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Fixes issues that the Missing Localization String Fix mod created.

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v1.0.13 released with Witcher 3 Next Gen v4.04 support.
(Not really tested, but hopefully it gets people unblocked for Next Gen. Good luck.)

If you decide to use W3Strings Encoder for localization support PLEASE include the unencoded file for people to edit themselves. With so many mods these days, menu clutter is real and we should provide users an easier time merging and clean it up as they see fit. Providing unencoded string .csv files also allows you to give your community an opportunity to offer you translations. What is the point of having localization support if you aren't even going to localize?

  • Preserves CDPR localization. Fixes issues with broken CDPR menu items and names
  • Removes "Panel_" from custom Options groups being shown by mods
  • Removes "MISSING_LOCALISATION_KEY_NAME" from combat

1. Extract "modCustomLocalizationFix" to <Witcher 3 Dir>\Mods\
2. Copy "modCustomLocalizationFix\bin" folder to <Witcher 3 Dir> and overwrite preexisting files to repair damaged localization.ini from other mods
3. Use Script Merger as needed if you have other mods that modify the following files:,,

Note for Modders
If you are creating a menu structure please try to maintain consistency with the rest of the community and put your menu inside the Mods submenu. To do this, in your custom \bin\config\r4game\user_config_matrix\pc\myMod.xml file that you make, make sure that your <Group> element is using the displayName attribute consistent with the following nomenclature: Mods.myModName.optionalAdditionalSubMenus

Ex: If you don't have additional submenus, just add your options into a group with your mod name.
<Group id="myMod" displayName="Mods.myModName">

Ex: If you have additional submenus your mod group wants to display, just create them accordingly after myModName.
<Group id="myModGeneral" displayName="Mods.myModName.General">
<Group id="myModExtras" displayName="Mods.myModName.Extras">