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Lets you choose specific attacks like stab, vertical or horizontal swing and pirouette. Improves controller gameplay with aim assist, movement attack bending and a custom layout.

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"You're not in the circus. Pirouette!" - Geralt of Rivia, presumably before stabbing a drowner

Custom Combos gives you full control over Geralt's moveset. Want to stab? Stab! Want to make Geralt proud? Pirouette! Surrounded by Enemies? Swing your sword in a circle. Or instantly start a whirl without wasting a light attack first!

On top of that I added lots of optional features, most of them to make W3EE more playable with a controller. Now you can not only bend your attacks with the camera but also with movement! On top of that you can enable aim assist to help you put up with the somewhat wacky hitboxes of TW3 without giving up control over Geralt's attacks.

You can also quickly select signs and items via movement. No longer will you have to enter the radial menu to switch between grapeshot and throwing knives!

Digression: Attack Selection

"Leg extended, Hand flat, head down, chin to chest." - Fighting advice from a Nilfgaardian servant

If you ever wondered what exactly makes Geralt thrust (his sword you perv), here's your answer:
Geralt has two stances, left and right.

I refer to the first as left(L) because the sword points left and to the second as right (R) because it points right.

By default, Geralt is in right stance. Most attacks switch the current stance. A dodge will always return to (R), getting hit will too. Geralt has different movesets in each stance.

The other component is the attack direction - if Geralt attacks an enemy that is directly behind him he will perform a different attack than if that enemy were in front of him.

So, how to do a stab? Attack an enemy behind Geralt (or with W3EE, point the camera behind Geralt), use a light attack and be in (R).

This is arguably too awkward to use and predict on the fly so with Custom Combos you can simply choose your move direction via a hotkey or by movement direction. Movement direction means that as long as [S] is pressed, Geralt will attack as if he was attacking someone behind him. As long as [A] is pressed, Geralt will act as if there was an enemy to his left and so on. But the actual attack will still aim as normal. This gives you a lot more control over Geralt's hurtboxes and spacing.

If all of this sounds complicated don't worry - if you just use the default mod settings you will get the hang of it very quickly!

Changes to W3EE

  • When movement targeting is enabled, you can now change the direction of the attack mid-swing - this is referred to as 'Attack Bending' and was previously only possible with camera aiming.
  • When movement targeting is enabled, Rend and Whirl will now target the movement direction instead of the camera.
  • W3EE 'Enhanced Targeting' will now be used even when manual targeting is disabled. Targeting is still important with manual aiming because it is used for quick crossbow shots or Custom Combo's aim assist.
  • W3EE 'Sign Aiming With Camera' will now overwrite your general aim mode. If you are targeting manually but Sign Aiming is disabled, your signs will auto target. When using auto-target with Sign Aiming enabled, your signs will always go towards the camera.

Mod Menu Explanation

The Menu is located in mods/W3EE/Addons/Custom Combos

  • Use Custom Controller Layout: Enable this if you want to use Custom Combo's special Controller layout (see below). YOU STILL NEED TO COPY INPUT.SETTINGS.
  • Attack Selection: See above. You can use vanilla selection (but why would you?), selection via movement or via hotkeys. If you are not using the controller layout, these are the hotkeys - assign whatever keys you want and put them below the [Combat] and [Exploration] section in documents/The Witcher 3/input.settings
  • Use Custom Combo Moveset: Use a handcrafted moveset tailored to manual move selection. You can still use the default moveset but it will be a lot more random.
  • Aim Assist Range: The range of the aim assist. Aim assist will kick in at the end of a sword swing - provided the currently targeted enemy is within the specified range. The range of a standard light attack is roughly 3 units.
  • Aim Assist Angle: Aim assist will only be used if the current target is within a cone of X degrees relative to Geralt's direction.
  • Select Signs via Movement: Lets you select signs by moving instead of hotkeys or the radial menu. If you move forward you automatically equip Aard, if you move left you automatically equip Igni and so on.
  • Select Items via Movement: Same as signs but with crossbow, knives, bombs etc.
  • Selection Deadzone: When using a controller, signs and items will not change unless the stick is pushed beyond this setting.
  • Signs Up, Left, Right, Down Left, Down Right: Here you can specify the signs in correlation to movement input.

Here you can see how Movement selection works.

Custom Controller Layout

A,X,Y and B are all light attacks and act as hotkeys for the attack selection feature. You can transform them into heavy attacks by
holding down RT.

Whirl and Rend are not performed by holding light or heavy attack, instead you have to press X+A/Y+B. This fixes the dreaded accidental rend and lets you whirl instantly without doing a light attack first. In combat you no longer jump by running + B, instead you simply press A+B.

Witcher Senses, Night Vision, Meditation, Call Roach and Lock On had to be relocated to LB+D-Pad.
The context menu for tracking quests still tells you to press RS, this is just a visual glitch though.

Using Instant Whirl and Rend with PC
Rend and Whirl are a bit awkward to use with TW3 default controls. Whirl does not start instantly, instead you have to waste a light attack. Rend sometimes happens accidentally when you wanted to do a normal heavy or does not stop charging when you release the button. If you make the following changes to input.settings, you will be able to assign a hotkey to each special attack, letting you initiate them instantly and never accidentally. It is important that you remove all other PC key bindings for special attacks (SpecialAttackLight,
SpecialAttackHeavy, SpecialAttackWithAlternateHeavy, SpecialAttackWithAlternateLight) in the input.settings but not the bindings for normal attacks. Then insert the following on top of the file and replace "None" with the hotkey of your choice.
I suggest setting the file to read-only after editing it.

Copy the mods and bin folders to your game directory. This should be "GOG Games\The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt" or "steamapps\common\The Witcher 3". DO NOT MERGE Custom Combos with W3EE or Lazarus Project.

If you wish to use the custom controller layout, you need to copy input.settings to "Documents\The Witcher 3" and overwrite the file in there. This will undo any changes you have made to the key bindings so back the original file up.
You also will have to make the following adjustments to the W3EE settings:

  • Automatic Targeting in W3EE/Gameplay/Controls to OFF
  • Aiming Mode Without Auto-target in W3EE/Gameplay/Controls to Movement Targeting
  • Gamepad - Distance Threshold in W3EE/Gameplay/Controls to 1.11
  • Sign Aiming With Camera in W3EE/Gameplay/Improved Targeting to OFF

CREDITSReaperAnon, Charan666 and everyone else involved in W3EE and the Lazarus Project

FUTURE PLANSI also have ideas for other mods and might work on those instead. Bug fixing is a priority of course

  •  Map something to RT+Dpad and RB+Dpad (Quick Items maybe? Or Menus?)
  •  Add the ability to dodge, roll and parry outside of combat.
  •  Give each move unique properties without upsetting the game's balance (For example the Stab could have more armor piercing but less damage and
    bleed, Pirouettes have higher bleed chance but less damage, some
    attacks are faster, consume less stamina, deal more damage, stagger more
    often, inflict more injuries etc.)
  • Add a menu to customize Geralt's moveset.
    For now you can do it by editing W3EE - Search for "// CC Custom Moveset Light" (without quotation marks)  and "// CC Custom Moveset Heavy".  I included a spreadsheet with all attacks except for the long ranged ones since they are essentially the same as their medium range version.
    R means Right Stance, L means Left Stance. Distance 1 is short, Distance 2 is long. 'TL' or 'BR' in the descriptions indicate a position, e.g. Top Left or Bottom Right.
  • Add Support for Ciri. She is not broken with this mod but some features work like Vanilla. For example, Ciri's special attack is still activated by holding
    heavy attack and her move selection is not affected by the mod. This is
    low priority since playing as Ciri is very rare.