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This new, gorgeous version of the "combined hair/big bun" is pretty much a flawless execution of this hairstyle concept.
It was achieved using the capabilities of The Witcher 3 engine itself.
This is NOT a Hairworks mod.

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I've been looking for the greatest Triss mods to combine (face, outfit and hair). I couldn't find the hairstyle. Now it exists. =]

"Big Bun", as I call it, was a small project but it warms my heart to see Triss hair finally have an incredible, original and fresh hairstyle that is based on vanilla experience but smoothly alters it (one bun instead of two, big bun instead of small, slightly less intense red color). Please, watch this muted-dialogue (no spoilers) video showcase for the mod to see how exactly Triss looks with this hairstyle:

Story time:

I've found some stunning faces and outfits, however as far as the hair goes... each hairstyle always felt very repetitive or hijacked from another NPC. Truly unique, custom hairstyles for Triss are few and far between. This is just my opinion. There are many good hair mods for Triss, but I cannot consider any of them truly great. I wasn't looking for the 'lore-accurate' hairstyle, I was looking for an awesome one.

Then, I found this little gem of Witcher 3 modding: Triss's combined hair

It wasn't recently updated, but the screenshots looked good. I picked Auburn3 color, downloaded the mod and installed it.
When I launched the game, I was instantly really disappointed. It turned out to have insane clipping with any outfit that had collar, as well as possessing many run of the mill Triss hair issues.
It had weird strands of hair clipping through her head/neck and strands of hair that look really out of place or even glitch because the strand's mesh has tangled itself.
Worse yet, the mod creator hasn't updated the mod for a long time, so requesting any fixes seemed pointless. But I saw the potential in this hairstyle! I had to do something about it.

I requested a fix from ScoutBr0, who then went on to modify the Triss hair and under my strict and nitpicky guidance, fixed most of the problems (all of the problems that we have found, at least). The biggest change in comparison with the original is a higher bun. The alignment to Triss's right side has been kept intact, because I like it a lot.

This new version of the "combined hair/big bun" is pretty much flawless execution of this hairstyle concept, reasonably achieved within the capabilities of Witcher 3 engine.
This is NOT a Hairworks mod.

- Major credits to the original mod creator, metjuhaumer
- Major credits to the modding guru who helped me by fixing the mesh: ScoutBr0

Known bugs:

If you see any buggy strands, please, report them to me. If you let me know and I confirm it is a glitch with the mesh, then I will make sure they are fixed at some point.