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Gives Geralt and the other Witchers actual glowing eyes

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      This mod makes witcher's eye glow in the dark like in lore and many pieces of trailers and concept art, giving witchers their mutated-predatory look, this is compatible with other eye texture mods as this mod does not edit the base texture, I made it so that the glow is normally orange-ish, and depending on the eye texture you use, you might need to play around with the presets. Since the game is already bright at night the effect may be very discreet. Works for all witchers since they share the same eye. The effect also varies alot from env to env, some make it very bright, other make it barely visible/dim.

      This isn't a retexture that makes tries to simulate it by making it very bright! It modifies materials so that it glows in the dark!  All of the screenshots in the screenshot section were taken with the Bright preset unless specified in the image description.

Comes in four presets:

-Extra Bright

It also includes several different types of colors and textures for you to play around.

Showcase video by fellow user rgeddie123456/kS


1. Download the file;
2. Extract one of the presets into /The Witcher 3/Mods/ folder (if it doesn't exist, create one);
3. Launch the game.


1. Remove the mod from the Mods folder.

Note: If you are going to post about an issue you are having, be sure to post any other mods that you are using that may conflict with it and beware the mod limit, this has been tested as working without any other mods on version 1.31 of the game.


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