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Adds loot drops, magic items, and enchanting to Valheim.

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Epic Loot - Mistlands Update!
Author: RandyKnapp & Vapok
Source: Github
Discord: RandyKnapp's Discord

Dedicated Server is provided for testing by! Thanks!

This mod aims to add a loot drop experience to Valheim similar to Diablo or other RPGs. Monsters and chests can now drop Magic, Rare, Epic, or Legendary magic items. Each magic item has a number of magic effects on it, that give bonuses to the item or your character when that magic item is equipped.

The mod is currently in Early Access! That means it’s not done! Be patient as the author adds new features, fixes bugs, and finishes things up. If you want to help, please provide feedback on the Nexus mod page or on the github for the following:
  • Bugs (check to make sure your bug is new and not already reported)
  • Balance Issues (drops too strong? Too weak? Ruin the crafting progression?)
  • Missing content (check the TODO list below to make sure the author isn’t already planning to do it)
  • Suggestions for new magic item effects
  • Suggestions for something else like UI or art improvements

EpicLoot works in multiplayer and on dedicated servers! The server and all players should have the mod and its dependencies installed.

Information about every magic effect and loot drop table can be found in Hold shift while viewing the item tooltip to see the possible value range.

  • Download and extract the zip file
  • Copy the contents of "files" to a new folder in your BepInEx/plugins/ folder called "EpicLoot"

Enter these into the console (F5):
magicitem <rarity> <itemtype> <amount>:

Roll a random magic item using the specified values. (alias: mi)
  • <rarity>: (String) One of: magic, rare, epic, legendary, random. If left empty, uses random.
  • <itemtype>: (String) The internal ID of an item. May be “random”. If left empty, uses random.
  • <amount>: (Int) The number of magic items to roll. If the other values are set to random, rerolls that random item each time. If left empty, uses 1.
Spawns a bunch of all the magic crafting materials

Epic Loot Team Members:
  * Vapok - Joined in Dec 2022, made hundreds of changes and bugfixes since.
  * OrianaVenture - Joined in Dec 2023, helping with maintenance and improvements.

Contributions from the following modders was invaluable and appreciated:

Current Known Mod Conflicts

  • BetterUI (Nexus, Thunderstore): You won’t be able to see the magic item properties in the tooltip. Go to the BetterUI config and set showCustomTooltips = false
  • Crafting With Containers (Thunderstore): Uses double resources when crafting, some other features break. Recommended to not use with EpicLoot.

Known Bugs

  • Multiplayer Issue: Some players connecting to a dedicated server cannot access Enchanting sections of the crafting menu. This issue is being investigated.
  • Gamepad: Still some gamepad issues, especially when using other mods that change the inventory.

To-do List