The Witcher 3
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About this mod

Customize graphics options directly in game menus.

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  • German

This mod allow you to customize a bunch of new graphics options (among others) directly in game menus.
So, no need to restarting the game or added values in user.settings.
This is completely integrated with the original menus.

Main features:

- Added 2 presets after Ultra (Supreme and Ultimate) and 1 before low (Switch) in graphics option (you can reach them with the mouse wheel).
- Vanilla presets are still here, and are exactly the same (except for Texture Mip Bias, by default the value is a little too high, and cause shimmering).
- Added many options into graphics, postprocessing, gameplay, hud configuration and control settings.
- Enabled debug console. You can open it with the ù or ² button.
- Allowed the game to load textures up to 8K (tweaked texturegroups.xml).
- Added 2 presets into hud configuration, one for default settings and one for Friendly Hud (optional) configuration (to be used with those options).
- Increased maximum gamma value for people having issue with the game being too dark.
- You can translate the whole mod in your language.
- Fixed invisible menu for all mods having this issue.
- You can directly configure some mods like Brutal Blood (no need his menu anymore), Ultra Grass or Beautiful Grass Mod.
- Compatible with The Witcher 3 HD Reworked Project, no need to use his config files,  just set Texture Quality to Supreme (or Ultimate).
- And a bunch of others things ! You can reach more informations about new options in sticky post in comment section.

How to install:

 - Install Community Patch - Base or Unification Patch mod.
 - Unzip package into your witcher game directory.
 - Windows will ask you if you want to replace the files, you accept.

How to uninstall:

 - Delete the mod/modTweaks folder.
 - Download Vanilla files from Miscellaneous Files and unzip package into your witcher game directory.
 - Windows will ask you if you want to replace the files, you accept.

Thanks to:

 - Asmodean778 & Skacikpl for their research about rendering settings.
 - French community for testing this mod.
 - lexo1000 for ideas and testing.

My other mods:

  - TookLightingMod
  - Custom Clouds and Weather
  - Motion Blur Toussaint
  - Cutscenes lighting fix