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This mod changes the appearance of All witchers (except Geralt) and making them lore-friendly. Mod redoned!

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~ New description ~
Update: version 2.0 "Redone" are available!

= What this mod do? =
As I said, this mod doesn't make drastic changes in appearance of the NPC-witchers in the game. 

In the release version of the mod, I went too far with the pallor skin tone. Also, mod had problems with normals due to which some objects lost their reflections, and the textures looked flat. Fixed in new version!

As with the previous mod version, I wanted to give all witchers (except Geralt) a painful skin tone. I deliberately didn't make the witchers noticeably pale as death. Therefore, distinguishing between vanilla and mod isn't easy. Textures comparison in help! Again, witchers aren't undead!

The similar mods:
1) Witchers by Serj;
2) 4K Lore Friendly Witchers by Varhe;

What are the differences? As i said, my work change appearance for all NPC-witchers in the game (Vesemir, Letho, Lambert, Eskel, Gaetan and Bertram Tauler). My mod isn't just textures replacer, that's also ambient and normals for characters faces, bodies and armors. And of course, another skin tone. In any case, choose which one you like best =) For more info read the changelog!

Screenshots I made in CutScene Lighting mod.

Recommended mods:
1) NPC Witcher Sword and Armor Replacers (fully compatible);

= Compatability =
Incompatible with other mods which changes textures, hair and beard styles, armor appearance and medallions.

= How to install? =
Manualy download or with NMM, unzip the file and put it in your Witcher 3 directory Mods folder (if you don´t have a Mods folder create one yourself).

= How to uninstall? =
Simply delete mod file from your Witcher 3 directory Mods folder.

~ Old description ~


Gratitude to pudi0072000 for permission to use textures from his Gwynbleidd mod. Read the permissions carefully!