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Light fix for the money amount that guards take when Geralt is knocked out.

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After been knocked out by guards while i fight some monsters nearby, i decided to check the files and founded highly unbalanced values for the crowns amount they take. So i made this light and simple fix for me and uploaded for everyone who thinks the same. Below you have the changed amounts, according to the difficulty. Guards always take at least 500 crowns if you choose Normal or above difficulties.

Just the Story! (Easy): A fixed value of 500 crowns.
Story and Sword! (Normal): 5% of your crowns.
Blood and Broken Bones! (Hard): 10% of your crowns.
Death March! (Very Hard): 33% of your crowns.

Even if you steal in front of them, or attack them for any reason, they are still guards. Stealing all your money in Death March, or half in Story and Sword, is too much. Guards aren't a bunch of burglars after all. I think this values are more balanced than default ones. Tell me any suggestion in comments section!

Compatible with 1.30/1.31/GOTY, HoS and B&W.

This mod is compatible with almost everything.
To be sure it works fine, remember to check the integrity of your mod combo with Script Merger.

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