
The number of meteors summoned increases to 3, and they land on foes instead Ciri.

The Elder Blood Awakes

When the energy reaches 100%, Ciri true power awakes and the mayhem begins.

In this state, her energy will decrease slowly over time.
The damage taken is reduced by 50% and the damage deal increases beyond 100%.

Each strike landed will consume 5% of energy.
Basic attacks can't be parried and the damage increases substantially.

Low cost skills will no longer consume energy.
Long dash, DoT cleaning, dodging with DoTs and parry are free.

Charge has the energy cost reduced to half and deals quite more damage.

Blink now consumes much less energy with a decent damage bonus.
The damage increase causes an additional cost of energy for each enemy slashed.

Magic Amulet now summons a massive meteor to devastate the biggest foes.
This meteor deals three times the damage and falls slower than basic meteors.


Additional advice

Be careful saving the game as Ciri. Some mods have scripted commands for Geralt on game load.
Loading a savegame playing Ciri with those mods active could permanently damage your Ciri data. 
It's not an issue of ProCiri, but appareance injecting mods.
If you have similar mods, save always playing Geralt and report to the author.
Maybe s/he could include an exclusion to the mod if the active char is Ciri.

Compatible and highly recommended mods to complement ProCiri:

-Better Call Ciri by pMarK
-Ciri Meteor by BallsOnFire
-New clothes for Ciri by jochan449

I made ProCiri totally compatible with those mods through easy merging. Follow instructions during merging process.
This mod is compatible with almost everything. It affects Ciri related scripts and adds new entries to abilities in XML.
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